Press Report – October 16, 2017

Desborough Bowling Club Press Report : Oct 16, 2017

Last Wednesday Desborough hosted a six rink friendly fixture against Egham IBC. At the halfway stage each side was winning on three rinks although Desborough were 17 shots behind overall. The game slipped away in the second half with the gap doubling to 34 shots and a 98-132 loss with a win on only one rink.


The sole winning rink was skipped by Sam Stack with Joan Kingston, Tina Scherer and David Griggs.


J Kingston, T Scherer, D Griggs, S Stack 27-13
K Scowen, P Tuttle, M Buckles, B Faulkner 12-13
R Hughes, P Hatch, C Woodward, J Bucknell 10-33
C Tupling, T Hudson, I Burns, D Perriman 20-25
B Harris, M Pelling, M Hobson, J Searle 11-29
R Turner, E Pelling, C Crunden, D Webster 18-19


On Saturday Desborough travelled to Victory IBC for a friendly fixture but failed to return victorious.


At the halfway stage Desborough were winning on two of the six rinks and adrift by 43 points. Although Desborough managed to stem the tide in the second half they continued the downward slide finishing with a 60 point deficit and a 87-147 scoreline with wins on two of the six rinks.


The top rink was skipped by John Searle with June Sculthorpe, Michael Hobson and Barry Gill.


J Sculthorpe, M Hobson, B Gill, J Searle 18-15
M Harris, I Burns, E Gill, P Winstanley 10-28
C Bartlett, D Wright, B Wright, V White 19-17
R Hughes, P Tuttle, J Bucknell, D Perriman 12-23
K Scowen, J Codd, C Crunden, B Faulkner 11-45
T Scherer, J Beal, C Northover, M White 17-19



On Sunday Desborough played the first round of the Egham Trophy competition against Whiteknights. Although each side won two rinks apiece Desborough won overall 74-62 and go forward to play Egham IBC on October 29th.


Desborough’s top rink was skipped by Len Essex with Eileen Devonald-Batt, Mary Price and Brett Long.


E Devonald-Batt, M Price, B Long, L Essex 23-9
J Frost, J Mayne, P Sheldrick, C Jones 19-14
L Woodley, J Beal, G Knapper, M Woodley 16-20
J Morgan, H Jones, K Scrace, R Reid 16-19




Press Report – October 1, 2017

The first friendly game of the indoor season took place Saturday with the notable feature that the game was largely Desborough vs Desborough since the opposition was a touring side from Northampton which drew quite a few of its members from the second Desborough Bowling Club in Northamptonshire.

The visitors had the upper hand throughout with their familiarity as part of a touring side proving superior against a team mostly on their first or second indoor game after playing outdoors.

Desborough lost on all five rinks and overall by 68-169. Desborough’s best rink was skipped by Dave Webster with Roy Hughes, Michael Hobson and Barry Gill.

D Perriman, C Northover, S Stack, B Faulkner 16-21
B Harris, G Coussins, A Glover, J Bucknell 10-41
J Cano-Lopez, R Wyatt, D McDonald, B Pocock 11-38
K Hazell, B Bushell, P Winstanley, J Turner 9-41
R Hughes, M Hobson, B Gill, D Webster 22-28


Newsletter – September 2017


We trust you have all enjoyed the outdoor weather over the last 5 months and are now ready to meet the different challenges of the indoor rinks!


Indoor Leagues

We have a full schedule of indoor league matches and I hope you have all managed to re-join your league teams for the coming year.  In addition, we are very pleased to announce the start of the new Mixed Triples League – to be held on Tuesday mornings 10:30am to 12:30 pm.


Any member still looking for a team in any of the leagues then please advise Colin Brown accordingly.


Friendly Matches:

We have a schedule of friendly matches arranged for the winter months, mainly on Saturdays and Sundays and we would welcome more members putting themselves forward for selection. Simply add your name to the match sheets found on the notice boards in the club – YOUR SUPPORT WILL BE MUCH APPRECIATED.


New members are encouraged to join in with the friendly matches, as this is an excellent way to enjoy the friendly atmosphere, meet new people and improve your bowling (hopefully).


The friendly matches arranged for October are:

1st – Northampton CIBA Tourists (H)

7th – Oxford & District I.B.C. (H)

11th – Egham I.B.C. (H)

14th – Victory I.B.C. (A) (Portsmouth)

15th – Spoon Drive (All welcome!)

18th – Camberley (H)

22nd – London Welsh BA (H)

28th – Preston I.B.C. (H)


Club Competitions.

Entry forms for all the Indoor Competitions are now available at the Front Reception Desk – please enter, your support will be most appreciated.

If you have any queries with any of the competition details then please contact the competition secretary, John Young or Club Manager, Colin Brown who will be able to assist you.


Social Events

A programme of events has been arranged for members throughout the year and Jim Roll has kindly agreed to stay as Social Chairman. More members are sought to serve on the Social Committee and if you are interested then please let Jim know.


The next social event is the Club Annual Dinner & Dance being held on Saturday 21st October and ALL members are invited to attend this event.


Xmas Carol Singing evening is now to be held on Sunday 17th December 2017.


Relocation Update

Following receipt of planning approval for the development of the new club facilities at Green lane in September 2016 we have been frustrated by the inordinate delays caused by the Planning Department of RBWM.


Thankfully, we now seem to have resolved all outstanding issues and conditions attached to the approval and anticipate a start on site of October/November 2017 and completion in September 2018 – ready for the 2018/19 Indoor Season. We will keep you informed as to any further developments as they occur, including a presentation in November of the proposed interior design scheme.


The new Club will be fantastic and well worth waiting for!!

Press Report – September 18, 2017

On Monday of last week Desborough played a home fixture against Marlow with three triples. At the midway stage Desborough were winning on two of the three rinks despite being seven shots adrift however by the close of play Desborough had slipped to a 27 point deficit 36-63 and lost on two rinks with a draw on the last.

Desborough’s best rink was skipped by Val Wyatt with Pam Harrison-Smith and Paul Patel.

P Arnott, M O’Reilly, M Pelling 10-14
P Patel, P Harrison-Smith, V Wyatt 22-22
K Spracklen, A Harris, S Newnham 4-27


On Tuesday Desborough played an away fixture against Suttons with five rinks of triples. At the midway point the situation looked bleak for Desborough with a 24 point deficit and winning on only one of the five rinks. By the end of the match this rink had also succumbed and Desborough lost by 63 points 55-118.

Desborough’s best rink was skipped by Val White with Steff Jasiewicz and Brian Wright.

P Patel, C Crunden, T Buckley 14-29
S Jasiewicz, B Wright, V White 10-17
G Braddock, G Coussins, D Griggs 10-31
J Bosley, R Earl, M Hobson 11-22

2017 Outdoors Champions

Below are the winners of the outdoor finals weekend 2017 followed by a photo of the Championship winners Tony Devonald-Batt and Val White.

Competition Winner Score Runner Up
Ladies Championship Val White 21-15 Alison Shoat
Ladies Novice Championship Val Wyatt 21-19 Maureen O’Reilly
Ladies Handicap Maureen O’Reilly 21-19 Liz Burns
Ladies Two Woods Gina Braddock 16-10 Gill O’Neill
Ladies Over 60s Sylvia Frost 22-18 Gina Braddock
Ladies Drawn Pairs Nicola Jones & Val White 16-12 Jane Tuhill & Sylvia Laban
Ladies Drawn Triples Pam Harrison-Smith, Gina Braddock & Rhona Pike 22-8 Shirley Newnham, Jane Tuhill & Marion Pelling
Mixed Drawn Handicap Pairs Liz Burns & Paul Winstanley 29-19 Maureen O’Reilly & Ken Hazell
Open Handicap Singles John Young 21-17 Bruce Adams
Mens Championship Tony Devonald-Batt 21-19 Peter Braddock
Mens Novice Championship Bruce Adams 21-10 Ernie Pelling
Mens Handicap Singles Mark Peachey 21-12 Peter Colton
Mens Two Woods Barry Gill 16-7 Mark Peachey
Mens Over 70s Geoff Lofthouse 21-6 Peter Braddock
Mens Drawn Pairs Robert Van Den Berghen & David Hasler 17-15 Iain Burns & John Young
Benevolent Triples John Stenson, Ron James & Brian Jones 15-11 Peter Braddock, John Brampton & John Young
Mixed Nominated Pairs Eileen & Tony Devonald-Batt 21-12 Rhona & Howard Pike

Press Report – September 4, 2017

Desborough Bowling Club Press Report : Sep 4, 2017

On Tuesday of last week Desborough played a Royal Shield fixture at home against Windsor Great Park. At the half way stage Desborough were one point behind with a win on one rink and losses on the other two. One of the losing rinks succeeded in pulling back to a draw and Desborough managed to turn the one point deficit at halfway into a one point advantage for a 50-49 win, so gaining seven of the ten points available.

Desborough’s winning rink was skipped by Gill O’Neill with Kath Spracklen and Val Wyatt.

J Lawrie, S Newnham, C Crundon 21-21
J Bosley, L Burns, M Pelling 16-19
K Spracklen, V Wyatt, G O’Neill 13-9


Tuesday evening saw a mens’ floodlit fixture played away against Suttons. Alan May won the singles 21-20, the rink finished in a 15-15 draw however Desborough lost in the pairs and triples and thus lost overall.

E Pelling, R Wyatt, R Earl, T Devonald-Batt 15-15
M Hobson, J Simpson 16-26
A May 21-20
G Coussins, B Wright, D McDonald 14-19


On Wednesday Desborough played a three triples away fixture against Twyford. Although Desborough were leading by three points at the half way stage they were unable to hold on to their lead and ultimate lost by 51-55 with a win on only one of the three rinks.

The winning rink was skipped by Marion Pelling with Pat Arnott and Val Wyatt.

K Spracklen, E Pelling, C Crunden 18-24
P Arnott, V Wyatt, M Pelling 19-7
A Harris, S Newnham, G O’Neill 14-24


Last Saturday Desborough made the short journey to Maidenhead Thicket for a friendly fixture played as a combination of triples and rinks. At the halfway stage Desborough were losing on four of six rinks and by 9 shots. Although the game ended with three rinks won apiece, Desborough lost overall 102-113.

Two rinks won by two shots and after a count of ends won the top rink honours went to Brian Jones with Jenny Bosley and Roger Wyatt.

K Spracklen, E Pelling, D Griggs 13-19
M O’Reilly, K Hazell, I Burns, P Winstanley 14-23
J Bosley, R Wyatt, B Jones 19-17
M Harris, L Burns, G Coussins, T Buckley 20-18
P Patel, V Wyatt, M Pelling, M Hobson 17-18
P Arnott, C Buckley, J Stenson, M Whittingham 19-18


Last Sunday Desborough played an away fixture against Chesham. Desborough struggled to find their way on the green ultimately losing on all six rinks and fifty points 87-137.

Desborough’s best rink was skipped by Brian Jones with Ernie Pelling, Maureen O’Reilly and Ching Crunden.

P Arnott, B Adams, P Winstanley 12-26
R Crunden, P Hatch, D Griggs, V White 15-26
E Cox, A Glover, T Buckley 12-17
P Patel, M Pelling, J Roll, M Whittingham 17-29
E Pelling, M O’Reilly, C Crunden, B Jones 18-19
K Spracklen, R Hatch, J Bucknell, M White 13-20