Press Report – May 21, 2018


On Tuesday. 15th May, Desborough “A” travelled to Reading for a Kennet League, Division 1 match. Against a very strong Reading team Desborough were well beaten, losing on all 4 rinks. Top rink for Desborough comprised, Nigel Penn, Roger Wyatt, Brian Jones and Howard Pike.

On Tuesday. 15th May, Desborough “B” travelled to Royal Household for a Kennet League, Division 2 match. Desborough won only one rink and the Royal Household came out overall winners, 100-57. Desborough 2 points and Royal Household 12 points. Top rink for Desborough comprised Geoff Lofthouse, Jim Roll, Danny McDonald and skip, Tony Buckley.

On Thursday, 17th May both the Desborough Ladies teams were in action. The Desborough Bluebells played at home against Woodley losing 44-53.

The Desborough Buttercups played away at Tilehurst, losing overall 42-56.

On Friday 18th May, Desborough “B” played Desborough “A” in a Kennet LV, Division 2 match. After a very close match and despite losing on 2 rinks and winning on one, Desborough “A” won overall by 3 shots 53-50.

On Sunday 20thy May, Desborough travelled to Battersbury Manor for the first ever fixture at Bassetbury between the clubs. On a perfect summer’s day a close competitive triples match was enjoyed by all. The home green advantage showed with Desborough only winning on 2 of the 5 rinks and losing overall 72-105. The top rink for Desborough was Roy Hughes, Marion Pelling and Skip John Bucknell.

Desborough County Mixed Double Fours were in action on Sunday 20th May away against Great Hollands. A very close match resulted in Desborough winning overall by 2 shots. Desborough will now meet Caversham away on the 3rd June.

Press Report – May 14, 2018

Desborough Bowling Club Press Report : May 14, 2018

Desborough’s ladies won convincingly in their Royal Shield fixture against Maidenhead Thicket on Tuesday of last week. The overall score was 63-41 with wins on two of the three rinks. Desborough’s top rink was skipped by Gill O’Neill with Ann Vaughan and Mary Martin.


J Kingston, C Crunden, V White 15-18
A Vaughan, M Martin, G O’Neill 29-6
G Braddock, E Gill, R Pike 19-17


Desborough’s men were less successful losing both of the evening’s Kennet League fixtures.


The A team played at home vs Wokingham and won on only one rink of the four, losing 66-86 overall. Desborough’s sole winning rink was skipped by Howard Pike with Nigel Penn, Dave Hasler and Brian Jones.


J Brampton, R Wyatt, J Young, M Peachey 24-26
N Penn, D Hasler, B Jones, H Pike 19-16
G Mason, P Braddock, S Cotterill, T Devonald-Batt 11-21
J Stenson, R James, J Stannard, M White 12-23


The B team were away at Sunningdale and fared similarly again winning on only one rink and losing 58-101 overall. Desborough’s winning rink was skipped by Derry Locke with Richard Earl, Dave Wagner and Barry Gill.


R Earl, D Wagner, B Gill, D Locke 19-18
J McPherson, R Weaver, M Whittingham, P Winstanley 14-23
J Roll, B Wright, D McDonald, T Buckley 10-29
R Hughes, G Coussins, M Hobson, D Bishop 15-31


The following day saw a men’s fixture away against Bracknell. Despite losing on three rinks and drawing on a fourth Desborough claimed a narrow win 87-84. The top rink was skipped by Danny McDonald with Peter Braddock and Ray Weaver.


P Braddock, R Weaver, D McDonald 25-8
R VanDenBerghen, P Patel, M Hobson 9-15
P Colton, G Coussins, R Wyatt 14-14
R Hughes, G Mason, D Hasler 21-16
N Penn, R Lewis, R Earl 9-15
B Harris, J Roll, D Griggs 9-16


Thursday’s Thames Valley League ladies’ fixtures proved to be a mixed bag with one win and one defeat.


The Bluebells played an away fixture at Maiden Erlegh and narrowly lost 46-49 despite winning on two of the three rinks for a points distribution of 4-6. The top rink was skipped by Val White with Gina Braddock and Eileen Gill.


G Braddock, E Gill, V White 18-14
J Lawrie, R Pike, R Turner 14-23
P Harrison-Smith, S Laban, G O’Neill 14-12


The Buttercups played at home against Pangbourne, who were only able to bring two triples. Honours on the two rinks played were shared with one win reach. Desborough won overall 31-24 and gain 8 points to Pangbourne’s 2 including two points for the unplayed rink. Desborough’s winning rink was skipped by Elfriede Cox with Elaine Sharp and Pauline Tuttle.


E Sharp, P Tuttle, E Cox 20-10
M O’Reilly, J Kingston, P Hatch 11-14


In Friday’s Kennet LV games the two Desborough sides played against two sides from Maidenhead Town. Since the fixtures placed one A team against the other side’s B team in both cases it’s perhaps a vindication of the team selections that both A teams won despite the A teams being away in each case.


Desborough’s A team were away and won 60-32 and on all three rinks. The top rink was skipped by Michael White with Barry Gill and Ron James.


B Gill, R James, M White 21-9
J Brampton, M Whittingham, B Jones 21-10
N Penn, D Devonald-Batt, H Pike 18-13


Desborough’s B team were at home and lost 32-80, also losing on all three rinks. Desborough’s best score came from Alan May’s rink with Ray Weaver and Roger Wyatt.


J Leahy, P Colton, D Wagner 13-25
R Hughes, J Bucknell, T Buckley 9-32
R Weaver, R Wyatt, A May 10-23


On Sunday Desborough hosted a four rink friendly fixture against Burnham. This proved to be a close game with Desborough ultimately winning 98-81 and on three of the four rinks.


The top rink was skipped by Dave Wagner with Ann Vaughan, Paul Patel and Pauline Tuttle.


D Hasler, K Spracklen, M Bellworthy, M Hobson 30-17
A Vaughan, P Patel, P Tuttle, D Wagner 36-17
J Sculthorpe, R Lewis, R Turner, R Hatch 21-18
E Sharp, P Arnott, P Hatch, R Weaver 11-29


Press Report – May 8, 2018

Desborough Bowling Club Press Report : May 8, 2018

Desborough’s outdoor season began with a busy but unsuccessful set of games on Tuesday of last week. The first game of the day saw Desborough’s Ladies play a curtailed triples match at home against Hurst.


The match was only played to 10 ends with Hurst winning on two rinks and drawn on the last with an overall result of 21-35. Desborough take 1 point and Hurst gain 9. Desborough’s drawn rink was skipped by Rose Turner with Kath Spracklen and Pauline Tuttle.


K Spracklen, P Tuttle, R Turner 8-8
E Cox, J Lawrie, G O’Neill 6-14
P Arnott, J Bosley, M Martin 7-13


In the evening the Kennet League A team played an away fixture against Wokingham B. Despite a bright start Desborough ultimately won on two rinks and lost on the other two with a narrow 72-74 defeat overall. Desborough’s top rink was skipped by Michael White with John Stenson, Ron James and Derek Devonald-Batt. Wokingham gain 10 points and Desborough 4.


D Hasler, R Wyatt, B Jones, H Pike 17-16
J Stenson, R James, D Devonald-Batt, M White 24-17
R Vandenberghen, J Brampton, M Peachy, J Young 15-23
P Braddock, G Mason, J Stannard, T Devonald-Batt 16-18


Meanwhile the Kennet League B team were playing a home fixture against Three Mile Cross. This proved to be another tight game and again ended as a narrow loss, 71-74. Desborough only won on one rink which was skipped by Paul Winstanley with Jim McPherson, Ray Weaver and Mike Whittingham.


J Roll, M Hobson, D Bishop, A May 14-23
J McPherson, R Weaver, M Whittingham, P Winstanley 27-11
J Searle, D Wagner, B Gill, D Locke 15-19
R Hughes, B Wright, D McDonald, T Buckley 15-21


On Thursday Desborough’s Ladies played a home match against Wargrave on three rinks which resulted in a 49-43 win for Desborough with victories on two rinks and a draw on the third. Both winning rinks had a +3 shot difference so after a countback the top rink honours went to the rink skipped by Gill O’Neill with Carol Tupling and Sylvia Laban


C Tupling, S Laban, G O’Neill 19-16
M Devonald-Batt, G Braddock, V White 16-13
K Spracklen, C Crunden, E Devonald-Batt 14-14


The following day, Friday, saw the Kennet LV B team in action at home against Maidenhead Town B. This proved to be a very closely fought game with a two shot victory for Desborough 51-49 and wins on two of the three rinks with the top rink being skipped by Dave Wagner with Ralph Hatch and David Griggs.


P Hinton, R Wyatt, M Hobson 11-21
R Vandenberghen, G Coussins, T Buckley 18-16
R Hatch, D Griggs, D Wagner 22-12


The weekend saw two friendly fixtures, both played away. Saturday’s game was against Cippenham played as six rinks. This proved to be another close game. Despite winning three rinks each Desborough narrowly lost 124-129. The top rink was skipped by Paul Winstanley with Nicola Jones, Michael Hobson and Ray Weaver.


E Devonald-Batt, P Arnott, J Roll, J Bucknell 9-39
E Cox, P Hatch, J Leahy, B Gill 32-17
N Jones, M Hobson, R Weaver, P Winstanley 28-12
C Tupling, G Coussins, C Crunden, D Wagner 21-17
K Spracklen, P Patel, E Gill, R Wyatt 20-25
J Kingston, P Tuttle, P Colton, B Jones 14-19


Finally, Sunday’s fixture was played as five triples against Stoke Poges. This proved to be a convincing win for Desborough with victory on four of the five rinks and overall by 115-68. Desborough’s top rink was skipped by Tony Buckley with Dave Hasler and Roger Lewis.


J Kingston, M O’Reilly, M Whittingham 28-9
P Braddock, M Hobson, R Turner 22-28
G Braddock, J Roll, B Jones 19-16
E Devonald-Batt, R Weaver, P Winstanley 16-9
D Hasler, R Lewis, T Buckley 30-6


Indoor Finals Results

Mens Singles Winner J McGuiness 21
  Runner-up T Eales 7
Mens Novice Singles Winner M White 21
  Runner-up N Smelt 10
Mens Pairs Winners M Woodley, J McGuiness 21
  Runners-up T Eales, C Jones 18
Mens Handicap Pairs Winners G Mason, H Pike 20
  Runners-up I Burns, B Adams 17
Mens Two Wood Pairs Winners K Scrace, L Essex 18
  Runners-up H Pike, T Johnson 11
Mens Triples Winners J Beal, T Eales, C Jones 14
  Runners-up P Worthy, R Harper, K Scrace 7
Mens Fours Winners J Beal, T Jones, T Eales, C Jones 24
  Runners-up N Penn, H Pike, C Behmber, E Orme 9
Mens Dvision One Winners Firecrackers/Compass  
Mens Division Two Winners Jackdaws 20
  Runner-up Town E 12
Mens Afternoon 12 Winners Windsor Alex  
Mens Afternoon 14 Winners Rebels 18
  Runners-up Cavaliers 17
Mens Afternoon KO Winners Windsor Alex 10
  Runners-up M&M 8
Mens Knockout Winners Compass  
  Runners-up Pacemakers  
Ladies Singles Winner J Morgan 21
  Runner-up J Frost 18
Ladies Two Wood Winner E Devonald-Batt 21
  Runner-up H Jones 9
Ladies Novice Winner T Scherer 21
  Runner-up P Tuttle 14
Ladies Pairs Winners L Woodley, M Price 21
  Runners-up J Beal, J Morgan 10
Ladies Triples Winners E Devonald-Batt, L Woodley, M Price 23
  Runners-up J Frost, G Jones, G O’Neill 11
Ladies Fours Winners E Devonald-Batt, H Jones, L Woodley, M Price 20
  Runners-up J Sculthorpe, G Jones, J Frost, G O’Neill 17
Ladies Drawn HC Pairs Winners T Scherer, M Price 21
  Runners-up V Wyatt, V White 11
Ladies Knockout Winners Cheeky Girls  
  Runners-up Foxy Ladies  
Ladies Mini-league Winners Wombelles  
  Runners-up BB’s  
Mixed Friday League Winners Downtown  
Friday Lunchtime League Winners Optimists  
Friday Lunchtime KO Winners Strollers 17
  Runners-up The Ditchers 6
Tuesday Mixed League Winners Evergreen  
Mixed HC Singles Winner L Essex 22
  Runner-up E Pelling 4
Mixed Nom. Triples Winners J Frost, G Jones, C Jones 16
  Runners-up J Stenson, V White, M White 12
Mixed Nom. Fours Winners J Frost, G Jones, D Seymour, C Jones 20
  Runners-up C Tupling, J Marshall, G Mason, B Adams 7
Singles Mixed Ladder Overall G O’Neill  
  Ladies G O’Neill  
  Men E Pelling  

Jenny Morgan – Ladies’ Singles Winner

John McGuiness – Men’s Singles Winner

Desborough wins Berkshire County Inter-Club Competition

The annual Inter-Club Competition between the Berkshire Indoor Clubs, namely Desborough, White Knights, Rivermead and West Berks, has now been completed with Desborough and White Knights contesting the final match held at West Berks, Newbury on Sunday 15th April.

The format of the competition saw the Indoor Clubs playing each other in a knock-out competition comprising 4 rinks of Berkshire County players and two rinks of Berkshire “un-badged” players .

The Final match, between Desborough and White Knights was a close run affair, with Desborough winning overall by 121 to 100 shots – an excellent result for Desborough as they were behind by 25 shots after 10 ends however rallied strongly to eventually prevail over the last few ends.

Top rink for Desborough was an “un-badged” rink comprising; Bruce Adams, Graeme Mason, J Jones and skipped by Newark Smelt, who won by an impressive 22 shots.

Press Report – March 26, 2018

Desborough Bowling Club Press Report : Mar 26, 2018

Last Saturday Desborough hosted a six rink friendly fixture against Herga IBC. This started off as a very close match with the scores almost level at 52-53 at the halfway stage with Desborough winning on two of the six rinks.


However, Desborough lost their way in the second half with Herga scoring two shots to Desborough’s one. The final score was a 142-99 victory for Herga who won on five of the six rinks.


Desborough’s one winning, and therefore top, rink was skipped by Dave Perriman with Tina Scherer, Ken Brooks and Margaret Hallett.


T Scherer, K Brooks, M Hallett, D Perriman 26-12
P Tuttle, D Girggs, R Turner, B Faulkner 14-29
K Scowen, P Arnott, A Glover, C Northover 18-23
P Patel, C Bartlett, J Bucknell, B Adams 13-24
C Tupling, J Emmons, J Roll, P Winstanley 12-27
M Pelling, J Sculthorpe, M Hobson, C Woodward 16-27


The following day Desborough travelled to Wey Valley for another six rink friendly fixture. Unlike Saturday Desborough struggled from the outset and were losing 33-87 at the halfway stage as well as losing on five of six rinks with the sixth drawn.


Although the rate of loss slowed in the second half Desborough continued to fall behind and the final score was a 170-85 win for Wey Valley and on four of the six rinks.


Desborough’s top rink, who managed to secure that position by scoring 5 points on the last end, was skipped by Paul Winstanley with Ernie Pelling, Carol Bartlett and Iain Burns.


L Burns, J Roll, M Hallett, B Faulkner 13-29
E Pelling, C Bartlett, I Burns, P Winstanley 22-18
M Buckles, J Emmons, Y Hurley, R Hatch 12-17
G Braddock, P Hatch, J McDonnell, D Webster 2-50
K Spracklen, C Howard, I Bond, L Pond 11-33
K Scowen, L Eumorfopoulos, M Pelling, D Perriman 25-23


Press Report – March 19, 2018

Desborough Bowling Club Press Report : Mar 19, 2018

On Wednesday last week Desborough played a home friendly fixture against Berkshire Masonic BA over six rinks.


Desborough started strongly gaining a 59-36 lead at the halfway point and winning on five of the six rinks.


During the second half Desborough increased their lead significantly to win 156-75 and on five of the six rinks the sixth one drawn.


Desborough’s top rink was skipped by Bruce Adams with Carol Tupling, Iain Bond and Ralph Hatch


K Spracklen, D Griggs, Y Hurley, B Faulkner 20-14
P Patel, J Roll, M Pelling, D Perriman 21-11
C Tupling, I Bond, R Hatch, B Adams 38-5
R Hughes, V Wyatt, J Marshall, R James 24-17
K Scowen, P Arnott, M Hallett, R Wyatt 19-19
J Stenson, P Hatch, C Crunden, B Jones 34-9


Last Saturday saw a seven rink friendly fixture against Southampton Old Green played at home over six rinks of fours and one rink of pairs.


The game followed a very similar pattern to the previous one with Desborough ahead by 76-54 at the midpoint and rink honours even with three wins each and the seventh rink drawn.


Once again Desborough got into their stride in the second half going on to win 197-98 and on four of seven rinks plus a draw on a fifth.


Desborough’s top rink was skipped by Clive Northover with Tina Scherer, David Griggs and Mike Whittingham


E Sharp, J Roll, P Hatch, C Woodward 20-22
K Scowen, P Tuttle, M Pelling, D Perriman 40-10
V Wyatt, J Lawrie, D McDonald, B Faulkner 18-23
R Hughes, M O’Reilly, A Glover, P Winstanley 19-17
C Tupling, M Hobson, J Bucknell, R Wyatt 16-16
T Scherer, D Griggs, M Whittingham, C Northover 50-4
 C Crunden, E Sharp 34-6