Press Report – June 18, 2013

Desborough Bowling Club Match Reports

Desborough vs High Wycombe Sat 15th June 2013 @Desborough, 2.30pm

Desborough played hosts to friends from High Wycombe on Saturday afternoon at York Road, a fixture that will always be remembered as Desborough’s first match back in 1907, when the matched finished as a draw (118-118). However the visitors were not to be denied on this occasion as they eased to a comfortable win.

Clare Buckley, John Cleary , Tony Buckley and Len Bartlett had a fair start on their rink and were involved in a closely fought battle throughout, going in at the break even at 9-9 after 10 ends but succumbed to defeat in the end losing by a narrow 2 shots. Desborough did have one winning rink which was skipped by John Stannard who guided Pam Harrison-Smith, Pat Hatch and John Bucknell to a convincing 25-17 win earning themselves a well-deserved top rink prize.

Desborough lost the friendly by 51 shots (92-153).

Rink scores and skips (Desborough first)

R Eyre, S Proffitt, A Shoat, J Searle (skip) 15, B Simmonds (skip) 24                                         

C Buckley, J Cleary, T Buckley, L Bartlett (skip) 17, S Webb (skip) 19                                                    

C Cleary, P Finlan, G Coussins, V White (skip) 13, N Walters (skip) 27                                

J Tuhill, L Cannell, D Griggs, M White (skip) 14, R Birch (skip) 28                                                  

P Harrison-Smith, P Hatch, J Bucknell, J Stannard (skip) 25, D Payce (skip) 17                        

P Tuhill, J Eyre, A Glover, D Lovering (skip) 8, B Sharp (skip) 38

Kennet League

Kennet League Desborough ‘A’ vs. Royal Household Tue 11th June 2013, 6pm

Desborough ‘A’ cruised to another 14-0 victory in the Kennet League on Tuesday night at Royal Household. All four rinks won on the night, 3 of the rinks winning by a combined total of 8 shots, but is was Mark Van De Bergen, George Coussins, Eddie Orme and Gordon Knapper who stole the show picking up a 6 on the 13th end and racing clear of their opponents to win 25-15.

Kennet League ‘X’

Desborough KLX ‘B’ vs. Maidenhead Town ‘A’ @ M’head Town Fri 14th June 2013, 2.30pm

Desborough’s  KLX ‘B’ side suffered a loss at the hands of Maidenhead Town ‘A’ last Friday afternoon.

Their only win came from the trio of Alec Watson, John Brampton and Martin Kaye who won by 9 shots and scored a 19-10 win and two points for the visitors. Unfortunately for the ‘B’ side the other two rinks lost meaning an 8-2 defeat by 20 shots.

Desborough KLX ‘C’ vs Bracknell ‘C’ @ Desborough 14th June 2013, 2pm

Desborough ‘C’ also suffered a loss on Friday afternoon losing 10-0 against Bracknell ‘C’.

Desborough started the game well enough and were only 5 shots down across all three rinks after 8 ends but were always chasing the game. Bert Bellworhty, George Coussins and Jim Eyre produced a stunning fightback  from 16-7 down to claw back to 16-16 going into the last end but dropped a two to lose 18-16 and that was the closest the ‘C’ team got to winning a rink.

Desborough Ladies vs Denham Ladies @Desborough 11th June 2013, 2pm

Desborough Ladies entertained Denham ladies in a midweek friendly on Tuesday afternoon winning the overall match by 3 shots.

Ryda Eyre, Eileen Gill and Mary Martin won convincingly on their rink winning by 8 shots and also Betty West, Jo Lawrie and Gill O’Neill enjoyed victory winning by 5 shots, 18-13 with both Desborough rinks picking up a four on the 15th end to help them on their way to a great win.

Thursday Lunchtime League (T.V.L)

Desborough ‘Bluebells’ vs Burghfield @Burghfield 13th June 2013, 2pm

Desborough Bluebells suffered a heavy defeat away to Burghfield last Thursday afternoon losing 8-2 on points.

Desborough’s only winning rink came from Jean Lang, Eileen Gill and Sylvia Frost who won by 3 shots,  17-14 ,to give the visitors a solitary two points going home.

Desborough Buttercups vs Island Bohemian @Desborough 13th June 2013, 2pm

Desborough Buttercups secured a thrilling win over Island Bohemian in the T.V.L last Thursday winning 6-4 on points with four of those six points coming from the overall win by 7 shots.





Press Report – June 11, 2013

Match Reports

Desborough vs. Wargrave 8th June 2013 @Wargrave, 2pm

Desborough travelled to Wargrave last Saturday afternoon for a five rink triples friendly and were in good form as they made the most of the lovely weather.

On one of the few sunny days, we have had this summer, Desborough’s Clare Buckley, Jim Eyre and David Griggs got off to a blistering start as they 10-2 in front after 8 ends, but unfortunately couldn’t hang on as they lost by 1 shot. Elfreide Cox, George Coussins and Len Bartlett came more into the game second half and produced a stunning display winning on their rink by 9 shots. The same could be said for Ryda Eyre, Mike Whittingham and John Bucknell who were even scores after the half way mark on their rink but went onto win also by 9 shots. The top rink prize however went to the latter of Bucknell & Co. who had won one more end than their counterparts.

Desborough won the overall match in the end by 12 shots (87-75)

Rink scores and skips (Desborough first)

E Cox, G Cossuins, L Bartlett (skip) 17, Marion (skip) 8;                                                             

C Tupling, D McDonald, T Buckley (skip) 19, Roger (skip) 15;                                                            

R Hughes, J Simpson, J Searle (skip) 12, Ken (skip) 21;                                                               

C Buckley, J Eyre, D Griggs (skip 16), Ernie (skip) 17;                                                                            

R Eyre, M Whittingham, J Bucknell (skip) 23, Graham (skip) 14


Desborough vs. Chesham 9th June 2013 @Desborough, 2.30pm

It was another glorious day for bowling as Desborough had the pleasure of entertaining Chesham at York Road on Sunday.

Unfortunately for the hosts, Chesham were largely in control of the game but Desborough did have a couple of winning rinks. Jane Tuhill, Daphne Foster, Alan Glover and David Hasler had a good tussle on their rink and recovered from 14-11 down after 13 ends to gain 10 shots in the last 8 ends and scrape home 21-19. Desborough’s other winning rink went to Jean Lang, Grace Humphries, Dennis Holtom and Tony Buckley (skip) who cruised to a 22-12 win and top rink honours.

Desborough lost the match by 29 shots (121-92).




Rink scores and skips (Desborough first)

B Adams, J Ellaway, C Bartlett, L Bartlett (skip) 15, C Parsons (skip) 18;

J Lang, G Humphries, D Holtom, T Buckley (skip) 22, D Halsey (skip) 12;

C Buckley, R Crunden, M Hobson, G O’Neill (skip) 13. P Horton (skip) 20;

J Tuhill, D Foster, A Glover, D Hasler (skip) 21, M Bailey (skip) 19;

B West, N Wood, P Chambers,  A Shoat (skip) 8, M Denham(skip) 20;

R Hughes, P Joel, M Howard, C Crunden (skip) 13, T Bateman (skip) 32

Desborough vs. Reading 5th June 2013 @Reading BC, 6pm

Desborough were the visitors when they made the short journey to Reading BC for a midweek friendly.

The match was a close affair throughout and Desborough had their work cut out early on but John Stenson, John Bucknell and Len Bartlett, were giving a good account of themselves and were leading 18-4 after 9 ends. Maurice Rhymer skipped his rink of Nigel Penn and Alan May to steady progress throughout the match as they swept to a 21-11 victory after 18 ends. However, Bartlett’s rink never took their foot off the gas and continued to pick up shots, finishing up 27-14 victors and top rink.

Desborough narrowly won by 2 shots (103-101).

Rink scores and skips (Desborough first)

B Adams, D Wagner, J Searle (skip) 14, R Clark (skip) 16;                                                         

N Penn, A May, M Rhymer (skip) 21, H Thornton (skip) 11;                                                             

R Crunden, P Colton, K Mallandain 21, M Hailstore (skip)16;                                          

R Hughes, G Coussins, T Buckley (skip)12, P Cutler (skip) 18;                                                            

J Stenson, J Bucknell, L Bartlett (skip) 27, K Robb (skip) 14;                                                            

D Locke, M Hobson, P Winstanley (skip)8, B Rynter(skip)26                                                                   

Kennet League

Kennet League Desborough ‘A’ vs. Suttons ‘A’ Tue 4th June 2013, 6pm

Desborough ‘A’ suffered their first defeat of the season in the Kennet League at the hands of Suttons ‘A’. Tony Buckley, Len Bartlett, Dave White and Alan Price managed to pick up 2 points for Desborough as they won their rink 21-17. Desborough lost 12-2 on points and by 16 shots overall.


Kennet League ‘X’                                                                                                    Desborough KLX ‘B’ vs. Maidenhead Thicket @M’head Thicket Fri 7th June, 2pm

Desborough’s KLX ‘B’ team enjoyed a brilliant 8-2 victory away to Maidenhead Thicket last Friday lunchtime. Ray Weaver (skip) along with Alec Watson and Peter Braddock cruised to a 23-7 victory which ultimately gave six points to the visitors for the overall win. The trio of David Hasler, Peter Colton and Jeff Simpson scathed off stiff competition from the Thicket on their rink to snatch a win by a solitary shot and give another 2 points for Desborough.

Desborough KLX ‘C’ vs. Windsor and Eton @Windsor and Eton Fri 7TH June, 2pm

Desborough KLX ‘C’ lost by 14 shots across all three rinks away to Windsor & Eton last Friday. They did however manage a winning rink with Ron Barry, Ken Lawrie and Roy Howton picking up a four on the penultimate end, which help them secure a 23-19 win. The ‘C’ team lost 8-2 in the end.

Desborough Ladies Top Club                                                                        Desborough Ladies vs. Great Hollands 8th June @Desborough, 10am

Desborough Ladies enjoyed success in the Top Club last Saturday morning beating Great Hollands at home by 3 shots. Although the hosts lost narrowly in the fours and in the pairs, Gina Braddock won the singles and Jean Lyons-Hill skipped Jean Lang and Ching Crunden to a handsome win. Up next for the ladies is a home tie against Didcot on the 20th July.

Thursday Lunchtime League, T.V.L                                                             Desborough Bluebells vs. Sunningdale 6th June 2013 @Sunningdale, 2pm

Desborough excelled when they made the trip to Sunningdale last Thursday in the T.V.L, returning with all 10 points. All three of the ladies rinks won with ease with the pick of the bunch Peggy Tuhill, Doreen Lovering and Val White scoring a fine 27-10 win. Bluebells won the match by 29 shots.

Desborough Buttercup vs. Trenthams 6th June @Desborough, 2pm

Desborough Buttercups were left disappointed and wondering how they failed to pick up any points at home to Trenthams in the T.V.L, losing 10-0. The hosts only lost the match by 9 shots overall in a close fought match and must have felt aggrieved that such a close game didn’t result in any points across the three rinks.



Press Report – June 4, 2013

Desborough vs Broomwade 1ST June 2013 @Broomwade, 2.30pm

Desborough visited Broomwade for a six rink friendly encounter on Saturday afternoon and returned to Maidenhead victorious in their efforts.

The match was played under sunny conditions and this seemed to brighten up the visitors as they started well on all rinks across the board, especially Gill O’Neill who skipped her rink to a 17-3 lead after just 10 ends, picking up some big scores along the way. The second half was much of the same for Desborough as Derek Smith, Pat Hatch, Alison Shoat and David Griggs were gradually picking up shots on their rink, including a five on the 13th end, giving themselves a handsome 30-17 win. It was however, O’Neill along with Nicola Jones, Alan Glover and Jeff Simpson who had the last laugh as they continued to brush Broomwade aside and pick up top rink honours as they won by 25 shots.

Overall Desborough won the match 141-109, 32 shots.

Rink scores and skips (Desborough first)

C Buckley, P Joel, J Lyons-Hill, J Searle (skip) 14, G Pears (skip) 22;                                          

E Cox, D Foster, R Pike, L Bartlett (skip) 23, D Williams (skip) 23;                                               

N Penn, C Bartlett, H Pike, T Buckley (skip) 23, A Smith (skip) 15;                                          

D Smith, P Hatch. A Shoat, D Griggs (skip) 30, T Timberlake (skip) 17;                                   

N Jones, A Glover, J Simpson, G O’Neill (skip) 35, T Edmondson (skip) 10;                                      

P Smith, J Lang, M Hobson, D Lovering (skip) 16, E Rampton (skip) 22


Desborough vs Berkshire Masonic B.A 29TH May @Desborough, 2, 30

Desborough entertained the Berkshire Masonic Bowling Association last Wednesday lunchtime, but unfortunately the rain was the winner once again as play was affected and the match only lasted 15 ends.

Casting the rain aside, the bowlers got on with it and the match was played in high spirits with the Masonic turning out to be stiff competition for the hosts. The four of Jean Lang, Elfriede Cox, Alison Shoat and Tony Buckley produced a good start, up by 6 shots after 8 ends and went on to win 24-11 before the heavens opened up again and the match was cut short. The weather didn’t seem to deter Brian Jones’ rink who excellently steered Mike Whittingham, Nora Wood and Marlene Bellworthy  to a 29-6 win after the 15 ends, including a seven early on and gaining top rink.

Desborough won the six rinks overall by 23 shots (96-73).



Rink scores and skips (Desborough first)

J Tuhill, B Bellworthy, S Newnham, J Lyons-Hill (skip) 8, D Perriman (skip) 14                         

D Hasler, P Joel, M Hobson, G O’Neill (skip) 8, T Melber (skip) 16                                                    

J Lang, E Cox, A Shoat, T Buckley (skip) 24, F Overman (skip) 11                                                    

P Smith, R Howton, M Howard, R Weaver (skip) 15, J Hutton (skip) 13;                                      

B West, P Hatch, J Bucknell, M Rhymer, (skip) 12, R Trevett (skip) 13;                             

M Whittingham, N Wood, M Bellworthy, B Jones (skip) 29, T Falkard (skip) 6

Kennet League ‘X’                                                                                                           Desborough ‘A’ vs. Maidenhead Town Fri 31st May @ Maidenhead Town, 2pm

Desborough ‘A’ came away from their KLX match with Maidenhead Town last Friday afternoon the happier of the two, as they clinched an 8-2 win.

The Desborough trio of John Stenson, Brian Jones and Terry Davies gave the visitors their only winning rink as they won by the narrowest of margins on the last end giving Boro the overall victory with the other two rinks coincidently drawing with each other.

Desborough ‘B’ vs Bracknell, Friday 31st May @Desborough, 2pm

Desborough ‘B’ managed to scrape home a 6-4 points win over Bracknell last Friday afternoon. The win was largely down to Dave Hasler, John Brampton and Martin Kaye who easily won their rink 28-15 and overhauled the shots lost on the other two rinks to give the ‘B’ side the overall victory and drag them away from the bottom two of KLX East Div.1 table.

Thursday Lunchtime League, T.V.L,                                                           Desborough Bluebells vs Caversham 30th May @Desborough, 2pm

Desborough Bluebells picked up a great win at home to Caversham last Thursday afternoon, winning on two of the three rinks. Gina Braddock, Rhona Pike and Sylvia Frost recovered well after an ominous start to win by 5 shots and were followed by Sylvia Laban, Muriel Howard and Chris Burton who also won their rink 22-19.

Desborough Buttercups vs Wokingham Oak Apples, 30th May @Wokingham, 2pm

Desborough Buttercups suffered dismay as they lost 8-2 away to Wokingham Oak Apples in the T.V.L Div. 3 match. The visiting ladies did manage one winning rink as Jean Ellaway, Mary Martin and Gill O’Neill won 15-13 giving the Buttercups a solitary two points.