Press Report – July 22, 2013

Desborough vs. Hurst @Hurst Sat 20th July 2013, 3pm

Desborough Bowling Club travelled to Hurst on Saturday afternoon for a mixed six rink triples friendly and made good use of the lovely sunny conditions with a win over one of the oldest bowls clubs across the country.

With conditions perfect for bowling and spirits high, Desborough started the match well enough but there wasn’t much to choose from with both teams going into the halftime break fairly even, with the trio of Derek Smith, John Stenson and Alison Shoat (skip) doing the most damage for Desborough leading their rink by 4 shots after 9 ends. Going into the second half, again there wasn’t much to choose from but the visitors were slightly starting to get the better of Hurst as Robert Van De Bergen, Ralph Hatch and John Searle were one of three rinks to stage late fight backs, winning by 4 shots in the end. It was however, Smith, Stenson and Shoat, in that order, who continued to sweep aside their opposition and pick up shots resulting in a 24-11 victory and top rink prize.

Rink   No. Rink   scores and skips (Desborough first)
1 D   Smith, J Stenson, A Shoat (skip) 24, Suzanne(skip) 11;
2 M   Van Der Berghen, M Hobson, M Bellworthy (skip) 17, David (skip) 15
3 D   Foster, N Penn, B Jones (skip) 15, Phil (skip) 13
4 P   Smith, C Palmer, T Buckley (skip) 11,   Ellen (skip) 20
5 P   Hatch, B Bellworthy, J Bucknell (skip) 17, Mike (skip) 19
6 R   V Berghen, R Hatch, J Searle (skip) 19, Kulwant (skip) 15


Desborough beat Hurst by 10 shots overall (103-93)

Desborough vs. Stoke Poges @Desborough 21st July 2013, 2.30pm

Desborough hosted near friends from Stoke Poges at York Road on Sunday afternoon in a six rink friendly match.

Unfortunately, for the hosts it wasn’t to be their day, managing to win on just two of the six rinks. It all started off so well for Desborough with Pam Harrison-Smith, Roger Crunden, Michael Hobson and Gill O’Neill (skip) racing into a 6-0 lead and were narrowly leading at the halfway stage but couldn’t hold on and went down by 5 shots. Betty West, Phil Joel, Alan Glover and Doreen Lovering made a very good start themselves and were unlucky only to be 5 shots ahead at the break but continued their form into the second half scoring a 19-15 rink win. It was the quartet though of Peggy Tuhill, Clare Buckley, Alison Shoat and Val White (skip) who showed their bowls prowess as they clinically dispatched the opposition four also picking up a four late on to mark a brilliant 23-12 win and top rink honours.

The final score was Desborough 101-121 StokePoges.

1 B West, P Joel, A Glover, D Lovering (skip) 19, P   Carred (skip) 15
2 P Harrison-Smith, R Crunden, M Hobson, G O’Neill   (skip) 15, S Williams (skip) 20
3 N Jones, J Tuhill, C Bartlett, T Buckley (skip) 18.   B Sewell (skip) 22
4 E Cox, J Eyre, M Howard, C Crunden (skip) 16, P   Southern (skip) 31
5  R Eyre, N   Wood, J Ellaway, L Bartlett (skip) 10, R Grand (skip) 21
6 P Tuhill, C Buckley, A Shoat, V White (skip) 23, J   Hayes (skip) 12


Kennet League

Desborough ‘A’ vs. Reading ‘A’ at Reading BC Tues 16th July 2013, 6pm

Desborough ‘A’ lost their Kennet League fixture against Reading ‘A’ last Tuesday night, 10-4 on points.

There were wins for skips Gordon Knapper and Dave White with the latter winning by 12 shots but that couldn’t prevent the visitors going down by an overall six shots. The result does little for either side as Desborough are already guaranteed a top two finish but will be hoping to beat Suttons when 1st meets 2nd next week at York Road.

Desborough ‘B’ vs. Caversham @Desborough Tues 16th July 2013, 6pm

Desborough ‘B’ secured a thrilling 9-5 home win over Caversham in the Kennet League Div.2 East last Tuesday night, with a moment of brilliance turning the whole game.

The match was a very close affair throughout with Desborough leading after 18 ends on all four rinks by 4 shots overall, with John Stenson, Barry Gill, Brian Jones and Michael White (skip) winning by 4 shots and Dave Lee, John Brampton, Ron James, Derek Devonald-Batt well out in front at 20-3 which was covering the other two rinks who were losing by 17 in total. Then came the turning point in the game in Desborough’s favour as on the next end with 2 of the rinks dropping four shots, making the game even, John Stannard and his rink picked up 2 shots and Devonald-Batt & Co. scored a 4 to give Desborough a six shot lead in which they managed to hold onto and see out the game.

Kennet League ‘X’

Desborough KLX ‘B’ vs. Bracknell ‘A’ @ Bracknell Fri 19th July 2013, 2pm

Desborough KLX ‘B’ team lost away to Bracknell ‘A’ in the KLX last Friday afternoon 8-2.

The visitors managed to win one rink by a solitary shot with Roy Hughes, Peter Braddock and Ray Weaver (skip) providing just that but Jeff Simpson skipped Robert Van Der Berghen and Michael Hobson to a narrow two shot defeat and with the other rink going down by 9 shots Desborough would have felt a little hard done by maybe not coming away with more points.

Desborough KLX ‘C’ vs. Windsor & Eton ‘B’ @ Desborough Fri 19th July 2013, 2pm

Desborough KLX ‘C’ lost at home to Windsor & Eton last Friday in the KLX 8-2 on points. The home side managed one winning rink with Sid Croft, George Coussins and Ted Dugdale (skip) scoring a two shot 20-18 victory to give them something to cheer about and a crucial two points in their fight for promotion to the KLX East Second Division.

Ladies Top Club Desborough vs. Didcot @ Desborough 20th July

Desborough Ladies were left understandably disappointed after putting up a great battle against Didcot in the Top Club Quarter Final stages last Saturday morning and narrowly beaten by 10 shots.

With both teams winning two disciplines, Gina Braddock winning the singles and the fours consisting of Jo Lawrie, Mary Martin, Val White and Doreen Lovering (skip) scraping through their game by a couple of shots, it set up for a great game but they couldn’t hold on as Desborough lost the pairs and the triples giving Didcot the win on shot difference.

Desborough Ladies vs. Berkshire Ladies County Past Presidents Tues 16th July 2013, 2.30pm

Desborough Ladies had the upmost pleasure in entertaining and hosting The Berkshire Ladies County Past Presidents last Tuesday afternoon at York Road.

The match involved three rinks of triples and the Desborough Ladies put up a great battle and a good showing of bowls. Elfriede Cox, Jean Lang, Mary Martin and Doreen Lovering (skip) were involved in a great tussle against Past President and current Desborough member Jean Lyons-Hill who were even after 12 ends but the latter with her team managed to pull away in the end and win by 5. Clare Buckley, Nora Wood, Alison Shoat and Ching Crunden started off well picking up a 6 on the 4th end and racing into an 8-1 lead but were just pipped at the post and lost by 2 shots. It was Betty West, Shirley Newnham, Gill O’Neill and Val White who gave the hosts a deserved winning rink and were never behind in the second half as they won by 4 shots and gave them top prize.

The final score line was Desborough 37-41 Berkshire Ladies Past Presidents

Desborough Bluebells vs. Caversham 18th July 2013 @ Caversham, 2pm

Desborough Bluebells were unfortunately well beaten as they travelled to Caversham in the T.V.L last Thursday afternoon. The Bluebells lost 10-0 on the day with skips Ching Crunden and Chris Burton narrowly losing by 3 shots each. The Bluebells will be fighting with Caversham and Maidenhead Town in the second division for promotion with all three teams currently tied on 71 points with four games to play.

Desborough Buttercups vs. Wokingham Oak Apples @Desborough 18th July 2013, 2pm

Desborough Buttercups endured a successful afternoon in the T.V.L last Thursday as they trounced Wokingham Oak Apples 9-1 in a match reduced to 10 ends. Grace Humphries, Jean Ellaway and Gill O’Neill were involved in a tight game and looked to have won but dropped 4 shots in the last 2 ends to draw on their rink. Jane Tuhill, Daphne Foster and Shirley Newnham (skip) won by 2 shots thanks largely to picking up 11 shots in 2 ends to secure a 14-12 win and the match was topped off by Pam Smith, Alison Shoat and Marlene Bellworthy who won handsomely 19-6.

Other News

Congratulations to Desborough duo Simon Jones and Alan Price who have reached the final of the County Men’s Pairs which also means they are down to Worthing in the middle of August to battle for the National title as well, beating John Stradling and Robert Newman on an extra end.

Desborough men are through to the last 16 of the Men’s National Top Club after beating North London 4-1 in the Area Final coming through four rounds previous to this and now play either Weybridge or South London.

Press Report – July 16, 2013

By Andrew Buckley

Desborough vs. Thame Sat 13th July 2013 @ Desborough, 2.30pm

Desborough excelled at home to Thame last Saturday afternoon at York Road, winning by 24 shots across four rinks.

The hosts started the game soundly with Pat Hatch, Jim Eyre, Martin Kaye and Tony Buckley (skip) who were leading 11-9 after 10 ends but steamrolled their opponents in the second half of the match, picking up 14 shots in 6 ends to win the match by 16 shots. Ryda Eyre led the way for Desborough on rink 4 and along with Nora Wood, John Bucknell and Alison Shoat (skip) secured a slender one shot victory on their rink. However it was the quartet of Betty West, Michael Hobson, Rhona Pike and Howard Pike who eased to a win on their rink leading the game all the way throughout and picked up top rink honours after their 27-4 victory.

Rink No. Rink scores and skips Desborough first
         1 R   Hatch, A Glover, M Martin, G O’Neill (skip) 10, R Slater (skip) 26
         2 P   Hatch, J Eyre, M Kaye, T Buckley (skip) 26 , C Billingham (skip) 10
         3 R   Eyre, N Wood, J Bucknell, A Shoat (skip) 18, D Taylor (skip) 17
         4 B   West, M Hobson, R Pike, H Pike (skip) 27, V Brooks (skip) 4


Desborough vs. Maidenhead Town Sun 14th July 2013 @Desborough, 2.30pm

Desborough played host to near neighbours Maidenhead Town on a sunny Sunday afternoon at York Road, but the home side were left to rue their chances of gaining a win on this occasion.

It was stark contrast how Desborough finished off the game in the end after such a bright start and propelled into action with most rinks starting reasonably well, with Nicola Jones, Elfriede Cox, Alan Glover and Val White (skip) in particular, cruising along in the first half at a steady pace, which included picking up a six on the first end, going in at the half time interval 15-6 up. They however couldn’t hold on and ended up losing by six shots and that’s as good as it got for Desborough failed to win on as single rink but did manage a draw on one rink as Bruce Adams, Nora Wood, George Coussins and Ching Crunden battled to a 20-20 stalemate and earning themselves top rink.

Desborough lost the overall match (90-150)

Rink No. Rink scores and skips (Desborough   first)
      1 B   Adams, N Wood, G Coussins, C Crunden (skip) 20, M Tingle (skip) 20;  
         2 B   West, P Hatch, R Hatch, T Buckley (skip) 15, B Fox (skip) 24;
         3 C   Buckley, J Eyre, D Holtom, J Simpson (skip) 13, C Behmber (skip) 45
         4 J   Lang, R Crunden, D Lovering, K Mallandain (skip) 12, E Sharp (skip) 18;
      5 R   Eyre, P Joel, M Hobson, A Shoat (skip) 12, T Eales (skip) 22
         6 N   Jones, E Cox, A Glover, V White (skip) 18, I Wright (skip) 24

Kennet League

Desborough ‘A’ vs. Maidenhead Town ‘A’ Tues 9th July 2013 @Desborough, 6pm

Desborough ‘A’ produced a scintillating display and remained top of the Kennet League Div.1 East with a 12-2 victory over Maidenhead Town.

It was a tight affair throughout but had Tony Buckley, George Coussins, Alan May and Howard Pike (skip) to thanks after they secured a 28-15 win on their rink and largely gained the match overall. Mark Peachey and Paul Winstanley both skipped their rinks to a combined 10 shots and even though the other rink lost by 14 shots, Desborough scored a win by 9 shots overall and remain firmly clear of the rest in the table.

Desborough ‘B’ vs. Woodley Tues 9th July 2013 @Woodley, 6pm

It was also a good night in the Kennet League for Desborough ‘B’ as they romped to a 12-2 victory away at Woodley.

Mike Whittingham, Derry Locke, John Brampton and Jeff Simpson (skip) secured an emphatic 28-11 win on their rink picking up two consecutive fours along the way and there were wins also for Brian Jones and Derek Devonald-Batt who both won tightly contested affairs by 4 shots, giving the ‘B’ team a great 20 shot victory overall and still within a chance of promotion.

Kennet League ‘X’

Desborough ‘A’ vs. Windsor & Eton ‘A’ @Windsor 12th July 2013, 2pm

Desborough ‘A’ produced a stunning display as they beat Windsor & Eton away last Friday afternoon in the KLX.

Graham Rogers, Ron James and Michael White (skip) seemed too hot to handle and ran out comfortable winners on their rink finishing off 25-3 and with David Lee, Mike Whittingham and Derek Devonald-Batt also winning by 9 shots, picking up a 6 on the first, it set Desborough well on their way to a thrilling 8-2 victory.

Desborough ‘B’ vs. Twyford @ Desborough Fri 12th July, 2pm

Desborough ‘B’ enjoyed continued success in their KLX encounter last Friday at home to Twyford, notching up an 8-2 victory.

The hosts had Brian Wright, Jeff Simpson and Ray Weaver (skip) a lot to thank for as they won emphatically by 31-6 making sure that Desborough went away with all six points for the overall as well as another two for the rink win. Michael Hobson, Peter Colton and George Pugsley (skip) ensured another two points for a rink win as they won comfortably 18-9 giving the home team another great win and some much needed points.

Desborough ‘C’ vs. Windsor Great Park @W.G.P Mon 8th July 2013, 2pm

Desborough ‘C’ rounded off a great week in the KLX for the club securing an 8-2 victory away at Windsor Great Park,

Terry Stevens, George Coussins and Dick Bishop (skip) picked up a 4 very late on in the game which propelled them to a 5 shot 21-16 win and with Keith Jordan, Sid Croft and Roy Howton winning by two shots, the ‘C’ team managed to prevail by the narrowest of margins winning by 3 shots overall, with Ron Barry, Jim Codd and Richard Earl just being edged out by 4.

Desborough Ladies vs. Egham Ladies Friendly Tues 9th July @ Egham, 2.30pm

Desborough Ladies completed the double over Egham Ladies last Tuesday afternoon, enjoying another success, winning by 11 shots overall.

Sylvia Laban, Alison Shoat and Ching Crunden (skip) started like a steam train picking up two sixes and a five and looked well on their way to winning their rink but managed to lose by 1 in the end. With Nora Wood, Gill O’Neill and Doreen Lovering only losing by four it didn’t look like it was to be for the Ladies but up stepped Daphne Foster, Jean Lang and Sylvia Frost (skip) who controlled their rink from start to finish, winning by 16 shots and overhauling the shot difference on the other two rinks.

Thursday Lunchtime League (T.V.L)

Desborough Bluebells vs. Woodley @Desborough Thurs 11th July 2013, 2pm

The Desborough Bluebells secured a perfect 10-0 result against Woodley in the T.V.L last Thursday afternoon.

All three rinks produced big scores on the afternoon Peggy Tuhill, Jean Lang and Val White (skip) scoring highest with an emphatic 36-9 after 18 ends. Sylvia Laban, Rhona Pike and Ching Crunden (skip) won by thirteen, 23-10 and Jean Harris, Chris Burton and Doreen Lovering completed the rout winning by 10 shots, giving the ladies all of the points and a 50 shot victory.

BJ Byles named in Men’s Junior International Team

From the Bowls England Website: –

“Bowls England has named eight new caps in a new-look team to participate in the British Isles Men’s Junior International Series in Llandrindrod Wells on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 September.

The new faces include the Devon trio of Michael Coombes, Joe Melmore and Ryan Whitlock, together with Kent duo Taylor Monk and Perry Martin. BJ Byles (Berkshire), Alex Walton (Huntingdonshire) and Ben Render (Yorkshire) complete the line-up.

There is also a recall to the team for Cambridgeshire’s Robert Drew, who impressed on reaching the final of the National Champion of Champions event in 2012.

Sam Tolchard of Devon has been confirmed as Team Captain.”

Click here for the full team or here to read the original article on the Bowls England site.

Congratulations to BJ!

Press Report – July 9, 2013

By Andrew Buckley

Desborough vs. Marlow @Desborough 6th July 2013, 2.30pm

Desborough invited Marlow for a six rink friendly match at York Road on Saturday afternoon, winning by 46 shots overall.

The hosts were very much in control of the match from the start and every rink were playing their part throughout the game. Betty West, Bert Bellworthy, Muriel Howard and Tony Buckley (skip) got off to the best possible start leading 9-5 after 10 ends and continued their form into the second half of the game, securing two fours on the 15th and 17th end respectively to give them a respectful 20-10 win. However, they couldn’t deny Alison Shoat who skipped Clare Buckley, Phil Joel and Richard Earl to a sensational 38-10, picking up a six one of the highlights of their game and clinching top rink prize.

The final score was 135-89 in favour of Desborough

Rink   No. 1 Rink   scores and skips (Desborough first)
         1 J   Lang, J Eyre, M Hobson, K Mallandain (skip) 21, A Perns (skip) 20;
         2 P   Hatch, C Johnson, G Coussins, G O’Neill (skip) 15, B Pocock (skip) 17;
         3 B   West, B Bellworthy, M Howard, T Buckley (skip) 20, B Coombs (skip) 10;
         4 C   Buckley, P Joel, R Earl, A Shoat (skip) 38, C Brooks (skip) 10
         5 R   Eyre, E Cox, D Holtom, D Lovering (skip) 18, D Lasemby (skip) 18
         6 P&D   Smith, J Ellaway, A Glover, J Bucknell (skip) 23, D Martin (skip) 14

Kennet League

Desborough ‘A’ vs. Reading ‘A’ @Desborough 3rd July 2013, 6pm

Desborough ‘A’ recorded a superb 10-4 victory at home to Reading ‘A’ in the Kennet League Div.1 East last Tuesday evening.

Matthew Hyde, Ray Weaver, Gordon Knapper and Simon Jones secured a cracking 32-18 which pretty much gave the Desborough the overall win. Howard Pike, Mark Peachey, Eddie Orme and Ryan Buckett also won by the narrowest of margins and puts Desborough firmly in cruise control at the top of the table.

The final score was Desborough 80-78 Reading.

Desborough ‘B’ vs. Maidenhead Thicket @M’head Thicket 3rd July 2013, 6pm

Desborough ‘B’ unfortunately suffered an 11-3 loss in the Kennet League Div. 2 last Tuesday night away to Maidenhead Thicket.

Desborough did manage to achieve one winning rink with Dave Hasler, David Lee, Ron James and Derek Devonald-Batt scoring a 14-12 success, giving them 2 points and also scored another point thanks to the efforts of Derry Locke, Peter Braddock, Graham Rogers and Brian Jones (skip) who held to a thrilling 22-22 draw on their rink.

The result leaves Desborough ‘B’ in second place and hopeful of being promoted.

Kennet League ‘X’

Desborough KLX ‘A’ vs. Twyford @Twyford 4th July 2013, 2pm

Desborough KLX ‘A’ were left disappointed as they lost 8-2 away to Twyford last Thursday afternoon in the KLX.

Desborough came away with one winning rink which was led by John Searle with Brian Jones and Terry Davies (skip) just about creeping over the finishing post with a slender 18-16 win but giving the visitors a vital 2 points.

Desborough KLX ‘A’ lost by 17 shots overall.

Desborough ‘B’ vs. Windsor & Eton ‘A’ @Desborough 4th July, 2pm

Desborough KLX ‘B’ were unfortunate to lose their home fixture at home to Windsor&Eton last Thursday lunchtime.

With Robert Van Den Bergen, Danny McDonald and Jeff Simpson (skip) scoring a great 23-15 win and Martin Kaye skipping his rink to a draw all looked well for the ‘B’ side but with John Brampton losing by 11 the match went right down to the wire but the hosts lost by a narrow 3 shots, only picking up 3 points overall as well.

The final score was Desborough 51-54 Windsor&Eton.

Desborough KLX’C’ vs. Wargrave @Desborough 1st July 2013, 2pm

Desborough’s KLX ‘C’ team produced a stunning display as they swept aside Wargrave 10-0 at home in their KLX fixture last Monday.

Terry Stevens, Jim Eyre and Danny McDonald were cruising on their rink and never looked back as they easily won by 18 shots also picking up a 6 on the 14th end. Sid Croft, Colin Palmer and Dick Bishop claimed a 19-16 win on their rink and it was left to the trio of Mike Kingsbury, Ken Lawrie and Richard Earl who wrapped things up for Desborough and gave them a convincing win.




Desborough Ladies vs. Maiden Erlegh @ Maiden Erlegh 3rd July 2013, 6pm

Desborough Ladies travelled to Maiden Erlegh last Wednesday for a three rink triples friendly but were unable to win.

Elfriede Cox, Nora Wood and Val White (skip) were 9-4 down after 8 ends but managed to pick up 5 shots at the halfway point which gave them some momentum momentarily going ahead 12-11 after 13 ends but couldn’t hold on as they lost by 9 shots in the end. Top rink prize went to Grace Humphries, Sylvia Laban and Ching Crunden who were always ahead in their game but with opposition chasing towards the end they kept their nerve and won by 4 shots.

Ladies Thursday Lunchtime League (T.V.L)

Desborough Bluebells vs. Reading University @Desborough 4th July 2013, 2pm

Desborough Bluebells won their T.V.L match at home to the University of Reading Ladies last Thursday afternoon with an 8-2 points win over three rinks.

Muriel Howard (skip) with Sylvia Laban and Chris Burton put the Bluebells well on their way with an emphatic 31-7 victory picking up some big scores and were helped Jean Lang, Lillian Cannell and Val White (skip) who won by 7 shots, giving the Ladies a 30 shot victory.


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Press Report – July 1, 2013

 Desborough Match Reports

Desborough vs. Chesham Sat 29th June 2013 @Chesham, 2.30pm

Desborough played away to Chesham last Saturday afternoon and managed to beat their hosts, making up for the loss when the two clubs met a fortnight ago.

It was a game of cat and mouse for most of the first 10 ends with all 6 rinks evenly matched, with Maurice Rhymer and Ching Crunden respectively skipping their rinks to two shot leads at the break. Rhymer, along with Elfriede Cox, Alan Glover and Alison Shoat continued to pick up shots in the second half and looked odds on to get top rink after a great 28-16 win but were beaten by their own counterparts consisting of Clare Buckley, Roger Crunden, Peter Braddock and John Searle who won by 13 shots, which included picking up a 5 on the 17th end.

Both Chesham and Desborough won 3 rinks apiece with the latter claiming the win by 11 shots overall.


Desborough vs. Shiplake Sun 30th June 2013 @Desborough, 2.30pm

Desborough hosted Shiplake on a fine summer’s day at York Road on Sunday but were unable to follow their success on Saturday going into this game.

The match was made up of six rinks of triples, but unfortunately for the hosts, Shiplake were always in control of the game. Desborough did manage a sole winning rink with the trio of Clare Buckley, Jim Eyre and Danny McDonald cruising to an eight shot victory (20-12) picking up a 3 and a 4 in two consecutive ends, making sure there was no way back for the visitors on that particular rink.

The final score was Desborough 99-128 Shiplake.

Kennet League

Desborough ‘A’ vs. Windsor and Eton @Windsor & Eton Tue 25th June, 6pm

Desborough ‘A’ had an agonising 9-5 points win away to Windsor & Eton last Tuesday evening in the Kennet League Div. 1 East.

With Alan Price skipping his rink to a 18-18 draw and two rinks both losing narrowly by 2 shots it came down to Alan May, Mark Peachey, Tony Devonald-Batt and Matthew Hyde to see if they could salvage something for Desborough. Even though Hyde & Co. were 11-0 down after 4 ends but they managed to go ahead on the 20th end by two shots and picked up a three on the last to win their rink by 5 and gift Desborough the overall match by one shot.

Kennet League ‘X’

Desborough ‘A’ vs. Desborough ‘B’ KLX match 28th June 2013. 2pm

Desborough’s ‘A’ team secured a double over their rivals Desborough ‘B’, with a comfortable 10-0 victory last Friday afternoon in the KLX.

All three rinks won by a combined 38 shots, with Dave Lee, Ron James and Derek Devonald-Batt highest scorers, winning by 17 shots and keeping the ‘A’ team firmly top of the KLX Div.1 East table.

Ladies Royal Shield

Desborough Ladies vs. Royal Household Ladies @Desborough 25th June, 2pm

Desborough Ladies were victorious last Tuesday afternoon in their Royal Shield clash against Royal Household Ladies, winning by 22 shots overall

Desborough were firmly in control of the match all the way through with Betty West, Alison Shoat and Val White (skip) top scoring with an impressive 25-11 win and were joined in the action by Elfriede Cox, Mary Martin and Muriel Howard who won by six shots. Jean Lang, Rhona Pike and Gill O’Neill completed the rout on their rink winning by 2 shots, giving the ladies an excellent win.

Desborough Ladies vs. Woodley Ladies 26th June 2013 @Woodley, 2.30pm

Desborough Ladies again were on top form as they triumphed on all three rinks in a triples friendly away to Woodley last Wednesday afternoon.

Grace Humphries, Jean Lang and Val White fought back from 12-8 down to score 7 shots in the last four ends to secure a 15-12 victory. Sylvia Laban, Muriel Howard and Gill O’Neill also won by 7 shots including picking two fives which helped them on their way to victory. However Doreen Lovering wasn’t to be denied top rink as she skipped Elfriede Cox and Eileen Gill to a comprehensive 17-9 given the visitors a commanding win.

Thursday Lunchtime League (T.V.L)

Desborough Bluebells vs. Maidenhead Town Ladies @M’Town 27th June, 2pm

Desborough Bluebells put on an impressive display as they beat Maidenhead Town last Thursday in the T.V.L.

The Bluebells secured a 9-1 win thanks largely to Jean Lang, Jo Lawrie and Sylvia Frost who won handsomely 23-5, with Muriel Howard and Val White skipping their rinks to a win and a draw respectively giving Desborough a 22 shot overall victory.

Desborough Buttercups vs. Three Mile Cross @Desborough 27th June, 2pm

Desborough Buttercups went down 8-2 at home to Three Mile Cross in their T.V.L match last Thursday afternoon.

The two points came from Ryda Eyre, Nora Wood and Shirley Newnham as they won 24-17 with the other two rinks both narrowly losing by six each. The Buttercups lost overall by 5 shots.



Press Report – June 24, 2013

Desborough Bowling Club Match Reports

Desborough Captains Charity Day held at Desborough 22nd June 2013, 2.30pm

Desborough Bowls Club hosted their annual Captain’s Day on Saturday afternoon at York Road in aid of the respected men and ladies captains’ charity, which this year is the Alzheimer’s Society.

32 members of the club turned out for the event which was held across 4 rinks. The day started off with a spider which everyone participated in and was won by Grace Humphries who received M & S vouchers as her winnings and dually set off the day. A great day of bowls was had by all throughout and around £200 was raised on the day of the event which will all go to the chosen charity.

Desborough vs. Princes Risborough @Princes Risborough Sun 23rd June 2013, 2.30pm

Desborough travelled to Princes Risborough on Sunday afternoon for a six rinks triples friendly but unfortunately lost by 28 shots.

The visitors did have a couple of rinks up at the break with Clare Buckley, Nigel Penn and Gill O’Neill slightly ahead at 7-5 after 9 ends. In the end, O’Neill managed to skip the rink to a close fought 13-13 draw after battling back from dropping a four on the 12th end. Desborough’s only winning rink on the day came from Alison Shoat, Jeff Simpson and Kyle Mallandain who were always in control of their rink, including picking up a five on the 15th end and won comfortably by 23-5 also picking up top rink honours.

The final score was Desborough 89-117 Princes Risborough.

Rinks scores and skips (Desborough first)

G Humphries, D Holtom, D Lovering (skip) 13, T Walford  (skip) 32;                                                    

B Adams, N Wood, J Searle (skip) 12, M Leggett (skip) 15;                                                               

C Buckley, N Penn, G O’Neill (skip) 13, A Atkinson (skip) 13;                                                                 

A Shoat, J Simpson, K Mallandain (skip) 23, N Perry (skip) 5;                                                      

A Glover, R Pike, T Buckley (skip) 13, R Ferguson (skip) 36;                                                              

J Lang, M Hobson, H Pike (skip) 15, R Kane (skip) 16

Kennet League

Kennet League Desborough ‘A’ vs. Wokingham ‘A’ 18th June 2013, 6pm

Desborough ‘A’ again produced another scintillating performance in the Kennet League Div.1 East with a 14-0 victory at home to Wokingham ‘A’ last Tuesday night.

All four rinks won easily with Kyle Mallandain, Howard Pike, Dave White and Terry Davies (skip) the pick of the results and left Desborough ‘A ’sitting pretty in second place in the table with a game in hand against top placed Suttons.

Kennet League Desborough ‘B’ vs. Wokingham ‘B’ (away) 18th June 2013, 6pm

Desborough ‘B’ came away with a great 8-6 win at Wokingham ‘B’ thanks largely to the rink skipped by Derek Devonald-Batt who effectively scored all of the ‘B’ sides’ points.

Derek, along with Dave Hasler, Dave Lee and Ron James won by 16 shots on their rink and although the other three Desborough rinks lost it was only marginal meaning the visitors secured six points for the overall victory and two points for the rink win, keeping Desborough ‘B’ in second place in the Kennet League Div. 2 East table.

After the high of winning on Tuesday night, unfortunately for Desborough ‘B’ they lost 11-3 away to Caversham in a rearranged Kennet League Div. 2 fixture last Friday afternoon.

Kennet League ‘X’

Desborough KLX ‘B’ vs. Great Hollands ‘A’ (home) 17th June 2013, 2pm

Desborough’s KLX ‘B’ team secured a 8-2 win over Great Hollands ‘A’ at York Road last Monday afternoon.

David Griggs, John Brampton and George Pugsley won comfortably on their rink, scoring a great 22-4 victory with the other two rinks coincidentally finishing both 15-15 draws. Desborough won the overall match by 18 shots (52-34).

Desborough KLX ‘C’ vs. Bracknell ‘B’ (home) 21st June 2013, 2pm

There was also a win for Desborough’s KLX ‘C’ team at home last Friday as they beat Bracknell ‘B’ by 4 shots overall, claiming a 7-3 victory on points.

It was a very close game throughout but the Desborough trio of Nigel Penn, Percy Chambers and Jim Codd won by 7 shots (25-18) to all but give the hosts the victory.

Thursday Lunchtime League (T.V.L)

Desborough Bluebells vs. Suttons Gems (home) 20th June 2013, 2pm

The Desborough Bluebells recorded another clean sweep as they swept aside Suttons Gems 10-0 in the T.V.L last Thursday.

Top scorers on the day went to Sylvia Laban, Jean Lang and Muriel Howard (skip) who put on an impressive display winning by 22 shots in the end and along with the other two rinks gave the hosts an enthralling win.

Desborough Buttercups vs. Tilehurst (away) 20th June 2013, 2pm

Unfortunately Desborough Buttercups were defeated when they travelled to Tilehurst for their T.V.L match last Thursday afternoon.

The Buttercups lost 8-2 on points and were beaten by 19 shots.