Bournemouth January 2015





 Whitehall Hotel – Bournemouth


John and Jo Bucknell

Ken and Jo Lawrie

Ray and Patricia Brown

John and Ellen Searle

Peter and Sylvia Laban

Delysia (Dolcie) Whitfield

Jane Tuhill and Peggy Tuhill

Colin and Sylvia Palmer

Norman and Olive Long

Barry and Eileen Gill

Wye Paine

John Stenson

Doreen and Susan Lovering

Bert and Marlene Bellworthy

Andrew and Claire Buckley

Peter and Gina Braddock

Ken and Suzanne Bell

Frank Buntin

Jim Roll

Maureen O’Reilly

Joan Kingston

John Cleary

Danny and Catherine McDonald

Mike and Lillian Kingsbury

Stan and Margaret Proffitt

Brian and Doreen Wright

Roy and carol Tuplin

Roger Wyatt


On Friday the 16th January, 2015 the cream of the Desborough Bowling Club membership assembled at the Whitehall Hotel in Bournemouth to take part in two friendly bowls matches against Poole and Bournemouth IBCs.

Whilst we can all remember playing in the matches the scores were considered immaterial and therefore are not referred to further.

The weekend was a great success and everyone appeared to enjoy themselves as evidenced by the level of alcohol sales over the weekend.

As a memento of the “tour” I have prepared a short photographic record of the “last supper” and trust I will be forgiven by anybody who is missing from the shots or has been only partially captured in the photographs or appears to have a skin colour that is rather “pinker” than in real life!

Once again thank you all for making the weekend a memorable one.

Kind regards

RogerBOURNEMOUTH 2015 149 (800x600) BOURNEMOUTH 2015 148 (800x600) BOURNEMOUTH 2015 144 (800x600) Who's taking the limelight then? BOURNEMOUTH 2015 142 (800x600) BOURNEMOUTH 2015 136 (800x600) BOURNEMOUTH 2015 134 (800x600) BOURNEMOUTH 2015 133 (800x600) 20150118_200538 (800x600)




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