New Season, New Look!

With the new season coming and the advent of the club’s new display system there have been some changes on the website to allow better integration.

Most of the changes are behind the scenes and likely won’t be noticed but here are the major visible changes

  • The top navigation tabs have been re-organised with some more direct tabs added
  • The Club Notices category contains content also echoed the club’s new display system
  • The website was set up four years ago and in that time the average size of a monitor has increased (in terms of resolution). Since HD (1920×1080) is now commonplace the website has been updated for an optimum display width of 1600 (as well as catching up with technology, this increase was also needed to match the width of content for the club’s new display system
  • The increased width meant a new top banner image was needed too

Indoor 2016/17 League and Competition Winners


Competition Winner Runner-Up
Singles L Woodley J Frost
Two Wood J Frost H Jones
Novice J Beal P Hatch
Pairs L Woodley, M Price G Jones, J Frost
Triples E Devonald-Batt, L Woodley, M Price P Tuttle, J Beal, J Mayne
Fours E Devonald-Batt, H Jones, L Woodley, M Price  
Drawn HC Pairs J Frost, H Copeland  


League Winners
Ladies (2017) BB’s
Division 1 (2016) Wombelles
Division 2 (2016) Foxy Ladies
Morning Golden Larks
Afternoon Triples Alpha
Ladies Knockout Wombelles (runner up: BBs)
Mini League Wombelles (runner-up: Foxy Ladies)



Competition Winner Runner-Up
Singles J McGuinness T Eales
Novice Singles B Adams G Mason
HC Mixed Singles L Essex H Pike
Pairs M Woodley, J McGuinness T Eales, C Jones
HC Pairs G Mason, L Essex I Burns, B Adams
Two Wood Pairs J Beal, J Beal R Pike, H Pike
Triples S Williams, B Jones, E Orme S Cotterill, G Mason, M Woodley
Fours M Forward, P Worthy, R Harper, K Scrace  


League Winners
Division 1 Pacemakers
Division 2 Exiles A
Division 3 Yo-Yos
Afternoon 12 Windsor Alex
Afternoon 14 Firecrackers
Afternoon Knockout Windsor Alex (runner-up: Windsor)
Knockout Town E (runner-up: Firecrackers)



Competition Winner Runner-Up
Mixed Nominated Triples N Penn, R Pike, H Pike E Devonald-Batt, H Jones, B Long
Mixed Nominated Fours J Frost, G Jones, P Sheldrick, C Jones E Devonald-Batt, H Jones, E Orme, B Long


League Winners
Midweek Mixed League Downtown
Friday Lunchtime League Wanderers
Friday Lunchtime Knockout Newcomers


[Photo 1 – John McGuinness Mens Singles Winner Indoors 2016/17]

[Photo 2 – Lorraine Woodley Ladies Singles Winner Indoors 2016/17]

Schools Academy News

For news on the Schools Academy take a look at its dedicated site, in particular the latest news items – quoting from one of them:-

On Friday 9th December, the School Bowls Academy will end its first successful year. This is based in the Indoor Desborough Bowling Club in York Road.

We started in May with 171 Maidenhead Year-9 School pupils attending “taster” sessions and this was followed by a one-day tournament in July for the top 24 players. Trophies and medals were awarded by our former World Ladies Champion, Mary Price.

During the autumn we ran a 5 week 6th-Form course “Introduction to the Sport of Bowls” and established a successful after-school Club running 4pm-5pm on Fridays. 15 pupils aged 15 to 18 come for further training and to learn and enjoy this great sport.

In January and February we will be taking this successful program to more Maidenhead Secondary Schools. We would like to start up a School Staff section on Friday afternoons alongside the after-school club. Our current set of Juniors will start to play mini-matches against each other.

Thanks to all our dedicated helpers at the club, the school staff and most of all the enthusiasm and talent of our junior players. Well done all.

Thanks to Emma Fitzgerald and Leigh Exworth for all their help getting this off the ground