Where has the page/visit/hit counter gone?

I’ve just disabled the page/hit counter for this site. Unfortunately the amount of automated/bot traffic trying to log into sites and post spam adverts is now skewing the results out of all recognition and rather than have artificially inflated totals I’ve chosen to disable the counters instead.

Yes, The Website Is Back!

You’ve probably been wondering where the website has been these last few days…

On Monday night the server that hosts this site had the automotive equivalent of an engine seizure. It’s now back and running on a brand new server and reinstalled from a backup that’s a few days old.

Some recent postings will have disappeared. I’ll be re-posting them over the next few days once the more fundamental aspects of getting the new server working are addressed.

Apologies for the downtime, we’ll be back to normal very soon!


BJ Byles named in Men’s Junior International Team

From the Bowls England Website: –

“Bowls England has named eight new caps in a new-look team to participate in the British Isles Men’s Junior International Series in Llandrindrod Wells on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 September.

The new faces include the Devon trio of Michael Coombes, Joe Melmore and Ryan Whitlock, together with Kent duo Taylor Monk and Perry Martin. BJ Byles (Berkshire), Alex Walton (Huntingdonshire) and Ben Render (Yorkshire) complete the line-up.

There is also a recall to the team for Cambridgeshire’s Robert Drew, who impressed on reaching the final of the National Champion of Champions event in 2012.

Sam Tolchard of Devon has been confirmed as Team Captain.”

Click here for the full team or here to read the original article on the Bowls England site.

Congratulations to BJ!

About the new website

Many thanks to everyone who has made encouraging comments about the new website since it went live a few days ago.

A few questions have come up which I’ll answer here…

Will league tables be appearing on the website?

Yes! We will be adding links to league tables hosted online elsewhere (to avoid duplication) and publishing club-internal tables on this site. Club-internal tables are set to begin appearing with the new indoor season this autumn.

Will there be member photos on the site? / I don’t want my photo published

A decision has been taken not to carry forward the individual named photos and squad listings which appeared on the old site. New photos may appear in due course however old photos are not going to be republished. Where we are aware of a desire not to have photos published this will of course be respected.

How do I log into the site or set up a user/password?

For now, the only login on the site is for the website’s administrator. In the past the logins were chiefly used to enable commenting on news items and contributing to the Forums. We have not carried the Forums over due to low participation levels (why socialise online when you can do it in person at the club?) and comments are currently turned off to avoid the overhead of needing to monitor and moderate comments (and weed out the spam from automatic posting tools). Comments and hence user accounts may be enabled in the future as the new website becomes established.

Why do email addresses look like <name AT place DOT address> ?

It’s not only humans that read websites. Many automated tools read them too, including tools used by email spammers to harvest email addresses for sale to spam senders. Using this format with the symbols replaced by words is simple, understandable by humans, yet fools most automated tools.