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On Friday 9th December, the School Bowls Academy will end its first successful year. This is based in the Indoor Desborough Bowling Club in York Road.

We started in May with 171 Maidenhead Year-9 School pupils attending “taster” sessions and this was followed by a one-day tournament in July for the top 24 players. Trophies and medals were awarded by our former World Ladies Champion, Mary Price.

During the autumn we ran a 5 week 6th-Form course “Introduction to the Sport of Bowls” and established a successful after-school Club running 4pm-5pm on Fridays. 15 pupils aged 15 to 18 come for further training and to learn and enjoy this great sport.

In January and February we will be taking this successful program to more Maidenhead Secondary Schools. We would like to start up a School Staff section on Friday afternoons alongside the after-school club. Our current set of Juniors will start to play mini-matches against each other.

Thanks to all our dedicated helpers at the club, the school staff and most of all the enthusiasm and talent of our junior players. Well done all.

Thanks to Emma Fitzgerald and Leigh Exworth for all their help getting this off the ground

Changes to the Leagues for 2017


Following the December Indoor Committee Meeting and also, further consultations with members, the published “Action Plan” proposals – as displayed on both Men’s and Ladies’ Notice Boards- have been duly amended and the final arrangements are now to be adopted for the rest of the 2016/17 indoor season – starting in January 2017.


  • The current Men’s Evening League, Division 3 is to be merged within the current Men’s Evening League Division 2.
  • Both, Men’s Division 1 and Division 2 will play 18 ends or 2hrs 30 mins, whichever is the shortest. The matches will commence on the bell at 7:00pm and finish at 9:30pm, however, any ends in progress when the bell rings at 9:30pm will be completed. An end will be deemed to be in progress if the jack has been rolled before the bell rings.
  • Two teams will be promoted/relegated between the Men’s Divisions 1 and 2.
  • Leagues that are currently for a period of 2 hours, starting and ending on the bell, will continue with no changes to the match duration.
  • Any NEW team, in Men’s Division 1 and 2, to be permitted to register a playing squad of no more than 8 players. The only exception being, where teams have a second team, playing in either Division 1 or 2, then the squad can increase to 10 members. Where existing Division 1 and 2 teams have playing squads greater than 8, then this arrangement can continue, however no new members can be added until such time as the squad number falls below the 8 maximum.
  • A pool of playing members, has been formed whereby members who are willing to play for any league team, can be called upon at short notice, to play for a team, where that team do not have sufficient players for any particular match – the purpose being to avoid fixture cancellations.
  • The Ladies Afternoon League comprising, First Division – 6 teams and Second Division – 4 teams –will merge into one division of 10 teams (with handicap system introduced). In future the season will be continuous, from September to April, with no break at Christmas. (No promotion/Relegation). The arrangements will be introduced for the second half of the season, commencing after the Christmas break in January 2017.
  • The Ladies Morning League has lacked support and will not continue after December 31st Team Captains will be notified.

Roger Wyatt – Indoor Secretary                                                            8th December 2016

Indoor Action Plan – 2016/2017

ALL MEMBERS PLEASE NOTE:  Following the Indoor Committee Meeting held on the 27th October 2016, the following arrangements / changes have been agreed for implementation at the dates shown as below, namely:-                   

Action Implementation Date
 1)     The current Men’s Division 3 to be the main introductory league for new (novice) male bowlers. Teams in Division 3 to be able to call upon volunteer, registered playing members, from teams in Division 1 and 2, to assist in matches by providing experience and tuition for new members. The volunteer members to be no more than one player per match.

(N.B. 1st and 2nd Division teams to be encouraged to form a new “second” team to play in Division 3. This assumes they have currently sufficient players (with new members) to support the new team fixtures.


“New” teams for Division 3 to be incorporated into league as from January 1st 2017.

2)     Any NEW team, entering Men’s Division 1 and 2, will be permitted to register a playing squad of no more than 8 players. The only exception being, where teams have a second team, playing in the third division, when the squad can then increase to 10 members (plus 3rd Division squad members).

Where existing Division 1 and 2 teams have playing squads greater than 8, then this arrangement can continue, however no new members can be added until such time as the squad number falls below the 8 maximum.

3)    A pool of volunteer, playing members is to be created, comprising members who are willing to play for any league team, on request, where that team do not have sufficient players for any particular match. Pool of players volunteering to be compiled by 14th November 2016
4)  The Ladies Afternoon League is now a First Division of 6 teams and a Second Division of 4 teams. These Divisions will merge into one league of 10 teams (with a handicap system introduced), and the season should be continuous from September to April with no break at Christmas. (No promotion/Relegation). The change to be for a trial period of the second half of the season, commencing after the Christmas break. Leagues to be amalgamated and start in January  2017. Fixtures to be recast and issued to team Captains.
5)    ALL evening Leagues where currently playing for 18 ends, to play for 16 ends only. To commence from January 1st 2017
6)     The Ladies Morning League to be reviewed until the Christmas holiday, with a view to determining whether it can continue with the current poor level of support. Ongoing


7)     All League and Competition matches, Mens’, Ladies’ and Mixed, to start with rolling the jack. To commence as from 1st January 2017 and is mandatory.
8)     The number of teams to be relegated/promoted from Men’s Divisions 1, 2 and 3 to be 2 up and 2 down, as opposed to current arrangement of 3 up and 3 down. To take effect at the end of the first half of the league season– Dec/Jan
9)     A survey of all Indoor Members to be initiated to determine how many members, currently not playing in league teams, would be willing to become involved with a new team(s) now. Ongoing


October Newsletter


We would like to welcome all Indoor members, particularly our new members, for the 2016/17 Indoor Season.


We look forward to a competitive year, both for the year’s friendly matches and for our own league teams.




This year Desborough are celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the opening of the Indoor facilities. Several special events have been organised including:-


  1. A Jubilee match against a team comprising the “Friends” – a team composed of members from other clubs who have regularly played against Desborough over the years. This match will take place on Sunday 9th October 2016.


  1. An invitation match against the EIBA on Sunday 16th October 2016 – The day is the anniversary of the official opening of the Indoor Bowling Rinks and we have invited many guests who have, over the years, been actively involved with and ardent supporters of the Club.


  1. On Wednesday, 30th November 2016 the Club will host a Jubilee Club Day which will be open to all members. Refreshments will be provided and we look forward to welcoming as many members as possible to join with us in celebrating the Jubilee year.


In addition to the above we have scheduled a “Captain’s” Evening for Tuesday 11th October 2016, at which all league teams, Men and Ladies, are invited to send their Captain and/or other representative(s) to join in an open discussion as to how the current league arrangements operate and also to discuss possible improvements and/or changes, both for the current year and also, for the new Club premises going forward.


The Friendly matches have already started with a completed fixture against Oxford & District IBC played on the 1st October 2016. The end result was a win to Oxford however, I am sure all who played had some welcome practice on the indoor rinks!


Please check the notice boards for future friendly fixtures and add your name to the match sheets if you are available. The friendly fixtures are a key part of the Club’s activities and new bowlers are encouraged to place their name for selection – they will be well looked after!




We are pleased to report that we have now received formal detailed Planning Approval for our new proposed Bowling Club to be constructed in Green Lane Maidenhead.


The provisional programme, agreed with the developer, is now:-


Finalise design and tender documentation by January 2017


Site commencement February 2017 and





I look forward to playing with you and against you for this coming season.




Roger Wyatt (General Secretary)

2016 Outdoors Finals Results

Below are the results of all the 2016 Outdoors Finals matches. Congratulations to all who reached the finals and particularly to the winners!


For the convenience of spectators RED is always on the TOP of the scoreboard.
LADIES Red Score White Score
Championship Alison Shoat 9 Sylvia Frost 21
Novice Nicola Jones 21 Maureen O’Reilly 13
Handicap Nicola Jones 21 Gina Braddock 16
2 Wood Eileen Devonald-Batt 7 Jo Lawrie 16
Over 60’s Eileen Devonald-Batt 21 Gina Braddock 18
Drawn Pairs Ryda Eyre

Nicola Jones

20 Pam Harrison-Smith

**Gill O’Neill

Drawn Triples Val Wyatt

Mary Martin

Alison Shoat

18 Kath Spracklen

Jane Tuhill

Rhona Pike

Open Handicap Singles Gill O’Neill 15 Sylvia Frost 21
MENS Red Score White Score
Championship Andrew Buckley 21 Tony Devonald-Batt 14
Novice David Hasler 13 David Wagner 21
Handicap Kyle Mallandain 21 Howard Pike 11
2 Wood Kyle Mallandain 13 Tony Devonald-Batt 15
Over 70’s Nigel Penn 12 Howard Pike 21
Drawn Handicap Pairs Geoff Lofthouse

Paul Winstanley

21 Colin Palmer

Alan May

Nominated Mixed Pairs Mary Martin

Brian Jones

18 **Eileen & Tony Devonald-Batt 19
Drawn Mixed                    H’Cap Pairs Joan Kingston

Mike Whittingham

19 Val Wyatt

Jeff Simpson

Benevolent Triples John Stenson

Brian Jones

John Stannard

31 Ernie Pelling

Jim Roll

Jim Leahy