Press Report – May 21, 2019





Desborough played Windsor and Eton in the 1st round of the Mixed Double Fours and went through with an aggregate score of 41-35. The rink skipped by Mark Peachey went down narrowly but Howard Pike’s four gave a steady performance to win 27-18. Desborough now play Palmer Park in the 2nd round on the 2nd June.


Rink scores


P Harrison-Smith, R Pike, P Braddock, H Pike              27-18

G Braddock, G O’Neill, J Young, M Peachey                 14-17


On the friendly front, Suttons made history as the first side to play a friendly on the new green at our new home but left empty-handed as they slipped to a 48 shot defeat, 124-76. Desborough won on 5 of the 6 rinks with those skipped by Tony Buckley and Dave Wagner having a tussle for top rink honours with the latter, along with Marion Pelling and Phil Hadwell, edging it by 1 shot, 23-7.


Rink scores


P Arnott, R James, H Pike                             13-20

M Pelling, P Hadwell, D Wagner                  23-7

K Spracklen,  J Bucknell, D Hasler              21-11

T Skinner, M Hobson, G O’Neill                  24-12

C Crunden, R Pike, T Buckley                     26-11

P Patel, D Griggs, V White                           17-15


In the Kennet League, the A team gave a dominant performance as they won on all 4 rinks in a 14-0 win against Caversham A while the B team had to tough it out against Caversham B with a 10-4 victory which was greatly helped by Paul Patel, Mark Harris, Mike Whittingham and Tony Buckley winning 33-9.


In the KLV, Desborough’s  A team outclassed Sunningdale A in an 8-2 win with the stars of the day being John Brampton, Ron James and John Young who won 31-7. The B team didn’t fare so well against local rivals Maidenhead Town B as they went down 8-2 but the C team gained some revenge when they beat the Town’s C team.


In the TVL, the Bluebells won 8-2  against Woodley with Gina Braddock, Rhona Pike and Sylvia Laban starring by winning 25-13. The Buttercups narrowly went down 6-4 to Tilehurst despite winning on 2 rinks.

Press Report – May 12, 2019



Desborough’s Men travelled to Bracknell for a 6 rink triples friendly and the bowls ended up as miserable as the weather as they fell to a 46 shot defeat, 123-77. The rinks skipped by Dave Hasler and Peter Braddock had  a private battle for top rink honours with the latter, along with Paul Barber and Geoff Lofthouse, prevailing with a 4 shot win, 20-16.


Rink scores


J Macpherson, P Patel, R Weaver                               26-6

B Cooke, M Hobson, D Wagner                                11-22

P Hadwell, D McDonald, G Mason                           11-18

P Barber, G Lofthouse, P Braddock                           20-16

D Griggs, B Wright, D Hasler                                   20-17

C Dawson, P Colton, T Buckley                                 9-24



The next port of call was Burnham for a 4 rink triples friendly and although the weather was better, the result was no different as they lost by 34 shots, 89-55. As everyone struggled on a tricky green it was left to John Skinner, Gina Braddock and Eric Sharp to have the glory of top rink honours as they won by 14 shots, 26-12.


Rink scores


J Skinner, G Braddock, E Sharp                          26-12

E Sharp, R Hatch, R Wyatt                                   8-24

P Hatch, M Hobson, R Weaver                             9-35

T Skinner, T Buckley, P Winstanley                    12-18


In the first games of the Kennet League 2019 season, the A team had a 12-2 win over Wokingham B which included  a fantastic 21 shot victory by John Brampton, Steve Cotterill, Brian Jones and Mark Peachey. In the first game on the new green, the B squad made an auspicious start as they went down 12-2 against Wargrave.


In the KLV, the A team made a winning start against Thicket A with an 8-2 victory while the B team also won 8-2 against Maidenhead Town C. Unfortunately the C team went down 9-1 against Maidenhead B.


The TVL campaign started off well for the Buttercups as they achieved an 8-2 win against Pangbourne while in the Royal Shield Desborough overcame the Thicket 8-2 which included a 14 shot win for Marion Pelling, Rhona Pike and Val White.

Press Report – May 7, 2019



PRESS REPORT w/e 05.05.19


The outdoor season is now upon us and to give our new green a chance all early friendlies are being played away from Green Lane. First up was a trip to Cippenham and although most people were ring rusty, Desborough managed to eke out a 3 shot win, 96-93. Desborough managed to win on 3 of the 5 rinks with top rink honours going to Phil Hadwell, Shirley Newnham, Peter Colton and Mike Whittingham who won 24-17.


Rink scores


P Hadwell, S Newnham, P Colton, M Whittingham                   24-17

P Hatch, D McDonald, G Braddock, P Winstanley                    15-20

C Crunden, M O’Reilly, J Bucknell, B Gill                                 20-15

E Sharp,C Dawson, D Griggs, E Sharp                                      21-20

M Hobson, E Gill, J Stenson, R Weaver                                     16-21



So on to Stoke Poges and this time it didn’t go Desborough’s way as they slipped to a 16 shot defeat, 73-57. Everyone found it tough going except the top rink of Kath Spracklen, Rhona Pike and Howard Pike who won 16-13.


Rink scores


V Wyatt, R Lewis, N Jones                           12-21

K Spracklen, R Pike, H Pike                         16-13

P Arnott, V White, R Wyatt                           12-21

M Pelling, P Patel, M White                          17-18

Press Report – April 29, 2019



The last ever finals at York Road culminated in a new Ladies Champion with Jan Frost defeating Jenny Morgan but there was nothing new about the Men’s Champion as the wily Len Essex just edged out Jeff Beal. In the Men’s Fours, Tom Johnson, Howard Pike, Clive Behmber and Eddie Orme just got over the line against Melvyn Forward, Paul Worthy, Kevin Scrace and Gordon Knapper with a 16-14 win. The Ladies Fours was the complete opposite as Jan Frost, June Sculthorpe, Gill Jones  and Gill O’Neill overwhelmed Jenny Forward, Gina Braddock, Judy Smelt  and Catherine Rogers. In the Ladies Triples Julie Skelly, Lorraine Woodley and Mary Price beat Yoneko Stuart, Julie Beal and Kim Eales 17-13 while in the Men’s version Jeff Beal, Tim Eales and Colin Jones beat Eddie Orme’s triple 15-8. The game of the week was the Men’s Novice which went to the wire as Steve Cotterill beat Clive Knowles 21-20. In the Ladies Two Wood, Jenny Morgan beat Gina Braddock while Graeme Mason and Michael Hobson had an evening to forget in the Men’s Drawn Handicap Pairs as they were outclassed by Mark Essex and Dave Seymour. The Men’s pairs ended prematurely as Kevin Scrace’s partner, Len Essex, had to retire due to illness against John McGuinness and Malcolm Woodley. The Ladies Pairs has become a certainty for Lorraine Woodley and Mary Price as once again they won the title this time beating Gina Braddock and Catherine Rogers. The Mixed Nominated Fours didn’t go the way of Jenny Morgan, Helen Jones, Bret Long and Eddie Orme as they were humbled by Carole Tupling, Jan Marshall, Graeme Mason  and Bruce Adams while the Mixed Nominated Triples was a closer affair as Kevin Dwyer and the Pikes, Rhona and Howard, edged out Jan Frost and the Joneses, Gill and Colin, 22-21.


York Road is now consigned to history and Desborough Bowling Club will begin a new chapter at Green Lane.

Press Report – April 23, 2019




Domestic finals continued with the Firecrackers putting in a comprehensive performance against Bracknell in beating them 25-8.  The Friday Lunchtime KO ended with the Optimists overcoming the Strollers 16-12. Kathy Wells came in as a late substitute for Mary Price in the Ladies Handicap Drawn Pairs but she and Tina Scherer could not stop Julie Beal and Gill O’Neill winning 24-11. Bracknell gained their revenge on the Firecrackers in the Men’s Division 1 Play Off while in the Division 2 Play Off Exiles A beat Town A 16-13. In the last final of the week Len Essex and Kevin Scrace retained their Two Wood Pairs title by beating Kim and Tim Eales 15-2. Finals continue in the week commencing 22nd April.

Press Report – April 16, 2019



Desborough travelled up to Nottingham for the final stages of the Over 60’s Double Rink but just came up short at the semi-final stage as they went down by two shots, 40-38, to Cumbria IBC. Jenny Morgan played in the Ladies Over 60’s singles but went down by 3 shots to an opponent from Acle IBC in Norfolk.


5 Desborough members were part of the Berkshire team that played Durham IBA in the final of the Liberty Trophy hoping to avenge a previous final defeat. Although the 6 rinks were shared, Durham ran out winners by 10 shots, 124-114.


The domestic finals have started well for the BB’s as firstly they humbled the Wombelles 24-4 in the Ladies Mini League and then beat the Unknowns 17-13 in the Ladies KO. In the Men’s KO, the Pacemakers encountered no problems as they overcame the Speedbirds 19-9.

Press Report – April 7, 2019



Oxford & District were the visitors for the last ever friendly at York Road and although Desborough managed a one shot victory, the guests claimed a draw as the six rinks were shared which would be a fitting way for this game to down in history. The rink skipped by David Perriman had a winning scorecard which left those marshalled by Paul Winstanley and Sam Stack to fight it out for top rink with the latter, along with Mike Hutley, Shirley Newnham and Michael Hobson, edging it with a 10 shot win, 25-15. After 112 years on the site it was the end of an era.



Rink scores


B Faulkner, P Hatch, J Bucknell, R Wyatt                              18-25

J Skinner, V Wyatt, D Griggs, P Winstanley                           27-19

M Hutley, S Newnham, M Hobson, S Stack                          25-15

T Scherer, P Stanley, T Buckley, D Perriman             18-13

T Skinner, R Turner, R Weaver, M Rhymer                           16-19

S Page, P Crabbe, C Northover, C Woodward                       15-27

Press Report – March 31, 2019





For the penultimate friendly at York Road Southall& District were the visitors and after a tense battle where the six rinks were shared, Desborough managed to eke out a 4 shot victory, 117-113. The rinks skipped  by David Perriman and Cy Woodward had winning scorecards but there was no doubting the top rink as Tina Scherer, Carol Tupling, John Bucknell and Maurice Rhymer won by 13 shots, 30-17.


Rink scores


C Howard, G Motley, T Buckley, S Stack                              15-19

B Faulkner, T Burrell, P Hatch, D Perriman                           23-18

J Motley, J McDonnell, P Colton, P Winstanley                     13-26

K Scowen, C Crunden, R Weaver, C Woodward                   21-16

T Scherer, C Tupling,  J Bucknell, M Rhymer                       30-17

A Burrell, P Hadwell, D Griggs, J Stannard                           15-17

Press Report – March 25, 2019



Desborough faced Whiteknights in the County Inter-Club final and although they made a steady start they were forced into submission suffering a 25 shot defeat, 125-100. A positive that can be taken from the match was the performance of the unbadged rinks skipped by Bob Doddington and Newark Smelt with the latter along with Kevin Dwyer, Mark Essex and Graham Mason winning comfortably, 30-11.


Rink scores


J Stenson, D Seymour, C Behmber, J McGuinness                            15-18

K Dwyer, M Essex, G Mason, N Smelt                                              30-11

M Forward, J Beal, T Johnson, C Jones                                             15-21

T Davies, B Long, K Scrace, E Orme                                     15-26

C Knowles, R Wyatt, A Trillow, B Doddington                                 13-19

S Williams, H Pike, T Eales, L Essex                                     12-30



Desborough travelled to Herga IBC and managed to eke out a 4 shot victory, 83-79. Bruce Adams’ four managed a draw but the cornerstone of the victory came from the performance of Joan Kingston, Paul Patel, Clive Northover and David Perriman who won 32-12.


Rink scores


K Scowen, P Hatch, B Pocock, P Winstanley                         22-23

K Spracklen, D Griggs, D Cope, B Adams                                        19-19

P Arnott, C Howard, C Woodward, M Rhymer                                  10-26

J Kingston, P Patel, C Northover, D Perriman                                    32-12



Wey Valley were the visitors to Desborough and although the home side won on the scorecards, the Captains agreed to an honourable draw as the six rinks were shared. The rinks skipped by Eric Sharp and David Webster returned winning scorecards but once again David Perriman was the hero as he skipped Barbara Patton, Geoff Motley and Marsha  Buckles to a 33-12 victory.


Rink scores


M Pelling, J Motley, R Weaver, E Sharp                                            24-13

E Sharp, F Patton, C Northover, B Faulkner                                      15-30

B Patton, G Motley, M Buckles, D Perriman                         33-12

J McDonnell, S Tegg, D Cope, D Webster                                         22-17

K Scowen, C Howard, T Buckley, S Stack                                         16-24

C Buckley, G Fowler, R Turner,  B Jones                                           17-20

Press Report – March 18, 2019


PRESS  REPORT W/E 17.03.19


Desborough welcomed  their old friends from Southampton Old Green to York Road for the last  time and after an entertaining afternoon they emerged triumphant by 51 shots, 120-61. All five home rinks won with those skipped by Sam Stack, Brian Faulkner, Paul Winstanley and Maurice Rhymer doing well to produce winning scorecards but the out of the world performance from Joan Kingston, David Griggs, John Bucknell and David Perriman was the highlight of the day as they won by 42 shots, 47-5.


Rink scores


K Scowen  F Ashmore  C Northover  S Stack                                    21-16

T Scherer, C Crunden    C Woodward   B Faulkner                            17-14

J  Kingston  D Griggs   J Bucknell  D Perriman                                 47-5

Y Fowler  M Hobson  T Buckley  P Winstanley                                 15-13

M Pelling  G Fowler  D Cope M Rhymer                                          20-13




County rivals West Berks  IBC came to Maidenhead and although they put up a fantastic performance they went down by 9 shots, 105-96. The home side won on only two rinks with one drawn with a winning scorecard from Jeff Simpson’s triple and so it was again left to a dominating performance from Ching Crunden, Peter Crabbe and Ralph Hatch who won 31-4 to win the day.


Rink scores



J Motley  P Hatch  J Simpson                         18-14

Y Hurley  J McDonnell  J Stannard                            15-15

G Motley  V Wyatt  D Webster                                   17-18

C Crunden  P Crabbe  R Hatch                                   31-4

M Buckles  S Tegg      R Turner                                  16-19

C Howard K Crump  R Wyatt                         8-26