Press Report – March 10, 2019

PRESS REPORT w/e 10.03.18


Playing Exonia IBC is difficult at the best of times and when Desborough were facing defeat in the National Over 60’s Double Rink Len Essex with his last wood saved the day to get them over the line 35-34. They now play a semi-final against Cumbria on April 11 for the right to play Victory or Coventry on April 12.


The Kent County Ladies took on Desborough as part of their tour and after a thrilling match they triumphed by 1 shot, 109-108. Desborough won on 3 of the 7 rinks with those skipped by John Stannard and Cy Woodward doing well to have winning scorecards but the top rink by a country mile were Joyce Motley, Clive Dawson, Kathy Wells and David Perriman who won by 18 shots, 26-8.


Rink scores

J Stenson, J Beal, G Braddock, R Hatch.         14-16

B Faulkner, Y Stuart, M Pelling, J Stannard.      21-15

L Eumor, P Hatch, D Griggs, S Stack.            8-18

S Page, P Stanley, R James, K Eales.            13-14

T Scherer, G Motley, R Turner, M Rhymer.        10-22

J Motley, C Dawson, K Wells, D Perriman.        26-8

K Scowen, C Crunden, M Hallett, C Woodward.   16-15

Press Report – March 5, 2019

PRESS REPORT w/e 03.03.19


Players from Berkshire, including 5 from Desborough, travelled to Bournemouth to play Devon in the semifinal of the Liberty Trophy and after a tense battle triumphed by 1 shot, 115-114. The team has overcome significant hurdles along the way and if they show the same guts and determination there is no reason they can’t beat Durham on April 13.


Although the six rinks were shared Desborough suffered a reverse against Foxhills IBC as they went down by 14 shots, 108-94. John Stannard’s rink returned a winning scorecard and those skipped by Sam Stack and David Perriman to have a private battle for top rink honours with the latter prevailing along with Ken Scowen and Gina Braddock as they won by 7 shots, 23-16.


Rink scores

C Crunden, J Bucknell, J Stannard.        17-14

K Scowen, G Braddock, D Perriman.       23-16

C Dawson, M Hallett, R Hatch            12-17

M Pelling, B Wright, C Woodward.         12-18

L Eumor, T Buckley, C Northover.          10-29

A Willis, V White, S Stack.                20-14


Desborough entertained Ladygate B C and it was a useful practice session as the hosts won at a canter, 171-86. Sam Stack’s rink thought they would have been top rink but they were trumped by Yoriko Fowler, Ching Crunden, George Fowler and John Stannard who won by 36 shots, 45-9.


Rink scores

E Sharp, L Eumor, E Sharp, M Rhymer.           13-29

C Buckley, V Wyatt, J Marshall, T Stuart          23-11

Y Fowler, C Crunden, G Fowler, J Stannard.      45-9

S Newnham, C Tupling, T Buckley, C Northover.  26-16

P Arnott, C Bartlett, M Hallett, P Winstanley.     24-9

Y Stuart, R Smith, R Turner, S Stack.            40-12

Press Report – February 25, 2019

PRESS REPORT w/e 24.02.19


Desborough played in the County Interclub against West Berks IBC and enjoyed a stroll in the park as they won by 59 shots, 159-100. The rinks skipped by Len Essex and Clive Behmber were equally matched and Colin Jones’ four did well to win by 13 shots which left the heroes of the day to be the unbadged rink of Kevin Dwyer, Jeff Beal, Graeme Mason and Newark Smelt who won by 24 shots, 36-12. The final against Whiteknights or. Rivermead on March 23 awaits.


Rink scores

D Perriman, B Long, K Scrace, E Orme               19-18

S Williams, P Worthy, G Knapper, L Essex.           30-21

C Knowles, R Wyatt, S Cotterill, R Harper.            19-16.

K Dwyer, J Beal, G Mason, N Smelt                  36-12

M Forward,M White, R Richardson, C Jones.          29-16

J Stenson, D Seymour, H Pike, C Behmber.           26-17


A trip to North London to play Glebelands IBC proved fruitless for Desborough as they went down by 25 shots, 96-71. The rink skipped by Maurice Rhymer did well to return a winning scorecard which left top rink honours to go to Pat Arnott, Ching Crunden, Michael Hobson and Sam Stack who won 18-13.


Rink scores

P Arnott, C Crunden, M Hobson, S Stack.                  18-13

P Patel, C Bartlett, F Starr, D Perriman.                    17-21

C Howard, M Buckles, B Adams, M Rhymer.               19-17

K Scowen, S Newnham, C Woodward, B Parish.             9-23

L Eumor, D Griggs, M Hallett, M White.                     8-22

B Faulkner, J McDonnell, V White, D Webster.              16-21


Usually a trip to Brighton to play Preston IBC usually proves difficult but this time is was a case of so near but so far as Desborough went down by only two shots, 132-130. However the Maidenhead side won on 4 of the 7 rinks and after a threat of a referendum, the Captains agreed on a technical draw. Winning scorecards came from the rinks came from the rinks skipped by Brian Wright and Paul Winstanley which left those skipped by Barry Gill and Clive Northover to fight for top rink honours and that went to the latter who with Chris Howard, Yoriko Fowler and Paul Patel who won by 14 shots, 24-10.


Rink scores

S Newnham, P Crabbe, P Hatch, B Wright.               22-20

T Scherer, S Tegg, G Fowler, B Gill.                     22-10

C Howard, Y Fowler, P Patel, C Northover.               24-10

K Scowen, R Jones, D McDonald, M Hobson.            15-28

P Arnott, J Codd, J McDonnell, T Buckley.               13-27

J Kingston, J Vickers, D Cope, M Rhymer            14-22

M Pelling, C Jones, D Griggs, P Winstanley.          20-15


Games between Desborough and the Berks VP’s are usually bowling lessons from the visitors but on this occasion the roles were reversed as the Maidenhead side won by 44 shots, 146-102. There was only one losing rink and the one skipped by Michael White won by 16 shots but it wasn’t good enough as John Stenson, Tony Burrell, Mike Whittingham and Sam Stack won by 8 shots more, 33-9.


Rink scores

M O’Reilly, P Crabbe, J Simpson, J Turner.             17-20

K Scowen, R Wyatt, P Winstanley, D Webster.          21-21

M Buckles, S Tegg, R Hatch, M White.                31-15

J Stenson, T Burrell, M Whittingham, S Stack.         33-9

V Wyatt, B Cooke, J Bucknell, B Jones.               22-19

B Faulkner, P Hatch, D Perriman, B Parish.           22-18

Press Report – February 18, 2019





Desborough welcomed Camberley to York Road and proved to be too generous hosts as they received a bowling lesson being defeated 124-68. All but one rink had an afternoon to forget which left Gina Braddock, Pat Hatch, Michael Hobson and Rose Turner to save face by winning by 7 shots, 25-18.


Rink scores


C Tupling, N Harlow, M Buckles, C Woodward                                7-30

C Howard, P Crabbe, D Griggs, V White                                           10-28

S Darby, J McDonnell, Y Hurley, B Jones                                          13-28

G Braddock, P Hatch, M Hobson, R Turner                                       25-18

K Scowen, C Crunden, M Hallett, D Webster                                    13-20



Local bragging rights were at stake when Desborough played Maidenhead Town and although Desborough won on the scorecards by 20 shots, the visitors could claim an honourable draw as they won on half of the rinks. Roger Wyatt skipped a winning rink and Paul Winstanley’s four drew which left Pat Arnott, George Fowler, Marsha Buckles and Jeff Simpson to get top rink honours with a mind blowing performace, winning by 29 shots, 37-8.



Rink scores


C Howard, P Crabbe, V Wyatt, S Stack                                              19-22

C Buckley, S Tegg, C Crunden, R Wyatt                                            24-16

K Scowen, L Eumor, P Patel, J Clark                                     13-20

Y Fowler, A McCabe, R Turner, D Webster                                       14-21

P Arnott, G Fowler, M Buckles, J Simpson                                        37-8

J McDonnell, J Emmons, G Braddock, P Winstanley                         19-19

Press Report – February 12, 2019

PRESS REPORT w/e 10.2.19


Desborough faced Cotswold in the National Over 60’s Double Rink and after a tense battle won 37-31. The foundation for the win came from the home rink skipped by Eddie Orme while away Len Essex’s four did enough to ensure that there were no slip ups. The massive task of playing Exonia in the last eight awaits.


Rink scores


S Williams, C Behmber, B Long, E Orme.    25-17


G Knapper, H Pike, T Eales, L Essex.       12-14


Games against the Somerset Past Patrons is an annual event to relish and this year’s encounter was no different as the visitors won by 36 shots, 132-96. The home team only won on 3 of the 7 rinks but at least the selected new bowlers gained valuable experience against experienced opposition. Tony Buckley’s rink returned a winning scorecard and it was left to the rinks skipped by Sam Stack and Paul Winstanley to fight it out for top rink honours with the latter along with Norma Cormican, Nigel Harlow and Ching Crunden edging it as they won by 14 shots, 26-12.


Rink scores

T Skinner, A McCabe, D McDonald, D Perriman.     8-25

J Motley, V Wyatt, B Faulkner, S Stack.            17-6

B Patton, G Motley, J Bucknell, R Wyatt.           14-22

N Cormican, N Harlow, C Crunden, P Winstanley.   26-12

D Cormican, P Arnott, T Scherer, T Buckley.        15-14

J Skinner, C Tupling, M Hobson, C Woodward.      8-23

F Patton, C Buckley, J Lawrie, P Patel.             8-30


Adur IBC travelled up from West Sussex to face a determined Desborough side who won at a canter by 31 shots, 124-93. In a dominant performance the home side won on 5 of the 6 rinks with Pat Arnott, Brian Faulkner, Paul Patel and Dave Perriman grabbing all the glory with a 16 shot win, 26-10.


Rink scores

C Howard, T Burrell, T Buckley, P Winstanley.       22-12

K Spracklen, P Crabbe, C Crunden, J Stannard.     19-18

P Arnott, B Faulkner, P Patel, D Perriman.          26-10

C Tupling, P Hadwell, C Northover, S Stack.        25-13

K Scowen, V Wyatt, P Hatch, R Wyatt.             17-16

A Burrell, J Emmons, J McDonnell, R Hatch.        15-24


The County Ladies rolled into town but unfortunately could not stop Desborough winning by 21 shots, 93-72. The rinks skipped by Jim Turner and Maurice Rhymer had their private battle but top rink honours went to John Stenson, John Bucknell and Michael White, winning by 12 shots, 23-11.


Rink scores

J Stenson, J Bucknell, M White.       23-11

K Scowen, T Buckley, R Hatch.        18-22

P Hadwell, P Patel, J Stannard.        13-15

C Dawson, R James, M Rhymer.       18-11

N Harlow, C Woodward, J Turner.      21-13

Press Report – February 4, 2019




A trip to icy Watford to play Herts IBC had a chilling outcome for Desborough as they slipped to a 139-79 defeat. Most rinks had an afternoon to forget although Bruce Adam’s rink only lost narrowly. The only bright spot was the winning rink of Kath Spracklen, Nigel Harlow, Tony Buckley and Roger Wyatt who won 18-15. Roger deserves a special mention as a timely intervention saved his rink from suffering the same fate as everyone else.


Rink scores

T Burrell, C Northover, S Stack.               12-24

K Spracklen, N Harlow, T Buckley, R Wyatt.     18-15

A Burrell, C Crunden, J Bucknell, D Perriman.   12-22

K Scowen, Y Fowler, J McDonnell, M Rhymer.   9-29

C Howard, G Fowler, C Woodward, P Winstanley 11-26

P Hatch, D Griggs, B Adams.                  17-23



Games against London Irish B A are always entertaining affairs and Sunday’s game was no different as both sides fought out a draw although Desborough could claim a moral win as they won on 3 of the 5 rinks. The rinks skipped by David Perriman and David Webster returned winning scorecards but top rink honours went to Marion Pelling, John Emmons, Jim McDonnell and Ron James who won by 15 shots, 28-13.


Rink scores

C Howard, G Motley, T Buckley, D Perriman.     23-22

L Eumor, M Everard, M Buckles, P Winstanley.   17-36

J Motley, P Crabbe, B Pocock, S Stack.         20-22

M Pelling, J Emmons, J McDonnell, R James    28-13

K Scowen, C Northover, M White, D Webster.    24-19

Press Report – January 27, 2019




Sutton and District BA were the visitors to York Road and left empty handed as Desborough won by 30 shots, 138-108. The home side won on 4 of the 6 rinks with those skipped  by Michael White, John Stannard and Ralph Hatch evenly matched which left Tony Burrell, Val White, Cy Woodward and Maurice Rhymer to take all the glory as they won  by 20 shots,32-12.


Rink scores


C Tupling, L Eumor,  G Braddock, D Perriman                                 12-29

T Burrell, V White, C Woodward,  M Rhymer                                   32-12

K Spracklen, T Scherer, D Griggs, M White                                      26-18

K Scowen, P  Hatch, M Hallett, J Stannard                                        24-16

A  Burrell, P Crabbe, J Bucknell, R Wyatt                                          21-23

B Faulkner, S Laban, K Wells, R Hatch                                             23-10



Desborough travelled to county rivals Whiteknights  and although the hosts could claim a moral draw as the  6 rinks were shared, the scourecards show that the Maidenhead side won by  8 shots, 117-109. The rinks skipped by Sam Stack and David Perriman had their own private battle but there was no doubt who the top rink was as  late replacement George Coussins, Abbie McCabe, Roger Wyatt and Maurice Rhymer (again!!)cruised to an 18 shot win, 29-11.


Rink scores


A Burrell, P Hadwell, P Patel, M White                                             15-24

K Scowen, C Howard,  V White, P Winstanley                                  17-19

T Scherer, T Burrell, J McDonnell, S Stack                                       21-18

B Faulkner, C Bartlett, J Bucknell, D Perriman                                  19-14

P Arnott, P Crabbe, D Griggs, C Woodward                                      16-23

G Coussins, A McCabe, R Wyatt, M Rhymer                        29-11



Desborough welcomed their local rivals from the Thicket and after an entertaining game won by 10 shots, 117-107, although the Captain of the day, Bruce Adams, called it as a draw as the 6  rinks were  shared. The rinks skipped by David Perriman and David Webster done well to have winning scorecards but the top rink went to Brian Faulkner, Geoff Motley and Bruce Adams who really turned on the style with a 26 shot win, 34-8. However the game was nip and tuck all the way through and the real winner was the sport of  bowls.


Rink scores


M Pelling, P Crabbe, D Perriman                                                       21-16

J Motley, J Emmons, D Webster                                                         21-19

M Everard, J Clark, S Stack                                                               16-22

M Buckles, J Marshall, P Winstanley                                     16-20

C Buckley, S Tegg, C Northover                                                          9-22

B Faulkner, G Motley, B Adams                                                         34-8

Press Report – January 22, 2019



Desborough welcomed Preston IBC to York Road and after a pulsating game managed to scrape a one shot victory, 132-131. The rink skipped by David Griggs did well to return a winning scorecard but it was left to those marshalled by Sam Stack and Kathy Wells to fight it out for top rink honours and the latter prevailed as they scored more shots.


Rink scores


L Eumor, C Crunden, P Colton, S Stack                                 24-15

J Mayne, P Barber, J McDonnell, M Rhymer             21-22

S Darby, P Hatch, P Patel, D Griggs                                       21-15

K Spracklen,P Crabbe,C Johnson, C Northover                     14-23

C Howard, N Harlow,T Burrell,I Bond                                  17-22

K Scowen, P Hadwell, M Hallett, C Woodward                    10-18

B Faulkner, P Arnott, M Hobson, K Wells                              25-16



Victory IBC came up from Portsmouth and managed a slim 3 shot win over Desborough, 122-119. Although the home side managed to win on 4 rinks, those skipped by Paul Winstanley and Cy Woodward had an afternoon to forget. All the winning rinks were well matched but just claiming top rink honours were Kath Spracklen, Phil Hadwell, George Coussins and David Perriman who won by 15 shots, 26-11.


Rink scores


A Burrell, J Marshall, J Bucknell, C Northover                     22-8

Y Fowler, M Everard, D Griggs, S Stack                               24-14

L Eumor, N Harlow, P Patel, M Rhymer                                24-14

K Spracklen, P Hadwell, G Coussins, D Perriman                 26-11

B Faulkner, M Hobson, C Crunden, P Winstanley                 8-45

P Arnott, G Fowler, T Burrell, C Woodward                          15-34

Press Report – January 14, 2019




The Desborough bandwagon continues to roll in the National Over 60`s Double Rink after a tense game against a strong Whiteknights A side which resulted in a 36-34 victory. Determination was needed as both the home and away rinks made dreadful starts and things started to look bleak for the Maidenhead outfit. However a couple of big scores turned the game on its head as  the away rink never lost the lead once they had gained it and at home they did enough to hang on to their coat tails. The tough game will put them in good stead for facing Cotswold on 5 February.


Rink scores




S Williams, J Beal, C Behmber, E Orme                    16-19




G Knapper, D Perriman, T Eales, L Essex                  20-15



Desborough played their annual fixture against the Banks B.A.  and suffered a rare reverse as they went down to a 111-95 defeat although in their defence they did loan the opposition some quality players. The rink skipped by Clive Northover did well to return a winning scorecard which left all the glory to go to Linda Eumor, Marion Pelling, Brian Faulkner and  Dave Perriman who won by 11 shots, 21-10.


Rink scores


L Eumor, M Pelling, B Faulkner, D Perriman                                    21-10

K Spracklen, V Wyatt, R Wyatt, P Winstanley                                   14-28

C Buckley, G Fowler, M Hallett, C Northover                                   25-21

Y Fowler, C Crunden, K Wells, B Pocock                                          15-27

K Scowen, V Wyatt, S Stack, J Stannard                                            20-25

Press Report – January 7, 2019

Desborough welcomed High Wycombe to York Road and enjoyed an easy start to the New Year as they strolled to a 53 shot victory, 107-54. All rinks won, with those skipped by Jessie Clark, Sam Stack, Eric Sharp and Ralph Hatch being evenly matched leaving the top performance to come from Kath Spracklen, Pat Hatch and Paul Winstanley who won by 20 shots, 27-7.


Rink scores


K Spracklen, P Hatch, P Winstanley                           27-7

J Mayne, J Bucknell, J Clark                                      21-14

T Scherer, I Bond, E Sharp                                         19-11

E Sharp, M Everard, R Hatch                                     19-12

C Howard, J McDonnell, S Stack                               21-10


During the festive period the annual Mary Price Charity Day took place with £610.50 being raised for Cancer Research. The winner was Jenny Morgan who had a +19 scorecard, just pipping Yoriko Fowler with Pat Hatch not far behind.