Press Report – November 27, 2018

PRESS REPORT w/e 25.11.18


Desborough faced Camberley in the 1st round of the London & Southern Counties Shield with some trepidation but needn’t have worried as they forced them into submission with an 81-53 win. It was a fantastic performance as 3 of the 4 rinks won with the other drawing. Hopefully it’s a start to an extended run in the competition.


Desborough A played Whiteknights in the Mason Trophy and because of a tardy start they fell to a 35-24 defeat.


A trip to Foxhills proved fruitless as Desborough slipped to a 36 shot defeat, 117-81. Having lost on 4 of the 5 rinks the only saving grace was Ken Scowen, Pat Arnott, Joan Kingston and Sam Stack who won by 16 shots, 29-13.


Rink scores

D Griggs, P King, C Crunden, C Woodward.          14-32

K Scowen, P Arnott, J Kingston, S Stack.            29-13

R Hughes, P Hatch, M Hobson, M Rhymer.          19-23

P Tuttle, C Howard, P Patel, D Perriman.            14-21

K Spracklen, C Dawson, R Wyatt, B Faulkner.         5-28


Herts IBC came to York Road and left with their tail between their legs as Desborough eased to a 109-75 win. With 4 rinks winning they were plenty of candidates for top rink but finally that honour went to Ken Scowen, Val Wyatt, David Webster and Sam Stack who won 26-11.


A trip to Egham resulted in a 112-96 defeat although the six rinks were shared so it could be considered a draw. The rinks skipped by Sam Stack and Sid Williams had winning scorecards but there was no doubting the top rink as Ken Scowen, Josie Williams, Brian Parish and Newark Smelt won 29-9.

Press Report – 19 November, 2018

PRESS REPORT w/e 18.11.18


Terry Davies, the County President, brought his merry men to his home club Desborough and left without losing the Bannerette as the York Road side went down by 41 shots, 137-96. All the home side’s efforts were in vain as they could only muster two winning scorecards as John Stenson, Iain Bond, Sam Stack and Michael White edged home by one shot which left top rink honours to go to Brian Faulkner, Paul Patel, Bill Pocock and the evergreen John Stannard who won by 8 shots, 22-14.


Rink scores

K Scowen, M Everard, M Hobson, J Young.         7-35

R Wyatt, K Brooks, D Perriman, B Jones.           18-22

J Stenson, I Bond, S Stack, M White.              19-18

B Faulkner, P Patel, B Pocock, J Stannard         22-14

S Wong, G Coussins, C Woodward, P Winstanley.  15-29

M Hutley, M Rhymer, B Parish, R James.          15-19


Desborough bowed out of the Top Club competition but not before putting up a great fight against Whiteknights. After all the disciplines of 2 two wood singles, pairs, triples and fours had taken place it was 8 points apiece, so the scoreline came into play which unfortunately was 70-56 in favour of the Lower Early side.


There was even more misery as Desborough’s Ladies went out of the Yetton Trophy against Westlecot. The home rinks for Desborough performed magnificently but the away rinks struggled against powerful opposition who used home advantage to good use as Desborough went down by 21 shots overall, 76-55.

Press Report – November 12, 2018

PRESS REPORT w/e 11.11.18


In the National Over 60’s Double Rink, Desborough have two entries and both have progressed to the next round. Desborough A played Whiteknights B and eased to a 47-24 win. The home rink skipped by Eddie Orme did enough to ensure there were no major disasters but the stars of the day were away as Gordon Knapper, Howard Pike, Tim Eales and Len Essex had a mindblowing 31-2 victory. They now play Foxhill or Oxford & District on 27 November. On the same day, Desborough B, who had a walkover against Banbury, will play West Berks B.


Rink scores


N Smelt, C Behmber, B Long, E Orme.       16-22


G Knapper, H Pike, T Eales, L Essex.        31-2


In the 2nd round of the Egham Trophy it was always going to be a tough game against a very strong Egham side and so it proved as Desborough slipped to an 85-64 defeat.


On the friendly front any game against Southampton Old Green is always an entertaining affair and this match was no different as Desborough eased to a 72 shot victory, 159-87. There were two drawn rinks, those skipped by Paul Winstanley and Brian Parish producing winning scorecards and Cy Woodward’s four winning by 22 shots. However that wasn’t good enough for top rink honours as the late substitute Martin Everard, Linda Eumor, Tony Buckley and the mercurial Barry Gill won by 29 shots, 37-8. The real winner was the game of bowls.


Rink scores

J Tuhill, C Buckley, K Brooks, S Stack.          16-16

M Hutley, J Motley, M Hobson, P Winstanley.    29-17

R Hughes, J Sculthorpe, C Crunden, C Woodward 33-11

J Kingston, G Motley, J Walker, M Rhymer.       20-20

M Everard, L Eumor, T Buckley, B Gill.           37-8

C Tupling, P Hatch, R Earl, B Parish.            24-15


The weekend finished with a visit from Whiteknights IBC and after a pulsating game that was always in the balance, it ended all square, 89-89. Of the 5 rinks, Desborough only won two with Kel Crump, Kath Spracklen, Bill Pocock and Jeff Simpson playing second fiddle to Pauline Tuttle, Peter Colton, Margaret Hallett and Bruce Adams who had a fantastic second half to win by 13 shots, 21-8.


Rink scores

P Tuttle, P Colton, M Hallett, B Adams.          21-8

E Sharp, T Scherer, Y Hurley, E Sharp.           13-18

J Marshall, M Buckles, J Bucknell, D Webster.        16-22

M Everard, M Pelling, M Hobson, D Perriman.         14-23

K Crump, K Spracklen, B Pocock, J Simpson.         25-18

Press Report – November 6, 2018

Desborough won three friendlies in a week and started their treble with the visit of Glebelands who were despatched by 51 shots, 160-109. Only one rink suffered a reverse, with one drawn and the rinks skipped by Dave Perriman and Sam Stack both winning by 14 shots. However there was no doubting the top rink which included a hotshot, the bowls equivalent of a darts 9-dart finish, so all the accolades go to late substitute Martin Everard, Marsha Buckles, Ray Weaver and Roger Wyatt.


Rink scores

P Arnott, M Hobson, J Bucknell, J Stannard.             17-16

R Hughes, J Marshall, J Simpson, D Perriman.           29-15

C Tupling, C Dawson, B Parish, S Stack.                25-11

K Scowen, P Patel, C Crunden, B Faulkner.              17-17

M Bellworthy, C Woodward, C Northover, D Webster.     19-16

M Everard, M Buckles, R Weaver, R Wyatt.               37-14

P Tuttle, T Scherer, D McDonald, R James.              16-20



The second leg of the treble meant a trip to West Berks IBC in Newbury which resulted in an 8 shot win, 104-96. The rinks skipped by Bruce Adams and Dave Perriman both won by 5 shots but top rink honours went to Ken Scowen, Jim Roll, Cy Woodward and Barry Gill who won 25-16. This win was made even sweeter as Barry suffered a possible match ending fall but bravely carried on and as for Jim he went out in a blaze of glory in his last game for Desborough before he goes to pastures new in Bournemouth. Desborough will have the chance to do the double in the New Year.


Rink scores

K Scowen, J Roll, C Woodward, B Gill.           25-16

R Hughes, E Gill, C Crunden, T Buckley.          19-24

K Spracklen, M Rhymer, R Weaver, B Adams.     23-18

P Tuttle, M Hobson, B Faulkner.                19-25

C Tupling, A Willis, C Northover, D Perriman.     18-13


The treble came up with the visit of Herga IBC who were beaten after an entertaining afternoon by 20 shots, 122-102. Again 1 rink suffered a reverse with one drawn but this time there was a dilemma for top rink honours. The rink of Josie Williams, Clare Buckley, Ralph Hatch and David Webster along with that of Marion Pelling, Linda Eumorfopoulos, Roger Wyatt and Eric Sharp both won with identical shot difference and ends won but it was controversially decided that the latter were top dogs as they gained more shots.


Rink scores

J Tuhill, P Hatch, S Stack, N Smelt.        16-15

E Sharp, V Wyatt, J Bucknell, S Williams.   10-27


J Williams, C Buckley, R Hatch, D Webster.         24- 9

M Pelling, L Eumorfopoulos, R Wyatt, E Sharp.      29-14

B Faulkner, A McCabe, J Smelt, D Perriman        26-20

M Hallett, C Northover, M Buckles, P Winstanley.   17-17



Desborough’s ladies played a strong Whiteknights side and gained an impressive 88-77 win. They now face the daunting task of playing Westlecot on 17 November.


Desborough’s men played West Berks in the Denny Plate but suffered an agonizing 1 shot defeat, 74-73.

Press Report – October 30, 2018

PRESS REPORT w/e 28.10.18


Desborough faced King George Field in the 2nd round of the Egham Trophy and won by 10 shots, 79-69. The away rink skipped by Malcolm Woodley won by 3 shots and at home John McGuiness edged home by 1 shot which left the performance of the day to come from Jan Frost, Julie Beal, Gordon Knapper and Len Essex who won by 13 shots. After edging through this round they now face a very strong Egham side on 11 November.


Rink scores


J Frost, J Beal, G Knapper, L Essex.           29-16

J Morgan, K Eales, C Behmber, J McGuinness. 17-16



Y Stuart, M Price, T Eales, C Jones.          13-20

L Woodley, H Jones, E Orme, M Woodley.     20-17


Desborough hosted the Bucks VP’s and enjoyed a comfortable afternoon as they won on 4 of their 6 rinks and won by 59 shots, 148-89. Paul Winstanley and Jeff Simpson’s rinks got winning scorecards which left a titanic battle for top rink honours which resulted in Sam Stack’s foursome giving second best to Chris Howard, late substitute Brian Parish, Kel Crump and Clive Northover who pipped them by one shot with a 34-8 win.


Rink scores

M Bellworthy, K Brooks, M Buckles, D Webster.          13-18

K Scowen, J Motley, G Braddock, P Winstanley.          21-16

A McCabe, P Tuttle, J Bucknell, S Stack.                35-10

K Spracklen, G Motley, C Crunden, J Stannard.           19-20

J Tuhill, Y Hurley, R James, J Simpson.                 26-17

C Howard, B Parish, K Crump, C Northover.             34-8

Press Report – October 23, 2018

PRESS REPORT w/e 21.10.18


Desborough once again played Cambridge Park, this time in the National Top Club and won 12-4. Although Tim Eales and Helen Jones made a valiant effort in their singles defeats, the pairs of Mary Price and Len Essex, fours consisting of Lorraine Woodley, Jenny Morgan, Brett Long and Malcolm Woodley and the triple of Jan Frost, Kevin Scrace and Eddie Orme performed magnificently to see the team through to the next round to play Whiteknights on 18 November.


Expectations weren’t high when Desborough met Westlecot in the 1st round of the Denny Cup, so it was no disgrace to lose 91-70 to a very strong side. The home rink skipped by Len Essex and the away rink led by Colin Jones did well to produce winning scorecards and the club has the consolation of now going into the Plate Competition where they will play West Berks on 3 November.


Iver Heath B C were welcomed to York Road and for an outdoor club put up a spirited performance in going down to a 166-99 defeat. Desborough won on 4 of the 6 rinks with top rink honours going to Kath Spracklen, Jan Marshall, Cy Woodward and  Brian Faulkner who won 41-9.


Rink scores

C Tupling, M Hobson, D McDonald, D Perriman.        39-11

C Howard, J Newton, M Pelling, N Smelt.              30-8

R Hughes, T Scherer, J Smelt, R Wyatt.                17-22

J McDonnell, V Wyatt, C Northover, P Winstanley.      17-28

K Spracklen, J Marshall, C Woodward, B Faulkner.     41-9

L Eumorfopoulos, P Tuttle, P Patel, B Parish           22-21


Desborough welcomed the London Welsh B A for their annual visit and after an entertaining afternoon had an 87 shot victory, 159-72. The home side won on 5 of the 6 rinks but there was no doubting who the top rink was as June Sculthorpe, Marsha Buckles, Ron James and Sam Stack won 45-17.


Rink scores

Y Hurley, K Crump, J Clark, T Buckley.        16-17

E Sharp, C Crunden, J Bucknell, E Sharp.      27-9

C Howard, C Buckley, B Pocock, B Gill.        21-11

P Hatch, E Gill, C Northover, D Webster.       19-17

J Sculthorpe, M Buckles, R James, S Stack.   45-17

C Bartlett, M Hobson, G Braddock, R Hatch.   31-11

Press Report – October 15, 2018

Desborough began their Egham Trophy campaign with a potentially tricky tie against Cambridge Park but everything fell into place and in the end had an easy passage into the next round as they won by 40 shots, 89-49. On the home rinks, Len Essex’s foursome, especially the ladies, Jan Frost and Julie Beal, put on an impressive performance to win well and Colin Jones’s rink contributed to the team effort by minimizing their loss to 2 shots. Away from home, Eddie Orme’s crew started slowly but along with Malcolm Woodley’s rink asserted their class to register excellent wins. Next up is King George Field on October 28.


Rink scores



J Frost, J Beal, K Scrace, L Essex         26-13

J Morgan, K Eales, T Eales, C Jones.      12-14




M Price, Y Stuart, B Long, E Orme.          25-12

L Woodley, H Jones, C Behmber, M Woodley 26-10


Desborough welcomed Egham to York Road but proved to be no match for the visitors as they ended up receiving a bowling lesson in a 158-93 defeat. The rinks skipped by Cy Woodward and Sam Stack did well to limit their losses to 4 shots but the kudos of being top rink went to Carole Tupling, Jim McDonnell, Ray Weaver and David Perriman who only lost on the last end by 3 shots.


Rink scores

R Hughes, J Kingston, C Northover, D Webster.               15-27

K Spracklen, M Hutley, M Buckles, C Woodward.              17-21

C Tupling, J McDonnell, R Weaver, D Perriman.               15-18

M Hallett, C Howard, J Bucknell, B Faulkner.                  17-34

L Eumorfopoulos, K Scowen,D McDonald, S Stack.            17-21

V Wyatt, A Willis, Y Hurley, R Wyatt.                          12-37


A trip to Portsmouth to play Victory IBC is an enjoyable experience but on this occasion proved fruitless for Desborough as they were humbled in a 139-84 defeat. Only one rink could return a winning scorecard so the heroes of the day were Carol Bartlett, Michael Hobson, Paul Patel and Brian Wright who won by 10 shots. Desborough will seek revenge in the return fixture early in the New Year.


Rink scores

P Arnott, P Hatch, T Buckley, R Weaver.                    18-26

R Hughes, K Scowen, M Buckles, B Gill.                   7-28

C Bartlett, M Hobson, P Patel, B Wright.                  21-11

J Kingston, T Scherer, J Bucknell, D Webster.             12-22

M Bellworthy, M Hallett, D McDonald, P Winstanley.       18-19

J Tuhill, L Eumorfopoulos, E Gill, D Perriman.              8-33

Press Report – October 8, 2018

PRESS REPORT w/e 7.10.18

For the start of the 2018/19 indoor season Desborough made the arduous trip to Oxford & District and after a frustrating afternoon fell to a 111-80 defeat. The rinks skipped by Sam Stack and David Webster had an afternoon that all bowlers dread, Brian Faulkner’s rink put up a fight to only go down by one shot which left two rinks to battle for top rink honours. Roy Hughes, Yvonne Hurley, Jim Roll and David Perriman along with Pauline Tuttle, Paul Patel, Kel Crump and the enigmatic Paul Winstanley won by 3 shots but the latter foursome got the nod on count back.


Rink scores


V Wyatt , P Arnott, M Hutley, D Webster     11-30

T Scherer, M Hobson, M Buckles, B Faulkner 14-15

P Tuttle, P Patel, K Crump, P Winstanley.    24-21

R Hughes, Y Hurley, J Roll, D Perriman.     17-14

K Spracklen, J McDonnell, R Wyatt, S Stack. 14-31

Press Report – September 17, 2018

PRESS REPORT w/e 16.9.18


For the penultimate game at York Road Suttons were the visitors and Desborough managed to eke out a small win by three shots, 112-109. Although the rinks skipped by Eric Sharp and Tony Buckley suffered reverses, these were compensated by those marshalled by Dave Wagner, Brian Wright, Ray Weaver and David Griggs. The latter, along with Shirley Newnham and Paul Patel easily got top rink honours by winning 28-17.


Rink scores

C Tupling, R Earl, D Wagner.     21-14

C Crunden, J Roll, B Wright.     19-17

K Spracklen, R Turner, E Sharp.   9-23

G Coussins, B Harris, R Weaver.  22-15

E Sharp, M Hobson, T Buckley.   13-23

S Newnham, P Patel, D Griggs.   28-17



For the last game on Desborough’s outdoor green a celebration match was held involving two rinks from Hurst and one each from Maidenhead Thicket, Town, Windsor & Eton, Stoke Poges and High Wycombe, the latter being our first opponents on the green in 1907. The performance of the day for the home team came from Roy Hughes, Jenny Bosley, David Griggs and the Welsh Wizard, Brian Jones, who won 25-8 and for the visitors it was Town’s rink consisting of Richard Smith, Mary Mackay, Yoneko Stuart and Roy West that shone as they triumphed 36-6. 6 of the 7 rinks were shared with the other drawn, so the game was an honourable draw which was a fitting end to another chapter in Desborough’s history.

Press Report – September 10, 2018

In an interesting finals weekend, it produced two champions, one old and one new. In the Men’s Championship the title holder Tony Devonald-Batt had to succumb to a previous winner, Mark Peachey, who won 21-12. In the Ladies Championship, Eileen Gill held her nerve to beat County bowler, Gina Braddock, winning 21-15.


Two bowlers retained their titles. Geoff Lofthouse overcame Michael White in the Over 70s singles and Gina Braddock beat Gill O’Neill in the Ladies Two Wood singles. Gina was also successful in the Drawn Pairs with Sylvia Laban and the Drawn Triples with Maureen O’Reilly and Val Wyatt. Although Gill O’Neill was unsuccessful in the Two Wood, she made up for it by winning the Handicap Singles, Over 60s Singles and Mixed Drawn Handicap Pairs with Michael White. The latter also won the Mixed Nominated Pairs with Ryda Eyre who was substituting for his wife Val.


The reign of John Stenson, Ron James and Brian Jones in the Benevolent Triples came to an end as they were beaten by Bruce Adams, Graeme Mason and Alan May. Ray Weaver did the double as he won the Open Handicap Singles and the Men’s Handicap Singles. Peter Braddock was also a double winner as he beat the defending champion Barry Gill to win the Two Wood Singles and the Drawn Pairs with Dave Hasler.


The novice titles went to Pauline Tuttle and Mike Whittingham.






Championship    Eileen Gill 21  Gina Braddock 15

Novice.          Pauline Tuttle 21 Maureen O’Reilly 12

Handicap.        Gill O’Neill 21  Pauline Tuttle 8

Two Wood.       Gina Braddock 16 Gill O’Neill 13

Over 60s.         Gill O’Neill 21 Maureen O’Reilly 17

Drawn Pairs.      Gina Braddock Sylvia Laban 27

Pauline Tuttle Eileen Gill 19

Drawn Triples     Maureen O’Reilly Val Wyatt Gina Braddock 27

Carole Tupling Jenny Bosley Doreen Lovering 8

Mixed H’cap Pairs Gill O’Neill Michael White 26

Mary Martin Ken Hazell  18

Mixed Pairs.      Ryda Eyre Michael White 18

Maureen O’Reilly Mike Whittingham 16

Open Singles.     Ray Weaver 21 Peter Braddock 10






Championship     Mark Peachey 21 Tony Devonald-Batt 12

Novice.           Mike Whittingham 21 Paul Patel 16

Handicap.         Ray Weaver 21 Paul Winstanley 17

Two Wood         Peter Braddock 16 Barry Gill 11

Over 70s.          Geoff Lofthouse 21 Michael White 17

Drawn Pairs.       Peter Braddock Dave Hasler 17

John Brampton Paul Winstanley 16

Benevolent Triples  Bruce Adams Graeme Mason Alan May 19

John Stenson Ron James Brian Jones 11



Desborough welcomed Flackwell Heath to York Road and were generous hosts as they let the visitors win by 14 shots, although the 6 rinks were shared so it could be declared a honourable draw. The rinks skipped by Dave Wagner and

Brian Jones returned winning scorecards but they had to concede top rink honours to Ann Vaughan, Nicola Jones, Paul Patel and Tony Buckley.


Rink scores

K Spracklen, E Gill, D Griggs, D Wagner   21-13

P Tuttle, R Turner, J Stenson, B Jones.   18-13

C Tupling, J Bosley, J Bucknell, B Gill.    10-26

A Vaughan, N Jones, P Patel, T Buckley.  29-17

R Eyre, K Coles, C Crunden, J Stannard   17-22

P Arnott, J MacPherson, J Roll, B Wright.  9-27

Picture: Champions Mark Peachey and Eileen Gill