Press Report – Nov 19, 2013




Denny Cup

                                                       Desborough v West Berks

                                                    Played on Saturday 16th November


Desborough played West Berks in the 2nd round of the Denny Cup and it ended up a stroll in the  park as the match didn’t go the distance as the Maidenhead side won by 57 shots, 98 – 41. At home, Andy Duddles, Tony Devonald-Batt, Malcolm Woodley and Alan Price won by 15 shots, 24 – 9 and the other rink of Clive Behmber, Tim Eales, Gordon Knapper and Richard Reid weren’t far behind as they won by 12 shots, 22 – 10. Both away rinks won by 15 shots as Carl Brooks, Bret Long, Michael Knight and Robert Newman won 24 – 9 and Len Essex, David Ross, Dave Simpson and Simon Jones were victorious 28 – 13. It is fair to say that harder challenges will follow as they face Foxhill in round 3.


Rink scores (Desborough first)



C Behmber, T Eales, G Knapper, R Reid (skip) 22 – 10

A Duddles, T Devonald-Batt, M Woodley, A Price (skip) 24 – 9




C Brooks, B Long, M Knight, R Newman (skip) 24 – 9

L Essex, D Ross, D Simpson, S Jones (skip) 28 – 13




Desborough v Croydon

                                    Played at Croydon on Sunday 17th November


Desborough made the journey to Croydon for a return fixture but it was the hosts who got revenge in style as the visitors slipped to an 82 shot defeat, 158 – 76. Desborough had won the home game by 30 shots but there was no chance of a repeat as Croydon had a stranglehold on the game from start to finish. At halfway, Desborough were down 76 – 40 with one rink winning but in the end  a miserable afternoon was capped by having no winning rinks. The rink skipped by Michael White did well to only go down by 9 shots, 27 – 18 but top rink honours went to June Sculthorpe, Nora Wood, Barry Gill and Brian Faulkner  as they only went down by 5 shots, 19 – 14.

Rink scores (Desborough first)

E Pelling, T Turner, C Crunden, J Searle (skip) 13 ; D Francis (skip) 30

K Stanbrook, D Holtom, J Stenson, D Perriman (skip) 11 ; W Kenny (skip) 24

R Crunden, E Gill, K Scowen, J Lyons-Hill (skip) 7 ; P Burnett (skip) 25

J Sculthorpe, N Wood, B Gill, B Faulkner (skip) 14 ; R Smith (skip) 19

C Tupling, F Buntin, S Stack, M Rhymer (skip) 13 ; D Hunter (skip) 33

A Cox, D McDonald, V White, M White (skip) 18 ; P Kinniard (skip) 27

Press Report – Nov 11, 2013


                    Egham Trophy
                Desborough v West Berks
                            Played on Sunday 10th  November

Desborough played West Berks in the 2nd round of the Egham Trophy and in a game that didn’t go the distance, eased through to the next round with a 34 shot victory, 76 – 42. At home, Alan Price’s rink never really got going but Simon Jones skipped a winning rink, 16 – 7. The strength of the victory came from the away rinks where Lorraine Woodley, Theresa Darnell-Langton, Malcolm Woodley and Andy Knapper won 23 – 6 and Michael Knight, Eileen Devonald-Batt, Mary Price with Robert Newman scored a 26 – 7 victory. Desborough now face Whiteknights or Handy Cross in the 3rd round.

Rink scores (Desborough first)

P Holland, K Eales, D Simpson, A Price (skip) 11 – 22
K Jones, H Jones, R Reid, S Jones (skip) 16 -7


M Knight, E Devonald-Batt, M Price, R Newman (skip) 26 – 7
L Woodley, T Darnell-Langton, M Woodley, A Knapper (skip) 23 – 6

          Yetton Trophy
         Desborough v Oxford City & County
       Played on Saturday 9th November

Desborough had already beaten one side from Oxford in the Yetton Trophy and they did so again with a 27 shot victory, 92 – 65. This time it was Oxford City & County but after 5 ends, the writing seemed to be on the wall for Desborough as they were 20 – 15 down. However with sterling performances from Mary Price’s and Lorraine Woodley’s rinks who won 23 – 15 and 17 – 15  respectively at home and at Oxford, Morag Goodchild, Helen Copeland, Norah Holder and Theresa Darnell-Langton, who despite being 8 – 1 down at 5 ends, stormed to a fantastic 36 – 15 win which battered the opposition into submission. Handy Cross have the unenviable task of facing this strong team in the next round.

Rink scores (Desborough first)
K Eales, M Howard, V Linton-Phare, M Price (skip) 23 – 15
E Devonald-Batt, P Armstrong, M Scrace, L Woodley (skip) 17 – 15

M Goodchild, H Copeland, N Holder, T Darnell-Langton (skip) 36 – 15
J Morgan, H Jones, P Holland, K Jones (skip) 16 – 20

Vivienne Trophy
        Desborough v Whiteknights
            Played on 7th November

Desborough played Whiteknights in the 1st round of the Vivienne Trophy and after a tense battle, emerged with a 19 shot victory, 95 – 76. Although Desborough won on 3 of the 4 rinks, it does not reflect the titanic battle that took place. At home, Doreen Lovering’s rink was always in control as they won 25  -17 with Val White’s foursome starting brightly, having a massive dip in form being 13 points down at one point but with a strong finish they managed to win 24 – 21. At Whiteknights, Ching Crunden’s rink put in a consistent performance but unfortunately succumbed by 1 shot on the final end. It was then left to Jan Marshall, Jo Lawrie, Gill O’Neill and Kathy Wells to put in the performance of the day as they were sluggish for most of the match but came through to win 25 – 16. Desborough now play Riverain in the next round.

Rink scores ( Desborough first)
J Lang, G Jones, S Frost, D Lovering (skip) 25 – 17
J Sculthorpe, E Gill, J Merry, V White (skip) 24 – 21

Y Stuart, C Bartlett, L Richards, C Crunden (skip) 21 – 22
J Marshall, J Lawrie, G O’Neill, K Wells (skip) 25 – 16

        London & Southern Counties Shield
          Desborough v Loddon Vale
              Played on 9th November

Desborough began their defence of the London & Southern Counties Shield with a facile 34 shot victory, 93 – 59, against Loddon Vale. Desborough won on all 4 rinks and were never in trouble as Gordon Knapper’s and Clive Behmber’s rinks won by 8 and 3 rinks respectively at home while away, Len Essex and Bret Long were just as impressive in scoring 11 and 12 shot wins. Desborough now face Richmond or Hounslow in the next round.

Rink scores (Desborough first)
S Wong, N Farnish, D Ross, G Knapper (skip) 24 – 16
A Duddles, T Davies, K Scrace, C Behmber (skip) 23 – 20

S Williams, E Orme, T Devonald-Batt, L Essex (skip) 24 – 13
P Holland, A Merry, C Brooks, B Long (skip) 22 – 10

Mason Trophy
     Desborough v West Berks
       Played on 8th November

Desborough played West Berks in the 1st round of the Mason Trophy and were not overstretched in a match that didn’t go the distance as they won 60 – 20. It was close after 5 ends with the score at 14 – 10 but after that it wasn’t a contest as Desborough ground the opposition into submission.\The home rink of Eileen Devonald-Batt, Carol Low, Maggie Scrace and Mary Price started slowly but once they got going there was no stopping them as they won 27 – 11. However their performance was overshadowed by the away rink of Jean Lang, Jenny Morgan, Helen Copeland and Pat Holland who totally overwhelmed the opposition by winning 33 – 9. Desborough play Handy Cross in the next round.

Rink scores ( Desborough first)
E Devonald-Batt, C Low, M Scrace, M Price (skip) 27 – 11

J Lang, J Morgan, H Copeland, P Holland (skip) 33 – 9


Desborough v Whiteknights
Played at Desborough on Sunday 10th November

Desborough welcomed Whiteknights to York Road for a friendly and endured a miserable afternoon as they went down by 17 shots, 129 – 112. They never got into the match and only managed to win on 2 of the 6 rinks. One of the rinks, Muriel Howard, Ken Brooks, Jeff Simpson and Michael White managed to post a winning card with a 24 – 18 win but the glory of top rink honours went to Percy Chambers, Michael Hobson, Bill Fox and Dave Perriman who had a scintillating victory by 21 shots, 31 – 10.

Rink scores (Desborough first)
G O’Neill, G Coussins, J Bucknell, B Coombs (skip) 11 ; A Glenny (skip) 30
M Howard, K Brooks, J Simpson, M White (skip) 24 ; G Orchard (skip) 18
C Howard, F Lockley, C Crunden, B Faulkner (skip) 21 ; F Parkinson (skip) 21
I Bond, K Scowen, V White, S Stack (skip) 16 ; T Parsons (skip) 23
P Chambers, M Hobson, B Fox, D Perriman (skip) 31 ; J Hardie (skip) 10
J Williams, D Holtom, C Woodward, B Pocock (skip) 9 ; P Hitt (skip) 27


It was business as usual when the Mini League finals took place as Denham won the men’s final while the Wombelles won the ladies version. Denham faced the Pacemakers who had a tougher road to the final and even though the latter got within 5 shots of their illustrious opponents, Denham showed their class by winning 23 – 11. In the ladies final, Harlequins, who had an impressive 29 – 9 semi-final win against Wannabees, also ran out of steam as Wombelles posted a 21 – 14 win.

Press Report – Nov 4, 2013




Top Club

                                                    Desborough v Oxford & District

                                                    Played on Sunday 3rd November


Desborough welcomed old foes Oxford & District to York Road for the 3rd round of the Top Club and impressively beat them 92 – 57 for a 14 – 2 points win. Although Theresa Darnell-Langton narrowly lost her two wood singles 16 – 12, Simon Jones was successful 14 – 11  in the men’s version. The mixed pairs of Lorraine Woodley and Andy Knapper along with the triple of Pat Holland, Richard Reid and Robert Newman were impressive as they won 24 – 15 and 14 – 8 respectively but the performance of the day came from Eileen Devonald-Batt, Mary Price, Michael Knight and Alan Price who won 29 – 7. Desborough now face Clarrie Dunbar or Bristol in the 4th round.


Rink scores (Desborough first)


Ladies Two Wood Singles  Theresa Darnell-Langton   12 – 16

Men’s Two Wood Singles   Simon Jones   14 – 11

Mixed Pairs    Lorraine Woodley & Andy Knapper    24 – 15

Mixed Triples  Pat Holland, Richard Reid & Robert Newman  14 – 8

Mixed Fours Eileen Devonald-Batt, Mary Price, Michael Knight & Alan Price  29 – 7



Denny Cup

                                             Desborough v Whiteknights

                                           Played on Saturday 2nd November


Desborough got their Denny Cup campaign off to a winning start as they beat Whiteknights 76 – 39. The home rink of Malcolm Woodley, Colin Jones, Peter McGuinness and John McGuinness were impressive as they won 15 – 5 and the rink skipped by Alan Price was unlucky to go down by 3 shots, 15 – 12. The cornerstone of the victory came from the away rinks of Carl Brooks, Bret Long, Michael Knight and Robert Newman along with Len Essex, Gordon Knapper, Dave Simpson and Andy Knapper who won 24 – 7 and 25 – 12 respectively. Desborough now face West Berks in the 2nd round.


Rink scores (Desborough first)


M Woodley, C Jones, P McGuinness, J McGuinness (skip) 15 ;  C Hitt (skip) 5

T Eales, T Devonald-Batt, R Reid, A Price (skip) 12 ; D Christie (skip) 15



C Brooks, B Long, M Knight, R Newman (skip) 24 ; C Brooks (skip) 7

L Essex, G Knapper, D Simpson, A Knapper (skip) 25 ; P Swinn (skip) 12




Over 60’s Double Rink

                                            Desborough A v Whiteknights B

                                                Played on 31st October


Desborough A played Whiteknights B in the Over 60’s Double Rink and after an enthralling game came up one shot short, 39 – 38. The home rink of Stanley Wong, Dave Perriman, Bob Doddington and Bret Long done well to win 26 – 15 while the away rink of Sid Williams, Terry Davies, Clive Behmber and Len Essex were trying to contain a rampant Whiteknights side. Going into the last end, the match was all square and although Desborough were holding a winning lie, Colin Brooks came in to take it away to break Desborough’s hearts by the narrowest margin.


Rink scores ( Desborough first)


S Wong, D Perriman, B Doddington, B Long (skip) 26 – 15



S Williams, T Davies, C Behmber, L Essex (skip) 12 – 24



Over 60’s Double Rink

                                       Desborough B v Whiteknights A

                                            Played on 31st October


While the Desborough A team went doen to a narrow defeat, Desborough B maintained the club’s honour in the Over 60’s Double Rink as they beat Whiteknights A, 40 – 32. Both rinks were always in control as the home rink of Howard Pike, Melvyn Forward, Maurice Rhymer and Dick Jones won 18 – 15 while away, John Stenson, Brian Jones, Dave Seymour and John Stannard ran out 22 – 17 winners. They now face Rivermead A or Handy Cross in the next round.


Rink scores (Desborough first)


H Pike, M Forward, M Rhymer, R Jones (skip) 18 – 15


J Stenson, B Jones, D Seymour, J Stannard (skip) 22 – 17




Desborough v Glebelands

                                    Played at Desborough on Wednesday 30th October


Desborough welcomed Glebelands from North London and even though the visitors had a rogue player who should have been at Desborough in Northamptonshire, they were consigned to a 44 shot defeat, 134 – 90. At halfway, the home side were 70 – 38 up, winning on 4 rinks and drawing on two. At the end, they had won on 4 rinks, lost on one with the other drawn. The rinks skipped by Dave Perriman and Barbara Porter could have got top rink honours but they were pipped by Carole Tupling, John Williams, Janet Blogg and the enigmatic Brian Faulkner who won by 14 shots, 30 – 16.

Rink scores (Desborough first)

B West, P Chambers, G O’Neill, C Woodward (skip) 15 ; R Young(skip) 15

R Earl, P Hatch, M Howard, D Perriman (skip) 26;  J Partridge (skip) 14

C Tupling, J Williams, J Blogg, B Faulkner (skip) 30 ; L Wildham (skip) 16

K Spracklen, M Hobson, S Stack, B Porter (skip) 24 ; M Green (skip) 11

K Stanbrook, B Stanbrook, M Bellworthy, M Rhymer (skip) 16 ; T Williams  (skip) 20

R Hughes, J Wells, N Wood, K Scowen (skip) 23; S Solbe (skip) 14




Desborough v West Berks

                                    Played at Desborough on Saturday 2nd November


Desborough welcomed West Berks to York Road expecting a tough match but the home side eased to a 52 shot win, 149 – 97. Although the visitors could claim a moral draw as the 6 rinks were shared, Desborough’s winning rinks were so powerful that the victory was never in doubt. The rinks skipped by Ching Crunden and Dave Perriman done well to win by 21 and 15 shots respectively but there was no stopping Elaine Sharp, Stan Proffitt, Eric Sharp and Maurice Rhymer who trounced their opposition 36 – 9 to claim top rink honours.


Rink scores (Desborough first)

M Hutley, P Hatch, K Scowen, C Rogers (skip) 19 ; B Lawrence (skip) 22

R Hughes, G Coussins, M Howard, C Crunden (skip) 28; K Biles (skip) 7

B West, D Holtom, G Rogers, J Lyons-Hill (skip) 17 ; K Quartermaine (skip) 19

C Tupling, N Wood, R Hatch, B Faulkner (skip) 17 ; T Applin (skip) 23

E Sharp, S Proffitt, E Sharp, M Rhymer (skip) 36 ; B Shipp (skip) 9

M Goodchild, P Chambers, J Bucknell, D Perriman (skip) 32 ; D Shipp (skip) 17




Desborough v Croydon

                                    Played at Desborough on Sunday 3rd November


Another set of tough opponents came from Croydon but with the help of a strong second half performance Desborough gained a 30 shot win, 129 – 99. The match was level at halfway, 55 – 55 but the home side eventually managed to win on 4 of the 6 rinks. The rinks skipped by Len Bartlett, Sam Stack and John Searle were evenly matched but the skip of the moment seems to be Maurice Rhymer who along with Kath Spracklen, John Wells and Pam Armstrong put in a strong post-tea performance to streak away to a 30 – 9 win and top rink honours.


Rink scores (Desborough first)

C Buckley, C Bartlett, P Winstanley, L Bartlett (skip) 20 ; K Pardey (skip) 18

C Howard, M Bellworthy, K Wells, S Stack (skip) 22 ; P Burnett (skip) 17

G Braddock, I Bond, J Clark, B Faulkner (skip) 17 ; D Hunter (skip) 20

T Ruffell, K Scowen, C Crunden, D Perriman (skip) 20 ; K Snell (skip) 22

K Spracklen, J Wells, P Armstrong, M Rhymer (skip) 30 ; B Kenny (skip) 9

J Sculthorpe, E Gill, B Gill, J Searle (skip) 20 ; K Perry (skip) 13

Press Report – Oct 28, 2013


Egham Trophy

                                                    Desborough v Chipping Norton

                                                    Played on Sunday 27th October


Desborough began their defence of the Egham Trophy against Chipping Norton with a facile 69 shot win, 111 – 42. None of Desborough’s rinks were ever in trouble and the match didn’t go the distance. It was a good workout and tougher challenges will present themselves as Desborough aim to win this competition for the 4th year in a row. They now face West Berks in the next round.


Rink scores (Desborough first)


T Darnell-Langton, H Jones, D Simpson, R Reid (skip) 35 ;  K Field (skip) 8

L Woodley, C Low, M Woodley, A Knapper (skip) 25 ;  R Barnett (skip) 11


P Holland, K Jones, M Knight, R Newman (skip) 22 ; M Shepherd (skip) 10

L Essex, E Devonald-Batt, M Price, J McGuinness (skip) 19 ; P Robbins (skip) 13


Yetton Trophy

                                             Desborough v Oxford & District

                                           Played on Saturday 26th October


Revenge is sweet as Desborough avenged last year’s defeat by Oxford & District in the Yetton Trophy as they won by 18 shots, 81 – 63. The away rinks skipped by Theresa Darnell-Langton and Katrina Jones both started off slowly but came good in the end to win 18  – 15 and 25 – 19 respectively. The home rinks, marshalled by Mary Price and Lorraine Woodley were always in control as they won by 5 and 4 shots. Desborough now face Oxford City & County in the 2nd round.


Rink scores (Desborough first)


K Eales, V Linton-Phare, C Low, M Price (skip) 19 ;  K Hawes (skip) 14

E Devonald-Batt, M Goodchild, P Armstrong, L Woodley (skip) 19 ; C Galletly (skip) 15



S Laban, H Copeland, C Rogers, T Darnell-Langton (skip) 18 ; S Gokhar (skip) 15

J Morgan, H Jones, P Holland, K Jones (skip) 25 ; J Murphy (skip) 19



Desborough v Preston IBC

                                    Played at Brighton on Saturday 26th October


Desborough made the trip to Brighton to face Preston IBC but were left all at sea as they slipped to a 12 shot defeat, 123 – 111. Most of the rinks were close affairs although Desborough only managed to win on 2 of the 6 rinks. The rink skipped by Ray Weaver put in a consistent performance to win 20 – 16 but was pipped to top rink honours by Ellen Nutley, Frank Buntin, Sam Stack and Dave Perriman who were victorious by six shots, 20 – 14.


Rink scores (Desborough first)

M Gerlach, F Lockley, K Scowen, R Weaver (skip) 20 ;  T Dade (skip) 16

R Hughes, K Thompson, I Bond, T Hughes (skip) 17;  G Newington (skip) 23

N Parish, M Hobson, G Coussins, B Faulkner (skip) 18 ; R Taylor (skip) 20

E Nutley, F Buntin, S Stack, D Perriman (skip) 20 ; G Green (skip) 14

B Stanbrook, D Jenkins, B Pocock, C Woodward (skip) 14 ; J Austin  (skip) 26

K Stanbrook, N Wood, H Smith, B Parish (skip) 22 ; D Silsbury (skip) 24




Desborough v Bucks VP’s B A

                                    Played at Desborough on Sunday 27th October


Desborough welcomed the Bucks VP’s B A to York Road and took no prisoners as they won by 50 shots, 145 – 95. The home side won on 5 of the 6 rinks with an eye catching performance from the rink skipped by Bob Coombes who won 31 – 13 which was even more satisfying as the opposing skip, Len Bartlett, is a Desborough member. Maurice Rhymer’s rink done well to win by 11 shots but the top rink was so strong it couldn’t fail as Morag Goodchild, John Stenson and the Whites, Val and Michael, blew the opposition away as they won by 24 shots, 30 – 6.


Rink scores (Desborough first)

P Chambers, P Hatch, K Scowen, R Hatch (skip) 27 ; D Perriman (skip) 25

G Braddock, T Ruffell, M Howard, B Coombes (skip) 31; L Bartlett (skip) 13

M Goodchild, J Stenson, V White, M White (skip) 30 ; M Tumbridge (skip) 6

K Stanbrook, J Clark, J Bucknell, P Armstrong (skip) 13 ; C Nichols (skip) 22

Y Bower, K Brooks, S Stack, J Lyons-Hill (skip) 20 ; D Goodin (skip) 16

C Tupling, I Bond, C Burton, M Rhymer (skip) 24 ; M Stewart (skip) 13

Press Report – Oct 21, 2013

By Tony Buckley


              Top Club
             Desborough v Foxhill
             Played at Desborough on Monday 21st October

Desborough welcomed Foxhill for the 2nd round of the National Top Club  and after an intriguing game, emerged with a 12 – 4 victory. The home side easily won the Ladies and Men’s Two Wood Singles as Pat Holland and John McGuinness  won 21 – 7 and 25 – 8 respectively. It should have been plain sailing after that but the visiting pairs and triples turned the match on it’s head so that the game could have gone down to the overall score. However the rink of Eileen Devonald-Batt, Mary Price, Michael Knight and Alan Price totally overwhelmed the opposition to win 34 – 6 and Foxhill had no choice but to concede and Desborough could breathe a sigh of relief. They now face Rivermead or Oxford & District in the next round.

Rink scores (Desborough first)
Ladies Two Wood Singles          Pat Holland                    21 – 7
Men’s Two Wood Singles           John McGuinness         25 – 8
Mixed Pairs                   Andy Knapper & Katrina Jones 15 – 17
Mixed Triples          Theresa Darnell-Langton, Richard Reid, Robert Newman  12 – 10
Mixed Fours      Eileen Devonald-Batt, Mary Price, Michael Knight,  Alan Price  34 – 6

Over 60’s Double Rink
         Desborough ‘B’ v Rivermead
       Played on Thursday 17th October

Desborough B played Rivermead in the Over 60’s Double Rink on a home and away basis which resulted in a solid 61 – 28 win. The home rink of Howard Pike, Grant Oxtoby, Michael White and  Dick Jones started off well, had a dip in form in the middle but getting a 6 on the 18th end ensured they got back on track at the business end of the match to win 26 – 21. The foundation of the victory came from the away rink of John Stenson, Brian Jones, Dave Seymour and John Stannard who never gave the opposition a chance as they shot to a mind blowing 35 – 7 win. They now play Whiteknights A in the next round.

Rink scores (Desborough first)
H Pike, G Oxtoby, M White, R Jones (skip) 26 – 21

J Stenson, B Jones, D Seymour, J Stannard (skip) 35 – 7


Desborough v Camberley
Played at Camberley on Wednesday 16th  October

Desborough made the journey to Camberley for a 5 rink triples match and the trip proved fruitful as they won by 10 shots, 98 – 88. The visitors won on 3 rinks with the trio of Roy Howton, Jan Marshall and Maurice Rhymer putting in a consistent performance, including a 7 on one end, to win 26 – 11. However they were pipped to the top rink prize by the unlikely triple of Kim Stanbrook,  Nora Wood and Cy Woodward who won 27 – 11.

Rink scores (Desborough first)
K Stanbrook, N Wood, C Woodward (skip) 27 ;  F Graham (skip) 11
B West, W Paine, R Hughes (skip) 18 ;  B Cole (skip) 16
K Spracklen, J Marshall, B Fox(skip) 13 ; J Steer (skip) 19
R Howton, Jan Marshall, M Rhymer (skip) 26 ; C Pearson (skip) 11
V Hawkins, G Coussins, J Lyons-Hill (skip) 14 ; C Pusey (skip) 31

Desborough v London Welsh B A
Played at Desborough on Sunday 20th October

The London Welsh B A strolled into Maidenhead  for their annual joust at Desborough but there was crying in the valleys as they went down to a 83 shot defeat, 187 – 104. Desborough were always in control as at halfway they led  96 – 44, leading on 6 rinks and drawing on the other. The halo slightly slipped as 2 rinks returned negative cards but the rest came back with impressive scores. The rinks skipped by Brian Parish, Clive Behmber and Len Bartlett could have got top rink honours especially the latter who kicked off the game with a hotshot. However the honour went to the rink of Percy Chambers, new indoor bowler Ernie Pelling, old hand Bill Pocock and Andrew Hawkins who won 34 – 12. The match was played in a tremendous spirit and the game of bowls was the overall winner.

Rink scores (Desborough first)
R Hughes, G Coussins, D McDonald, L Bartlett (skip) 29 ; H West (skip) 11
K Stanbrook, J Cano-Lopez, M Smith, B Parish (skip) 30; A N Other (skip) 10
K Brooks, M Hobson, J Bucknell, C Behmber (skip) 29 ; P Cowley (skip) 12
T Buckley, J Tregurtha, K Scowen, B Faulkner (skip) 26 ; P Lee (skip) 16
B Adams, C Howard, D Perriman, S Stack (skip) 20 ; J Allen (skip) 21
P Chambers, E Pelling, B Pocock, A Hawkins  (skip) 34 ; D Edwards (skip) 12
I Bond, B Wright, M Gravett, R West (skip) 19 ; J Jones (skip) 22


Press Report – Oct 15, 2013

By Tony Buckley


Top Club

Desborough v Whiteknights

Played at Desborough


Whiteknights were the visitors to Desborough for the National Top Club and certainly made the hosts fight for their 12 – 4 victory. The Woodleys, Lorraine and Malcolm, contested the ladies and men’s two wood singles and although they put up valiant efforts, they went down to 14 – 11 and 19 – 11 defeats respectively. It was left to the mixed pairs, John McGuinness and Katrina Jones (winners 22 – 17), the mixed triples of Theresa Darnell-Langton, Dave Simpson and Richard Reid (winners 22 – 12) along with mixed fours of Len Essex, Eileen Devonald-Batt, Mary Price and Alan Price (winners 23 – 9) to bring home the goods. It is good at this time of the season to have a hard battle and hopefully will put them in good stead when they face Bletchley or Foxhill in the next round.

Rink scores (Desborough first)

Ladies Two Wood Singles          Lorraine Woodley         11 – 14

Men’s Two Wood Singles           Malcolm Woodley         11 – 19

Mixed Pairs                   John McGuinness & Katrina Jones 22 – 17

Mixed Triples          Theresa Darnell-Langton, Dave Simpson, Richard Reid  22 – 12

Mixed Fours      Len Essex, Eileen Devonald-Batt, Mary Price, Alan Price  23 – 9


Desborough v Egham

Played at Egham on Wednesday 9th October

Desborough made the journey to Egham but unfortunately it turned into a miserable trip as they fell to a 50 shot defeat, 149 – 99. The visitors gave flashes of brilliance but overall they were overwhelmed by the opposition as they only won on one rink. That rink didn’t have any brotherly love as John, the elder Searle, once again put his sibling Tom in his place, saving it to the last end to eke out an 18 – 16 win.

Rink scores (Desborough first)

T Buckley, C Northover, K Scowen, B Parish (skip) 18 ;  A Bennet (skip) 26

G O’Neill, G Coussins, S Stack, D Perriman (skip) 19 ;  R Whybrow (skip) 22

K Stanbrook, M Hobson,D Grieve, R Jones (skip) 16  ; D Coleman(skip) 28

J Lyons-Hill, B Humphries, B Gill, J Searle (skip) 18 ; T Searle (skip) 16

R Hughes, E Gill, I Bond, B Jones (skip) 15 ; J Cook (skip) 26

K Crump, J Blogg, C Woodward, B Faulkner (skip) 13 ; P Whalford (skip) 31

Desborough v Victory

Played at Desborough on Saturday 12th October

Desborough welcomed Victory IBC to York Road and although the six rinks were shared, a win against this opposition is worthy of praise even though it was only by 4 shots, 115 – 111. The rink skipped by Andrew Hawkins managed to scrape a 3 shot win, 19 – 16 but the rink of Kel Crump, Chris Howard, Cy Woodward and Len Bartlett must have thought they done enough for the top rink prize by winning 23 – 15. However they were pipped to that honour by Mike Hutley, late substitute Brian Humphries, Bill Pocock and Bob Coombs who won by 10 shots, 23 – 13.

Rink scores (Desborough first)

K Crump, C Howard, C Woodward, L Bartlett (skip) 23 ; K Morgan (skip) 15

J Lyons-Hill, J Stenson, J Bucknell, M Rhymer (skip) 14 ; M Wilde (skip) 17

R Hughes, J Marshall, J Searle, M White (skip) 17 ; R Wilcockson (skip) 22

K Stanbrook, M Hobson, I Bond, A Hawkins (skip) 19 ; C Alton (skip) 16

B Faulkner, J Williams, K Scowen, D Perriman (skip) 19 ; A Newland (skip) 28

M Hutley, B Humphries, B Pocock, B Coombs (skip) 23 ; P Robson (skip) 13

Desborough v Stoke Poges

Played at Desborough on Sunday 13th October

Desborough welcomed Stoke Poges to York Road on Sunday and after a titanic battle, struggled to a five shot win, 119 – 114. Credit has to be given to the visitors as most of their players do not play indoors and a shock was on the cards when they were leading 59 – 53 at halfway. However Desborough dug deep to get over the finishing line  although Stoke Poges could claim a deserved moral draw as the six rinks were shared. The highlight of the afternoon for Desborough was the performance of the top rink of Betty West, Bruce Adams, Maurice Gravett and Muriel Howard who played consistently to win 23 – 9.


Rink scores (Desborough first)

K Spracklen, W Paine, B Faulkner, M Rhymer (skip) 23 ; R Grand (skip) 16

K Brooks, J Marshall, R Hatch, C Crunden (skip) 27 ; B Dyer (skip) 19

C Tupling, K Stanbrook, N Wood, B Gill (skip) 16 ; P Southern (skip) 23

B Gravett, P Hatch, K Scowen, S Stack (skip) 17 ; D Seymour (skip) 18

B West, B Adams, M Gravett, M Howard (skip) 23 ; N Smelt (skip) 9

B Stanbrook, D Jenkins, E Gill, A Greenway (skip) 13 ; S Williams 29

Press Report – Oct 7, 2013

By Tony Buckley

Desborough v Oxford & District

                        Played at Oxford on Saturday 5th October


The first game of the indoor season is always the toughest as players readjust after playing outdoors and so it proved as Desborough’s trip to Oxford & District ended in a 42 shot defeat, 136 – 94. A slow start on most of the rinks meant that Desborough were 87 – 51 down at halfway but the rink of Graham Rogers, Nora Wood, the new bowler Clive Northover and Dave Perriman had some promising ends and managed to only go down by 1 shot, 21 – 20. With five of the six rinks returning negative scorecards, it was left to Roy Hughes, Eileen Devonald-Batt, Sam Stack and Catherine Rogers to bask in the glory as they won 25 – 22.


Rink scores (Desborough first)

M Goodchild, K Stanbrook, J Lyons-Hill, M Rhymer (skip) 11; G Battwarden (skip) 21

R Hughes, E Devonald-Batt, S Stack, C Rogers( skip) 25; W Lucas (skip) 22

C Tupling, K Thompson, D McDonald, R Jones(skip) 13 ;  A Thomas (skip) 28

G Rogers, N Wood, C Northover,D Perriman (skip) 20 ; P Comley (skip) 21

B West, D Holtom, K Scowen, A Greenway (skip) 12 ; K Hawes (skip) 20

K Spracklen, M Hobson, G Coussins, B Faulkner (skip) 13 ; R Plester (skip) 24



Desborough v Somerset Patrons

                        Played at Desborough  on Sunday 6th  October


If the game against Oxford & District was blowing away the cobwebs, then the game against the Somerset Patrons was blowing away the opposition as Desborough romped to 74 shot victory, 127 – 53. As the winning margin suggests, any of the rinks could have ended up as top rink. The experienced rink of John Stenson, Chris Burton, Dave Perriman and Jean Lyons-Hill must have thought they were top dogs as they won 29 – 9 but even they must have been stunned by the stupendous performance put up by Iain Bond, Michael Hobson, Pam Armstrong and the mercurial Brian Faulkner who won 44 – 9.


Rink scores (Desborough first)

J Stenson, C Burton, D Perriman, J Lyons-Hill (skip) 29 ; S Trott (skip) 9

R Hughes, K Scowen, J Lawrie, V White (skip) 26 ; J Kinsella(skip) 17

P Chambers, N Wood, C Crunden, A Hawkins (skip) 28; A Truscott (skip) 18

I Bond, M Hobson, P Armstrong, B Faulkner (skip) 44 ; G Jenkins (skip) 9

Press Report – Sep 17, 2003

By Andrew Buckley

Desborough Bowling Club                                                                                     Competition Finals 2013-14                                                                            

September 2013

Desborough BC marked the end to the 2013 outdoor season by staging their club finals over a three day period starting on the Friday afternoon and finishing Sunday evening.

The weekend’s schedule and organisation was again finely compiled by Men’s Club Competition Secretary, David Griggs and Ladies Competition Secretary, Mary Martin and with the aid of Michael Hobson did an excellent job in setting out the programme also taking into account that many of the male competitors were involved in the Men’s National Top Club at Leamington.

Although the weather had a major part to play over the weekend with heavy rain and wind disrupting some of the bowls action, the finals produced an excellent standard of bowling right throughout the weekend and was thoroughly enjoyed by a few familiar participants and a mass turnout of spectators who had come to watch.


Ryan and Gina retain Club Singles titles

Both Ryan Buckett and Gina Braddock retained their titles as Club Singles champions adding to their success from last year.

Ryan, who has now won the Men’s Singles for the last three years running, came through a tricky looking match against Mark Van Den Berghen while Gina fought off stiff competition from Eileen Gill to claim the Ladies Club Singles for the second year in a row.

The Men’s Championship kicked off the weekend’s action on Friday evening and even though a major downpour of rain was ever present throughout the night, it didn’t stop Ryan from capitalising and showing real quality and class as he secured  an excellent 21-3 victory despite early pressure from Mark in the opening early exchanges. Ryan will have left Desborough by the time the next outdoor season starts as he seeks pastures new and the club wish him every success for the future.

The Ladies Championship took place on Sunday afternoon and threw up an entertaining spectacle between Gina and Eileen. Both ladies started well and were involved in some tight heads but it was Braddock who raced into a 10-1 lead and looked to have taken control of the match for the time being but there was a twist in the tale as Gill staged a spirited fight back to be within 2 shots of Gina at 17-15 but Gina managed to hold on to win the match by 6 shots.


Friday’s events

In the Men’s Handicap Singles, Andrew Buckley came through his match with Peter Braddock 21-16 after being 19-9 ahead Peter staged a late comeback to reach within 3 shots but Buckley managed to hold on and pick up two shots for the win.

In the other match that took place on Friday evening, Colin Jones prevailed in the Two Wood Singles Final defeating opponent Terry Davies 17-10. Both men used their two woods to great affection at the start of the match and were involved in tightly fierce contest but Jones pulled away towards the end to claim the Two Wood prize.

Saturday’s events

Saturday produced another day of great bowling with the Ladies producing moments of brilliance making for some thrilling action on the green. Gina Braddock was in action again as she claimed another title, this time the Ladies Two Wood, defeating Alison Shoat by a slender shot but Alison made up for the loss as she capped a remarkable match against Nicola Jones defeating her 21-20 to grab her hands on the Novice Singles trophy. It was heartbreak for Nicola who was runner up in the final of the competition last year losing by the same score line.

Mary Martin prevailed in the final of the Over 60s singles as she beat Jo Lawrie by 8 shots (14-6) and in the Ladies Triples, Val White, winner of the competition in 2010, along with Peggy Tuhill and Eileen Gill comfortably defeated the trio of Betty West, Pat Hatch and Jean Lyons-Hill 27-10. Mike Whittingham and Ching Crunden were crowned winners of the Nominated Mixed Pairs after seeing off competition from George Pugsley and Doreen Lovering scoring a 6 shot victory, while Carol Tupling and Peter Braddock were relieved in the end as they defeated Roy Hughes and Gill O’Neill by 1 shot on the last end in the Drawn Mixed Handicap Pairs which was determined by a measure and resulted in the shot being given to Carol and Peter.

Sunday’s events

Gill O’Neill had to deal with exactly the same circumstances as Saturday but overcame Val White in the Ladies Handicap Singles 21-20. With both ladies showing their bowling prowess and creating excitement on the rink it was tense for the watching spectators on the side-lines as the match drew to a close, finely poised at 20-20, the final end went down to a measure  in which Gill won and secured the victory in a fascinating encounter. In the Ladies Drawn Pairs, Alison Shoat and Jean Lang were victorious as they claimed a 20-13 win over Sylvia Laban who substituted and partnered Jean Lyons-Hill who put up a brave fight throughout but tailed away towards the end.

Peter Braddock achieved success in the Novice Singles Final as he beat John Stenson 21-12 to finally win the competition after losing in the 2010 and 2011 respective finals. The match was fairly even from the start and midway through was finally poised at 12-12 but Braddock just took four ends to dispatch Stenson after that and seal the victory.

Derry Locke and Dave Wagner produced a good performance in the latter stages of their match against John Cleary and Jeff Simpson as they clinched the Drawn Handicap Pairs, coming from behind to pick up some big scores late on to record a 22-12 win. Finally, the Benevolent Triples was won by Andrew Buckley, Kyle Mallandain and Eddie Orme (skip) who defeated Graham Rogers, Howard Pike and John Stannard 23-12, atoning for last year’s defeat.


Other News- Friendlies

Desborough were defeated against Suttons away from home last Tuesday evening their penultimate friendly fixture of the season losing by 21 shots, (79-100).

Pam Smith, George Coussins and Tony Buckley (skip) started off brightly as they raced in to 9-4 lead after 9 ends and continued their form into the second half of the match as they won their rink by 3 shots (13-10). Jane Tuhill, Peter Colton and Michael White made a slow start on their rink but soon picked up the pace in the second half as they picked up two fours along the way to a convincing 23-13 win and top rink honours.

Desborough’s final outdoor match of 2013 also ended in defeat as they were well beaten at York Road by Hurst in a six rinks triples friendly.

The rain reduced the match to just 15 ends but Nicola Jones, Eileen Gill and Brian Jones (skip) were stars of the show for Desborough as they managed to bag the only winning rink for the home side with a resounding 18-6 win, controlling the match form start to finish, picking up a five on the 10th end which set them well on their way.

The final score was Desborough 65-92 Hurst.

Press Report – Sep 11, 2013

By Andrew Buckley

Desborough vs. Waveney Mon 2nd September 2013 @Desborough, 2.30pm

Desborough had the pleasure of welcoming Waveney BC, Suffolk to York Road on Monday afternoon, winning by 23 shots.

As the action got underway it was hard to separate both sides in a tightly fought contest with Carole Tupling, Roy Howton, Michael Hobson and Ching Crunden (skip) leading 10-5 after 10 ends and Maurice Rhymer skipping his rink with Kath Spracklen, Dennis Holtom and Jo Lawrie to a 7-4 lead at the halftime interval. Both of those rinks transferred their good start to the match into the second half and comfortably eased to 7 shot victories after seeing out potentially late comebacks from the Waverley opposition and along with Brian Jones’ rink who won by 3 shots gave Desborough a shouting chance of victory. It was rink 6 however consisting of Roy Hughes, Stan Proffitt, Marlene Bellworthy and Val White (skip) who come out of the blue all of a sudden after being 10-9 down after 14 ends, they scored 12 shots in the last 7 ends to win by 10 shots and give Desborough a handsome overall victory and claim top rink prize.

Rink No. Rink scores   and skips (Desborough first)
        1 M   Whittingham, N Wood, M Howard, J Stannard (skip) 17, D Farman (skip) 18
        2 C Tupling, R   Howton, M Hobson, C Crunden (skip) 17, M Leech (skip) 10
        3 B West, B   Bellworthy, T Buckley, M White (skip) 20, T Colledge (skip) 22
        4 N Penn, S   Newnham, P Finlan, B Jones (skip) 19, B Tripp (skip) 16
        5 K Spracklen,   D Holtom, J Lawrie, M Rhymer (skip) 20, D Pretty (skip) 14
        6 R Hughes, S   Proffitt, M Bellworthy, V White (skip) 21, W Keating (skip) 11


Desborough vs. Flackwell Heath Tues 3rd September 2013 @Desborough, 2.30pm

Desborough entertained Flackwell Heath last Tuesday afternoon in a six rink mixed triples friendly and excelled winning on five of the six rinks.

All of Desborough’s triples got off to flying starts and in particular the rink of Ralph Hatch, Jeff Simpson and Jean Lyons-Hill who stormed out of the blocks and raced into a 19-7 lead after 10 ends picking up a 4 and a 5 in consecutive ends. Gill O’Neill, Percy Chambers and Michael Hobson (skip) were also enjoying a brilliant start to the match as they too held a comfortable lead of 18 shots after 11 ends and at this stage of the match the home side were in cruise control. It was much of the same for Desborough in the second half as they were enjoying the lion’s share of proceedings but no-one could stop Jean Lyons-Hill and Co. as they were too hot to handle on the day and continued to pick up big scores as they overwhelmed their opposition and picked up a scintillating 32-13 victory and top rink honours.

Desborough won the overall match by 65 shots (143-78).

Desborough Ladies vs. Sussex County Ladies Wed 4th September 2013 @Desborough 2013, 2.30pm

Desborough’s Ladies had the privilege of entertaining Sussex County Ladies in a six rink friendly at York Road last Wednesday afternoon but were unable to prevail as they could only claim victory on one of the rinks.

In a close and intense first half of the match Desborough Ladies were very much holding their own with Jean Lang, Pat Hatch, Muriel Howard and Gill O’Neill (skip) leading by 5 shots after 8 ends and Val White along with Betty West, Daphne Foster and Alison Shoat were narrowly leading by a shot at the same stage in the match after racing into an early 8-1 lead at the start of the match. Going into the second half and as the ends were counting down the Sussex ladies were starting to increase their lead and take control of the game and it was left to the quartet of Grace Humphries, Jean Ellaway, Shirley Newnham and Jean Lyons-Hill to give the Desborough ladies a consolation victory as they won 16-11 thanks largely to picking up 5 shots on the 16th end.

The final score was Desborough 74-117 Sussex County Ladies.

Desborough Ladies vs. Twyford Ladies 29th August 2013 @Desborough 2, 2pm2pm

Desborough Ladies finished off their season of friendly fixtures in style as they won all rinks at York Road against Twyford ladies.

The ladies were in control right from the start and Carol Tupling, Mary Martin and Gill O’Neill (skip) picked up a seven on the 3rd end and then also a 5 a couple of ends after as they stormed into a 14-6 lead after 8 ends. However Twyford managed to continuously pick up shots in the second half as they clawed their way back into the game and O’Neill and Co. survived a late scare to hold on for the win on their rink. Shirley Newnham, Muriel Howard and Val White (skip) started well on their rink and grew as the match went on and picked up a three and a two late on gave them victory by 9 shots. It was the triple of Betty West, Nora Wood and Ching Crunden who starred for the home side as they also picked up a seven early on and never looked back as they eased to a comfortable 29-11 win and top rink prize for Desborough.

Desborough won the overall match by 31 shots (70-39).

Press Report – Sep 3, 2013

by Andrew Buckley

RCBBA Men’s County Finals Day Desborough Bowls Club

Sunday 1 September 2013 

The second stages of the 2013 Royal County of Berkshire Men’s Finals were held at Desborough BC on a sunny Sunday afternoon and the Maidenhead clubs featured in 3 of the five events.

Berkshire, having lost to Devon in the 2011 Final of the National Middleton Cup, denied them the title this year in a repeat performance to in 115-105 at Worthing in August and this victory prompted County President, Steve Rushton, to declare while introducing the first event of the day, the Club Championship; “We now know who the best County in the Country is but, who is the best club!”

The Club Championship between Desborough and Tilehurst was bound to have the audience on tenterhooks, with both sides fielding Middleton Cup players.  The West Berkshire side defeated the home side in the Kennet League Semi-final at Caversham on the previous day and included the 2013 National Triples winners at Worthing; Daniel Wetherly-Emberson, Adrian Collins and, of course, Ex Desborough Champion; Andy Knapper.

Desborough started well but Keith Jones’ trio raced ahead against Terry Davies, Michael White and Alan Price to give Tilehurst the overall lead.  However, by mid-game, Price steered his crew back on track and they picked up five shots on the twelfth end to reduce the lead to one shot.

Gordon Knapper’s rink subsequently picked up two shots and Mark Peachey, Tony Devonald-Batt and Matt Hyde picked up a four against Andy Knapper’s side and Desborough were ahead for the first time in the match.

The home side pushed further on as Colin Jones moved the jack to gain another four shots and he, along with Kyle Mallandain and Gordon Knapper finished 17-12 ahead on their rink

Ryan Buckett’s rink, led by the youngest player on the green, Connor Wisely and Eddie Orme, faced another ex Desborough star in the form of Mark Clisby but they progressed steadily and held their lead all through the game to finish 18-8 ahead and

Davies, White and Price came back to finish eight shots behind their opponents.

With one rink still in play, the audience kept a tight grip on the sides of their seats as Tilehurst’s Knapper moved the jack away from Desborough’s three holding woods on the seventeenth end to go in front and Desborough went into the last end of the game with a four shot overall lead.

However, Knapper failed to take out the holding woods this time and Peachy, Devanald-Batt and Hyde picked up a further two shots to take the final result to 67-61 and claim the title for Desborough.

M Peachey, T Devonald-Batt, M Hyde (skip)   15;  A Knapper (skip) 16
K Mallandain, C Jones, G Knapper (skip)   17;  A Collins (skip) 12
C Wisely, E Orme, R Buckett (skip) 18;  L West (skip) 8
T Davies, M White, A Price (skip) 17;  K Jones (skip) 25


Desborough vs. Maidenhead Thicket Sat 31st August 2013 @M’head Thicket

Desborough BC suffered a disappointing away friendly defeat against neighbours Maidenhead Thicket when the two met last Saturday afternoon.

The six rink triples match was played in high spirits and in all fairness to Desborough they got the better of their opposition in the early exchanges with Pat Hatch, Phil Joel and Alan Glover (skip), as well as Nicola Jones, George Coussins and Gill O’Neill (skip) both racing into 6-1 leads after 5 ends of play but O’Neill and her rink were unable to hold on throughout as they lost by 9 shots. The trio also of Carole Tupling, Percy Chambers, Michael Hobson were contesting a very evenly tight game on their rink as it was all level after 15 ends but Thicket managed to pick up a 4 on the next end which just about finished Hobson & Co. off despite themselves picking up a 4 on the final end, they narrowly went down by a single shot. As the match drew to a close though it was Thicket on the upper hand and were too strong for Desborough in the end but Glover and his teammates managed to grab a consolation victory for the visitors as they put in a dominant display to achieve a 19-6 win and top rinks honours on the day.

The final score was an 83-105 loss for Desborough

Kennet League


Desborough ‘A’ vs. Tilehurst @ Caversham Sat 31st August, 2pm

Desborough ‘A’ suffered heartache in their Kennet League Semi-Final clash with Tilehurst as they crashed to defeat, losing on all four rinks.

Desborough turned up at Caversham last Saturday afternoon looking to reignite their season after suffering 4 defeats on the bounce in the last round of Kennet League East fixtures but still managing to qualify for the semi-final and seek to bring some of that early season form into this game but were left disappointed by a strong and resurgent Tilehurst side. Connor Wisely, Howard Pike, Tony Devoanld-Batt and Gordon Knapper (skip) got off to a perfect start and were leading 15-4 at one stage thanks to some great front end leading and drawing in the form of Wisely and Pike which was being finished off and being contributed in the wake of Devonald-Batt and Knapper who were on top form early on. Andy Buckley, Mark Van Der Berghen, Mark Peachey and Ryan Buckett (skip) were enjoying a close game on their rink midway, 4 shots down after 15 ends, but the turning point was when Buckett drew in for two or even maybe three shots, opposition skip Adrian Collins managed to play a nicely timed running bowl which pushed and stayed for shot giving Tilehurst a bit more breathing space. By then the game was all but over and even Desborough’s one saving grace in getting anything from the match in Knapper & Co. had slipped away as their lead had been wiped as they narrowly lost on their rink and Buckett’s rink losing by just two shots. Desborough ‘A’ can look back on the season with their heads held high in what has been an entertaining but difficult season and some might say they have even over achieved this season but will now look forward to next season’s preparations.