Delay in updating Indoor League Tables

There is going to be a short delay before I can next update the Indoor League Tables.

The issue is that some of the tables I receive have entries from the first and second half of the season combined. In the early part of the season I’ve been able to work with that by filtering out the lines with higher numbers of games played however now that we’re almost at the end of season with some leagues already finished it’s now impossible to tell which lines belong to the first or second halves.

I’ll update the tables here as soon as I receive a set of tables for the second half of the season only.

Press Report – Oct 20, 2014



Over 60’s Double Rink

Played on Thursday 16th October

In the preliminary round of the National Over 60 Double Rink both Desborough sides managed to ease through to the next round. Desborough A played Rivermead A and although the home rink went down narrowly after a brave battle, the away rink did enough to win and with an overall victory of 39 – 37, they will now face West Berks B in the 1st round. Desborough B done the total opposite as the home rink were in the ascendancy throughout as the away rink narrowly went down by one shot as they knocked out the much fancied Whiteknights A, 43 – 38. They now face Oxford & District B in the next round.


Rink scores (Desborough first)

Desborough A v Rivermead A


N Penn, H Pike, P Sheldrick, G Knapper               16 – 21



S Williams, C Behmber, B Long, L Essex             23 – 16


Desborough B v Whiteknights A


D Perriman, B Parish, J Young, M White               27 – 21



J Stenson, B Jones, D Seymour, J Stannard           16 – 17




Desborough v Royal Household

Played at Desborough on Saturday 18th October


Desborough welcomed the Royal Household to York Road and enjoyed a satisfying afternoon as they gained a 48 shot victory, 133 – 85. At halfway it was a close affair as the hosts led by 2 shots but a strong second half performance meant that they won 5 of the 6 rinks. The rinks skipped by Ken Scowen, Dave Perriman and John Marshall were evenly matched which left an interesting battle for top rink honours. Marion Pelling, George Fowler and Dave Perriman put in a sterling performance to win 21 – 14 but they were trumped by the dynamic trio of Mike Hutley, Muriel Howard and the mercurial Brian Faulkner who won by 21 shots, 29 – 8.


Rink scores (Desborough first)

B West       C Woodward   B Jones                           26 –   8

M Allum   E Pelling         J Marshall             26 – 15

M Pelling G Fowler         D Perriman                       21 – 14

M Hutley M Howard       B Faulkner                       29 –   8

Y Fowler G Coussins     K Scowen                         20 – 13

R Wyatt   N Wood       C Northover                          11 – 27


Desborough v London Welsh B A

Played at Desborough on Sunday 19th October

The London Welsh B A strolled into Maidenhead for their annual joust at Desborough but there was crying in the valleys as they went down to a 22 shot defeat, 149 – 127. Desborough were always in control from the start although in the end they only won on 4 of the 7 rinks. The rinks skipped by Sam Stack, Jean Lyons-Hill and Maurice Rhymer did well to post winning scorecards but there was no doubting who got top rink honours as Bridget Gravett, Pauline Tuttle, Clive Northover and Bill Pocock won by a fantastic 24 shots, 35 – 11.


Rink scores (Desborough first)

Y Fowler         G Fowler       K Scowen       S Stack             23 – 11

B Faulkner     P Hatch           C Howard       J Lyons-Hill                 22 – 17

B Gravett       P Tuttle           C Northover   B Pocock                     35 – 11

M Goodchild K Stanbrook   C Crunden       D Perriman                  17 – 20

T Scherer       J Roll             D Webster       M Rhymer                    25 – 18

J Tuhill           N Wood           R Hatch         B Jones             15 – 21

M Buckles     W Paine           M Gravett       R Taylor                        12 – 29