National/International & Winners for 2013/4 Indoor Season


Honours List 2013-2014


INTERNATIONAL              A. Knapper


  • Men’s Fours                       Finalists                                M. Hyde, R. Reid, A. Knapper, R. Newman
  • Top Club                              Winners
  • Denny Cup                          Winners



  • Winner                 J. Morgan
  • Runner up           S. Goodchild
  • Semi-finalists     L. Woodley, K. Eales


Two Wood

  • Winner                 J. Morgan
  • Runner up           P. Holland


Novice Singles

  • Winner                 H. Jones
  • Runner up           G. O’Neill


Nominated Pairs

  • Winners               L. Woodley, M. Price
  • Runners up        S. Goodchild, M.Scrace


Nominated Triples

  • Winners               E. Devonald-Batt, L. Woodley, M. Price
  • Runners up         K. Eales, S. Eales, K. Wells


Nominated Fours

  • Winners               E. Devonald-Batt, S. Goodchild, M. Scrace, M. Price
  • Runners up         J. Morgan, H. Jones, P. Holland, L. Woodley


Drawn Pairs

  • Winners               J. Lang,  M. Price
  • Runners up         K. Eales, P. Holland


Division 1

  • First Half              Wombelles
  • Second Half        Wombelles


Division 2

  • First Half              The Bix
  • Second Half        The Bix


Afternoon Triples

  • Winners               Delta

Ladies Morning

  • Winners               Honey B’s

Mini League

  • Wombelles

Knock Out

  • Wannabees


Honours List 2013–2014



  • Winner           J. McGuinness
  • Runner up     M. Hyde
  • Semi-finalists  M. Woodley, N. Penn

Under 25 Singles

  • Winner      K. Mallandain
  • Runner up    D. Baroa

Novice Singles

  • Winner       H. Pike
  • Runner up  N. Penn


  • Winners              T. & J. McGuinness
  • Runners up         T. Devonald-Batt, M. Woodley
  • Under 30 Pairs : Winners       No entry

Handicap Pairs:

  • Winners         J. Beal, C. Jones
  • Runners up   B. Adams, H. Pike


  • Winners              T. Dev-Batt, B. Long, D. Simpson
  • Runners up        G. Reid, M. Hyde, R. Reid

Two Wood Pairs

  • Winners           L. Essex, A. Knapper
  • Runners up     A. Duddles, J. Frost


  • Winners            G. Reid. T. McGuinness, R. Reid, J.McGuinness
  • Runners up      M. Hyde, B. Long, M. Woodley, A. Price


 League Winners  1st Half  2nd Half
 Division 1  Denham  Denham
 Division 2  Iver Heath  Pacemakers
 Division 3  Dambusters  Exiles A
 Division 4  Town A  Academics
 Afternoon 12s  Windsor Alex  Windsor Alex
 Afternoon 14s  Thicket Bears  Town B
 Knockout & Mini-Leagues Winner  Runner-up
 Mini-League  Denham  Pacemakers
 Evening League KO  Denham  Firecrackers
 Afternoon League KO  Gerrards Cross  Windsor Alex
 Friday Lunchtime KO  Rogues  Optimists
 Mixed Leagues  Winners Runner up
 Friday Lunchtime  Wanderers  Rogues
 Midweek Mixed  Downtown  Bad News Bears


Press Report – 13 Jan, 2014






Egham Trophy

Desborough v Norfolk

Played at Cambridge Chesterton on Sunday 12th January


Desborough’s Egham Trophy campaign shows no sign of stopping as they travelled to Cambridge Chesterton to play Norfolk in the last 16 and triumphed by 26 shots, 88 – 62. Simon Jones’ rink started brightly but took their foot off the gas and narrowly went down 23 – 15. With Andy Knapper’s rink winning by 5 shots, it was left to those marshalled by Robert Newman and Alan Price to vie for the performance of the day as they won by 15 and 14 shots respectively. Desborough will now face the mighty City of Ely in the quarter final.


Rink scores (Desborough first)

T Darnell-Langton  M Scrace  D Simpson  S Jones                15 – 23

L Woodley              H Jones     M Woodley A Knapper         21- 16

E Devonald-Batt     M Price     M Knight    R Newman        27 – 12

J Essex                    P Holland  R Reid        A Price               25 – 11



Yetton Trophy

Desborough v Riverain

Played on Saturday 11th January


Riverain ended Desborough’s hopes in the Vivienne Trophy before Christmas and now have brought the Maidenhead club’s Yetton Trophy campaign to a halt. At home, Lorraine Woodley’s rink fought out a draw and Carol Low, Norah Holder, Val Linton-Phare and Mary Price put in a solid performance as they won 20 – 12. However the damage was done away as Theresa Darnell-Langton’s four narrowly went down  and Katrina Jones’ crew had a game to forget and so Desborough went down by 24 shots, 83 – 59.


Rink scores (Desborough first, skips only)



L Woodley                              15 – 15

M Price                                    20 – 12



T Darnell-Langton                  14 – 19

K Jones                                   10 – 37












Desborough v Wey Valley IBC

Played at Guildford on Saturday 11th January


Desborough travelled to Guildford to play Wey Valley IBC and in what is usually a tough fixture, just came up short by 3 shots, 126 – 123. Desborough won on 2 of the 6 rinks and Tony Buckley, Nora Wood, John Bucknell along with John Searle must have thought that they had top rink as they put in a consistent performance to win by 8 shots, 21 – 13. However they were pipped to that honour by a terrific second half effort from Sam Stack, George Coussins, Bill Pocock and Bill Fox who won by 14 shots, 29 – 15. Desborough won’t have to wait long for revenge as the return match is on 26th January.


Rink scores (Desborough first)

T Buckley,  N Wood,    J Bucknell,     J Searle                       21 – 13

R Hughes,  E Pelling,   B Gill,            J Lyons-Hill                20 – 32

M Pelling,  M Hobson, D McDonald, M Rhymer                  20 – 22

S Stack,     G Coussins, B Pocock,      B Fox                         29 – 15

B Faulkner,E Gill,         K Scowen,     D Perriman                 20 – 20

N Penn,      W Paine,     C Woodward, A Greenway              13 – 24




Desborough v Banks B A

Played at Desborough on Sunday 12th January


Desborough welcomed the Banks B A to York Road for their annual match and for the 3rd year in a row, the visitors edged the contest, this time by 6 shots, 118 – 112, although the hosts could claim a moral victory as the 6 rinks were shared. The winning rinks skipped by Brian Faulkner and Ralph Hatch were evenly matched as they won by 5 and 7 shots respectively but top rink honours went to Bridget Gravett, Frank Buntin, Ken Scowen and Maurice Rhymer who put up a sterling display to win by 12 shots, 24 – 12.


Rink scores (Desborough first)

J Simpson,      P Hatch,     M Gravett,    B Faulkner               23 – 18

W Paine,         J Marshall, J Clark,         R Taylor                   17 – 19

Y Bower,        C Howard,  I Bond,         J Lyons-Hill            17 – 19

K Stanbrook,  N Wood,     S Stack,        D Perriman               9 – 35

B Gravett,       F Buntin,    K Scowen,   M Rhymer               24 – 12

B Stanbrook,  D Holtom,   M Howard,  R Hatch                  22 – 15