Press Report – Oct 21, 2013

By Tony Buckley


              Top Club
             Desborough v Foxhill
             Played at Desborough on Monday 21st October

Desborough welcomed Foxhill for the 2nd round of the National Top Club  and after an intriguing game, emerged with a 12 – 4 victory. The home side easily won the Ladies and Men’s Two Wood Singles as Pat Holland and John McGuinness  won 21 – 7 and 25 – 8 respectively. It should have been plain sailing after that but the visiting pairs and triples turned the match on it’s head so that the game could have gone down to the overall score. However the rink of Eileen Devonald-Batt, Mary Price, Michael Knight and Alan Price totally overwhelmed the opposition to win 34 – 6 and Foxhill had no choice but to concede and Desborough could breathe a sigh of relief. They now face Rivermead or Oxford & District in the next round.

Rink scores (Desborough first)
Ladies Two Wood Singles          Pat Holland                    21 – 7
Men’s Two Wood Singles           John McGuinness         25 – 8
Mixed Pairs                   Andy Knapper & Katrina Jones 15 – 17
Mixed Triples          Theresa Darnell-Langton, Richard Reid, Robert Newman  12 – 10
Mixed Fours      Eileen Devonald-Batt, Mary Price, Michael Knight,  Alan Price  34 – 6

Over 60’s Double Rink
         Desborough ‘B’ v Rivermead
       Played on Thursday 17th October

Desborough B played Rivermead in the Over 60’s Double Rink on a home and away basis which resulted in a solid 61 – 28 win. The home rink of Howard Pike, Grant Oxtoby, Michael White and  Dick Jones started off well, had a dip in form in the middle but getting a 6 on the 18th end ensured they got back on track at the business end of the match to win 26 – 21. The foundation of the victory came from the away rink of John Stenson, Brian Jones, Dave Seymour and John Stannard who never gave the opposition a chance as they shot to a mind blowing 35 – 7 win. They now play Whiteknights A in the next round.

Rink scores (Desborough first)
H Pike, G Oxtoby, M White, R Jones (skip) 26 – 21

J Stenson, B Jones, D Seymour, J Stannard (skip) 35 – 7


Desborough v Camberley
Played at Camberley on Wednesday 16th  October

Desborough made the journey to Camberley for a 5 rink triples match and the trip proved fruitful as they won by 10 shots, 98 – 88. The visitors won on 3 rinks with the trio of Roy Howton, Jan Marshall and Maurice Rhymer putting in a consistent performance, including a 7 on one end, to win 26 – 11. However they were pipped to the top rink prize by the unlikely triple of Kim Stanbrook,  Nora Wood and Cy Woodward who won 27 – 11.

Rink scores (Desborough first)
K Stanbrook, N Wood, C Woodward (skip) 27 ;  F Graham (skip) 11
B West, W Paine, R Hughes (skip) 18 ;  B Cole (skip) 16
K Spracklen, J Marshall, B Fox(skip) 13 ; J Steer (skip) 19
R Howton, Jan Marshall, M Rhymer (skip) 26 ; C Pearson (skip) 11
V Hawkins, G Coussins, J Lyons-Hill (skip) 14 ; C Pusey (skip) 31

Desborough v London Welsh B A
Played at Desborough on Sunday 20th October

The London Welsh B A strolled into Maidenhead  for their annual joust at Desborough but there was crying in the valleys as they went down to a 83 shot defeat, 187 – 104. Desborough were always in control as at halfway they led  96 – 44, leading on 6 rinks and drawing on the other. The halo slightly slipped as 2 rinks returned negative cards but the rest came back with impressive scores. The rinks skipped by Brian Parish, Clive Behmber and Len Bartlett could have got top rink honours especially the latter who kicked off the game with a hotshot. However the honour went to the rink of Percy Chambers, new indoor bowler Ernie Pelling, old hand Bill Pocock and Andrew Hawkins who won 34 – 12. The match was played in a tremendous spirit and the game of bowls was the overall winner.

Rink scores (Desborough first)
R Hughes, G Coussins, D McDonald, L Bartlett (skip) 29 ; H West (skip) 11
K Stanbrook, J Cano-Lopez, M Smith, B Parish (skip) 30; A N Other (skip) 10
K Brooks, M Hobson, J Bucknell, C Behmber (skip) 29 ; P Cowley (skip) 12
T Buckley, J Tregurtha, K Scowen, B Faulkner (skip) 26 ; P Lee (skip) 16
B Adams, C Howard, D Perriman, S Stack (skip) 20 ; J Allen (skip) 21
P Chambers, E Pelling, B Pocock, A Hawkins  (skip) 34 ; D Edwards (skip) 12
I Bond, B Wright, M Gravett, R West (skip) 19 ; J Jones (skip) 22


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