Indoor 2016/17 League and Competition Winners


Competition Winner Runner-Up
Singles L Woodley J Frost
Two Wood J Frost H Jones
Novice J Beal P Hatch
Pairs L Woodley, M Price G Jones, J Frost
Triples E Devonald-Batt, L Woodley, M Price P Tuttle, J Beal, J Mayne
Fours E Devonald-Batt, H Jones, L Woodley, M Price  
Drawn HC Pairs J Frost, H Copeland  


League Winners
Ladies (2017) BB’s
Division 1 (2016) Wombelles
Division 2 (2016) Foxy Ladies
Morning Golden Larks
Afternoon Triples Alpha
Ladies Knockout Wombelles (runner up: BBs)
Mini League Wombelles (runner-up: Foxy Ladies)



Competition Winner Runner-Up
Singles J McGuinness T Eales
Novice Singles B Adams G Mason
HC Mixed Singles L Essex H Pike
Pairs M Woodley, J McGuinness T Eales, C Jones
HC Pairs G Mason, L Essex I Burns, B Adams
Two Wood Pairs J Beal, J Beal R Pike, H Pike
Triples S Williams, B Jones, E Orme S Cotterill, G Mason, M Woodley
Fours M Forward, P Worthy, R Harper, K Scrace  


League Winners
Division 1 Pacemakers
Division 2 Exiles A
Division 3 Yo-Yos
Afternoon 12 Windsor Alex
Afternoon 14 Firecrackers
Afternoon Knockout Windsor Alex (runner-up: Windsor)
Knockout Town E (runner-up: Firecrackers)



Competition Winner Runner-Up
Mixed Nominated Triples N Penn, R Pike, H Pike E Devonald-Batt, H Jones, B Long
Mixed Nominated Fours J Frost, G Jones, P Sheldrick, C Jones E Devonald-Batt, H Jones, E Orme, B Long


League Winners
Midweek Mixed League Downtown
Friday Lunchtime League Wanderers
Friday Lunchtime Knockout Newcomers


[Photo 1 – John McGuinness Mens Singles Winner Indoors 2016/17]

[Photo 2 – Lorraine Woodley Ladies Singles Winner Indoors 2016/17]

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