Indoor Finals Results

Mens Singles Winner J McGuiness 21
  Runner-up T Eales 7
Mens Novice Singles Winner M White 21
  Runner-up N Smelt 10
Mens Pairs Winners M Woodley, J McGuiness 21
  Runners-up T Eales, C Jones 18
Mens Handicap Pairs Winners G Mason, H Pike 20
  Runners-up I Burns, B Adams 17
Mens Two Wood Pairs Winners K Scrace, L Essex 18
  Runners-up H Pike, T Johnson 11
Mens Triples Winners J Beal, T Eales, C Jones 14
  Runners-up P Worthy, R Harper, K Scrace 7
Mens Fours Winners J Beal, T Jones, T Eales, C Jones 24
  Runners-up N Penn, H Pike, C Behmber, E Orme 9
Mens Dvision One Winners Firecrackers/Compass  
Mens Division Two Winners Jackdaws 20
  Runner-up Town E 12
Mens Afternoon 12 Winners Windsor Alex  
Mens Afternoon 14 Winners Rebels 18
  Runners-up Cavaliers 17
Mens Afternoon KO Winners Windsor Alex 10
  Runners-up M&M 8
Mens Knockout Winners Compass  
  Runners-up Pacemakers  
Ladies Singles Winner J Morgan 21
  Runner-up J Frost 18
Ladies Two Wood Winner E Devonald-Batt 21
  Runner-up H Jones 9
Ladies Novice Winner T Scherer 21
  Runner-up P Tuttle 14
Ladies Pairs Winners L Woodley, M Price 21
  Runners-up J Beal, J Morgan 10
Ladies Triples Winners E Devonald-Batt, L Woodley, M Price 23
  Runners-up J Frost, G Jones, G O’Neill 11
Ladies Fours Winners E Devonald-Batt, H Jones, L Woodley, M Price 20
  Runners-up J Sculthorpe, G Jones, J Frost, G O’Neill 17
Ladies Drawn HC Pairs Winners T Scherer, M Price 21
  Runners-up V Wyatt, V White 11
Ladies Knockout Winners Cheeky Girls  
  Runners-up Foxy Ladies  
Ladies Mini-league Winners Wombelles  
  Runners-up BB’s  
Mixed Friday League Winners Downtown  
Friday Lunchtime League Winners Optimists  
Friday Lunchtime KO Winners Strollers 17
  Runners-up The Ditchers 6
Tuesday Mixed League Winners Evergreen  
Mixed HC Singles Winner L Essex 22
  Runner-up E Pelling 4
Mixed Nom. Triples Winners J Frost, G Jones, C Jones 16
  Runners-up J Stenson, V White, M White 12
Mixed Nom. Fours Winners J Frost, G Jones, D Seymour, C Jones 20
  Runners-up C Tupling, J Marshall, G Mason, B Adams 7
Singles Mixed Ladder Overall G O’Neill  
  Ladies G O’Neill  
  Men E Pelling  

Jenny Morgan – Ladies’ Singles Winner

John McGuiness – Men’s Singles Winner

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