Newsletter – May 2017


As usual we have started the year with somewhat less than perfect weather conditions, however, hopefully Summer is not far away!

Friendly Matches:

Following a friendly “warm-up” match between our own Club members, at the end of April, we have since played 4 friendly matches against other local clubs and won them all.

We have a full schedule of friendly matches arranged for the Summer months, mainly on Saturdays and Sundays and we would welcome more members putting themselves forward, as being available for selection. Simply add your name to the match sheets found on the notice boards in the club – YOUR SUPPORT WILL BE MUCH APPRECIATED.

New members are encouraged to join in with the friendly matches, as this is an excellent way to enjoy the friendly atmosphere, meet new people and improve your bowling (hopefully).

Club Competitions.

For all those members who have entered the outdoor competitions this year, the draws have been made and the competition sheets are now on display on the Club notice boards.Please ensure you check the boards for the closing dates of each round.

If you have any queries with the competition details then please contact either of the competition secretaries, David Griggs (Men) or Mary Martin (Ladies) who will be able to assist you.

Social Events

A programme of events has been arranged for members, namely:

19th May – Musical Melodies Evening.

10th June – Skittles Evening

7th July – Bingo

Relocation Update

Planning approval for the development of the new club facilities at Green lane was granted in September 2016.

There were 21 conditions attached to the approval, (not unusual for a project of this size) and we have now agreed and completed detailed designs to satisfy 20 with only one outstanding – the improvement works to the road bridge in Green Lane giving access to the proposed new club site.

The extent of the improvement works to the bridge have now been agreed however, we are still awaiting action by RBWM to progress and finalise the legal arrangements relating to the land adjacent to the bridge.

The planning department of RBWM have been extremely difficult to deal with throughout the planning process, as there appears to be a serious lack of personnel in the planning department and the reason for the inordinate delays, experienced to date, can only be placed with them.

Patience is said to be a virtue however and so we hope that, at long last, we shall be in a position in the next 2 months to advise as to a firm commencement date for the works. We have, and are still, using the time to advantage however, with the appointed professional design team having now progressed many of the detailed design works for the new build.

We will keep you informed as to any further developments as they occur but at this time I believe it safe to say that the completion date for the new Club will now be July 2018. This will mean that we can plan and look forward to a final outdoor season at York Road next year, before we relocate in September 2018 ready for the next indoor season. The new Club will be fantastic and worth waiting for!

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