Press Report – 19 November, 2018

PRESS REPORT w/e 18.11.18


Terry Davies, the County President, brought his merry men to his home club Desborough and left without losing the Bannerette as the York Road side went down by 41 shots, 137-96. All the home side’s efforts were in vain as they could only muster two winning scorecards as John Stenson, Iain Bond, Sam Stack and Michael White edged home by one shot which left top rink honours to go to Brian Faulkner, Paul Patel, Bill Pocock and the evergreen John Stannard who won by 8 shots, 22-14.


Rink scores

K Scowen, M Everard, M Hobson, J Young.         7-35

R Wyatt, K Brooks, D Perriman, B Jones.           18-22

J Stenson, I Bond, S Stack, M White.              19-18

B Faulkner, P Patel, B Pocock, J Stannard         22-14

S Wong, G Coussins, C Woodward, P Winstanley.  15-29

M Hutley, M Rhymer, B Parish, R James.          15-19


Desborough bowed out of the Top Club competition but not before putting up a great fight against Whiteknights. After all the disciplines of 2 two wood singles, pairs, triples and fours had taken place it was 8 points apiece, so the scoreline came into play which unfortunately was 70-56 in favour of the Lower Early side.


There was even more misery as Desborough’s Ladies went out of the Yetton Trophy against Westlecot. The home rinks for Desborough performed magnificently but the away rinks struggled against powerful opposition who used home advantage to good use as Desborough went down by 21 shots overall, 76-55.

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