Press report – August 27, 2018

Press report w/e 26.8.18

With the game at Wexham being cancelled due to the weather the only friendly entailed a short trip to Windsor and Eton which resulted in a 42 shot defeat, 133-91. It was a tough afternoon for 4 rinks and although the rink skipped by Tony Buckley had a winning scorecard they had to concede top rink honours to Simran Thaman, Jim Roll and John Stannard on countback.


Rink scores

S Thaman, J Roll, J Stannard.             21-12

K Coles, B Harris, R Pike, H Pike.          19-25

A Harris, E Cox, J Bucknell, N Jones.       9-25

K Spracklen, M Hobson, R Turner, P Winstanley 8-20

P Harrison-Smith, P Colton, C Crunden, B Wright 12-33

P Arnott, P Hatch, P Patel, T Buckley.       22-18


In the TVL, the Bluebells had two games which both resulted in an 8-2 win, firstly from hosting Caversham and then from a journey to Great Hollands. The Buttercups weren’t so lucky as they went down 10-0 to Palmer Park.


The Royal Shield against the Royal Household proved to be tough as they went down 8-2 on points with only Ann Vaughan, Shirley Newnham and Ching Crunden producing a winning rink.


The Floodlight League was a domestic affair between Desborough’s A and B squads which resulted in a 12-2 victory for the A squad with victories for Bruce Adams in the singles and rinks skipped by Andy Buckley and Michael White in the triples and fours respectively.

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