Press Report – December 11, 2018

PRESS REPORT w/e 9.12.18


A trip to Camberley turned into disappointment for Desborough as they fell to a 26 shot defeat, 115-89. Sam Stack’s rink had a strong finish to claim a draw and Roger Wyatt’s triple returned a winning scorecard which left the top rink honours to go to Yvonne Hurley, John Bucknell and Dave Perriman who won 21-15.


Rink scores

C Bartlett, K Crump, R Wyatt          15-14

C Howard, P Tuttle, M Rhymer.         8-26

Y Hurley, J Bucknell, D Perriman.      21-15

R Hughes, M Hallett, B Faulkner.       9-16

P Arnott, K Scowen, C Woodward.     16-24

K Spracklen, G Braddock, S Stack.     20-20


A 4 rink game against Handy Cross was more to Desborough’s liking as they eased to a 16 shot win, 71-55. The rinks skipped by David Perriman and Roger Wyatt returned winning scorecards but there was no doubting the top rink as Kath Spracklen, Paul Patel, Jessie Clark and David Webster won 24-9.


Rink scores

N Harlow, M Buckles, M Pelling, R Wyatt.      21-17

P Arnott, P Hadwell, G Coussins, D Perriman.  13-11

K Spracklen, P Patel, J Clark, D Webster.      24-9

C Bartlett, P Hatch, P Colton, S Stack.        13-18

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