Press Report – December 12, 2017

Desborough Bowling Club Press Report : Dec 12, 2017

Last Saturday Desborough played their inaugural fixture at the four rink Handy Cross Indoor Bowling Club. Handy Cross won the match with an overall score of 55-75 although rink honours were shared with two wins apiece.


The top rink for Desborough was skipped by John Searle with Kath Spracklen, David Griggs and Club President John Bucknell.


N Penn, R Weaver, C Woodward, P Winstanley 10-18
K Spracklen, D Griggs, J Bucknell, J Searle 21-14
R Hughes, V Wyatt, D Perriman, B Faulkner 7-30
G Simpson, C Bartlett, R Wyatt, D Webster 17-13



Sunday’s fixture (a bannerette game against County Ladies) was cancelled due to the snowfall.

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