Press Report – December 16, 2018



There were mixed fortunes for Desborough`s entries in the National Over 60`s Double Rink. The A team faced West Berks A who have been successful in this competition in recent years and after a pulsating encounter the Maidenhead side triumphed with an aggregate score of 34-25. They will play Whiteknights A who defeated Desborough`s B team by 3 shots, 33-30. Desborough started slowly and left their late surge too late to overcome their county rivals leaving them to face the A side on 8 January.


Rink scores ( Desborough A)




S Williams, C Behmber, B Long, E Orme              18-13




G Knapper, H Pike, T Eales, L Essex                     16-12


Rink scores  (Desborough B)




S Wong, C Knowles, B Jones, D Seymour            17-14




J Stenson, R James, R West, M White                  13-19



Ad Finem BA were welcomed to York Road and after the usual tussle  came out winners by 24 shots, 151-127. David Webster`s rink managed a draw leaving two rinks to build the foundations of the win. Maurice Rhymer`s crew won by 12 shots but were put in the shade by John Stenson, Pat Hatch, Ron James and David Perriman who won by a mindblowing 34 shots, 38-4.


Rink scores


R Hughes, G Braddock, C Woodward, M White                   15-26

K Scowen, D Griggs, D Webster                                            15-15

C Howard, J McDonnell, K Crump, B Humphries                 16-18

B Faulkner, M Bellworthy, C Northover, S Stack                  21-27

M Rhymer, M Hallett, D McDonald, R Wyatt                       25-13

J Stenson, P Hatch, R James, D Perriman                              38-4

Y Hurley, C Dawson, R Hatch, T Buckley                             11-24



A trip to Wey Valley IBC in Guildford is always a daunting task  and so it proved as Desborough went down by 31 shots, 135-104 but as the six rinks were shared it was declared a honourable draw. The rinks skipped by Paul Winstanley and David Perriman both won by 1 shot leaving the top rink honours to go to late substitute Jim McDonnell, Peter Crabbe, Cy Woodward and the indomitable Brian Faulkner who won by 4 shots, 21-17.



Rink scores


K Scowen,  C Howard, J Bucknell, S Stack                         15-33

M Buckles, G Fowler, R Wyatt, D Webster                          14-16

Y Fowler, T Buckley, P Winstanley                                      22-21

R Hughes, P Hadwell, P Hatch, M Rhymer                          15-32

J McDonnell, P Crabbe, C Woodward, B Faulkner              21-17

J Tuhill, N Harlow, I Bond, D Perriman                               17-16



Earlier in the season Desborough`s men had failed to win a Bannerette against their County counterparts and now the ladies have done the same as they went down by 46 shots, 130-84. The losses on each rink were minimal but honours went to Kathy Wells, Tina Scherer and Margaret Hallett who went down by 3 shots.


Rink scores


J Sculthorpe, G Braddock, G O`Neill                                                                    16-22

C Buckley, M Bellworthy, M Pelling                                                                     18-24

V Wyatt, R Pike, Y Hurley                                                                                    10-25

K Wells, T Scherer, M Hallett                                                                                16-19

J Beal, J Lawrie / V White, D Lovering                                                                11-22

J Williams, J Marshall, J Smelt                                                                              13-18

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