Press Report – December 17, 2017

Desborough Bowling Club Press Report : Dec 17, 2017

On Wednesday Desborough played an afternoon friendly game at home against Ad Finem over six rinks.


Desborough got off to a bright start with halfway leads on five rinks and a draw on the last and a very healthy score of 85-47. The second half continued in very similar vein with the lead almost exactly doubling for a final score 161-86 and wins on all six rinks.


Desborough’s top rink of the day was skipped by Brian Faulkner with Jane Tuhill, Michael Hobson and Clive Northover.


T Burrell, P Tuttle, M Hutley, D Perriman 20-11
J Tuhill, M Hobson, C Northover, B Faulkner 35-10
N Penn, P Hatch, R Wyatt, M White 32-14
R Weaver, Y Hurley, C Woodward, R James 19-15
R Turner, J Roll, T Buckley, V White 25-17
B West, D Griggs, J Sumpson, R Hatch 30-19
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