Press Report – February 12, 2018

Desborough Bowling Club Press Report : Feb 12, 2018

A busy week for Desborough saw four friendly matches played, the first being Wednesday of last week at home against Preston (Sussex) IBC played on six rinks.


Preston got the better start leading 50-62 at the halfway stage and winning on four of the six rinks. Desborough managed to halt the decline during the second half but were unable to regain the shots lost in the first half ultimately losing 107-120 and on four of six rinks.


Desborough’s top rink was skipped by David Webster with Tony Burrell, Yvonne Hurley and Ching Crunden.


T Burrell, Y Hurley, C Crunden, D Webster 25-12
A Burrell, V Wyatt, M Pelling, C Woodward 21-18
G Braddock, R Turner, M Hutley, R Wyatt 12-22
K Scowen, P Tuttle, M Hallett, J Bucknell 22-24
M Buckle, D Griggs, V White, M White 9-21
J Kingston, R Weaver, C Bartlett, C Northover 18-23



The next game on Friday evening was against the Somerset patrons played at home as seven rinks. Once again Desborough got off to a slow start trailing 53-58 at the halfway stage despite winning on four of the seven rinks. Unlike Wednesday, Desborough staged a strong recovery in the second half to claim a 132-93 win and five of the seven rinks.


Desborough’s top rink was skipped by Dave Perriman with Ernie Pelling, Michael Hobson and Rhona Pike.


T Scherer, J Stenson, B Jones, B Adams 12-13
K Scowen, M Pelling, J Lawrie, B Faulkner 11-20
I Bond, G Jones, J Bucknell, C Jones 24-12
E Pelling, M Hobson, R Pike, D Perriman 27-10
A Burrell, T Burrell, D McDonald, P Winstanley 18-15
R Weaver, J Bosley, R Wyatt, H Pike 17-8
I Burns, J Roll, T Buckley, R James 23-15




On Saturday Desborough hosted a six rink fixture against Southall & District. This proved to be a very tight fixture with the halfway scores level at 58 apiece although Desborough were only winning on two of the six rinks.


Although the final score was two rinks won and one more drawn, the three lost rinks dragged the score down resulting in a narrow 105-11 victory for the visitors.


Desborough’s top rink was skipped by Brian Faulkner with Elaine Sharp, David Girggs and Rose Turner.


E Sharp, D Griggs, R Turner, B Faulkner 25-14
R Hughes, T Scherer, M Buckles, D Perriman 21-22
R Weaver, M O’Reilly, M Whittingham, C Crunden 18-18
J Sculthorpe, J Bosley, M Hutley, D Webster 12-17
C Tupling, J Kingston, A Glover, P Winstanley 11-24
B West, E Sharp, P Hatch, C Woodward 18-16



To round off a busy week Desborough travelled to Adur IBC in Sussex for a six rink friendly fixture last Sunday played as six rinks.


The first half of the game was extremely tight with the overall result drawn a number of times during play. At the halfway point Desborough were winning on one rink, drawn on another and losing on the remaining four. Despite this the score was close at 50-57.


Adur pressed their home advantage in the second half to gain victory with a score of 128 to Desborough’s 99. Desborough finished up winning on two rinks and drawing on a third.


The top rink was skipped by Roger Wyatt with Val Wyatt, George Coussins and Margaret Hallet.


V Wyatt, G Coussins, M Hallett, R Wyatt 20-15
E Pelling, J Roll, Y Hurley, D Perriman 21-20
N Penn, C Bartlett, I Bond, B Faulkner 10-33
P Arnott, R Earl, A Glover, K Wells 19-19
S Derby, P Patel, T Buckley, C Crunden 18-20
J Kingston, M Hobson, M Pelling, B Pocock 11-21


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