Press Report – February 12, 2019

PRESS REPORT w/e 10.2.19


Desborough faced Cotswold in the National Over 60’s Double Rink and after a tense battle won 37-31. The foundation for the win came from the home rink skipped by Eddie Orme while away Len Essex’s four did enough to ensure that there were no slip ups. The massive task of playing Exonia in the last eight awaits.


Rink scores


S Williams, C Behmber, B Long, E Orme.    25-17


G Knapper, H Pike, T Eales, L Essex.       12-14


Games against the Somerset Past Patrons is an annual event to relish and this year’s encounter was no different as the visitors won by 36 shots, 132-96. The home team only won on 3 of the 7 rinks but at least the selected new bowlers gained valuable experience against experienced opposition. Tony Buckley’s rink returned a winning scorecard and it was left to the rinks skipped by Sam Stack and Paul Winstanley to fight it out for top rink honours with the latter along with Norma Cormican, Nigel Harlow and Ching Crunden edging it as they won by 14 shots, 26-12.


Rink scores

T Skinner, A McCabe, D McDonald, D Perriman.     8-25

J Motley, V Wyatt, B Faulkner, S Stack.            17-6

B Patton, G Motley, J Bucknell, R Wyatt.           14-22

N Cormican, N Harlow, C Crunden, P Winstanley.   26-12

D Cormican, P Arnott, T Scherer, T Buckley.        15-14

J Skinner, C Tupling, M Hobson, C Woodward.      8-23

F Patton, C Buckley, J Lawrie, P Patel.             8-30


Adur IBC travelled up from West Sussex to face a determined Desborough side who won at a canter by 31 shots, 124-93. In a dominant performance the home side won on 5 of the 6 rinks with Pat Arnott, Brian Faulkner, Paul Patel and Dave Perriman grabbing all the glory with a 16 shot win, 26-10.


Rink scores

C Howard, T Burrell, T Buckley, P Winstanley.       22-12

K Spracklen, P Crabbe, C Crunden, J Stannard.     19-18

P Arnott, B Faulkner, P Patel, D Perriman.          26-10

C Tupling, P Hadwell, C Northover, S Stack.        25-13

K Scowen, V Wyatt, P Hatch, R Wyatt.             17-16

A Burrell, J Emmons, J McDonnell, R Hatch.        15-24


The County Ladies rolled into town but unfortunately could not stop Desborough winning by 21 shots, 93-72. The rinks skipped by Jim Turner and Maurice Rhymer had their private battle but top rink honours went to John Stenson, John Bucknell and Michael White, winning by 12 shots, 23-11.


Rink scores

J Stenson, J Bucknell, M White.       23-11

K Scowen, T Buckley, R Hatch.        18-22

P Hadwell, P Patel, J Stannard.        13-15

C Dawson, R James, M Rhymer.       18-11

N Harlow, C Woodward, J Turner.      21-13

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