Press Report – February 18, 2019





Desborough welcomed Camberley to York Road and proved to be too generous hosts as they received a bowling lesson being defeated 124-68. All but one rink had an afternoon to forget which left Gina Braddock, Pat Hatch, Michael Hobson and Rose Turner to save face by winning by 7 shots, 25-18.


Rink scores


C Tupling, N Harlow, M Buckles, C Woodward                                7-30

C Howard, P Crabbe, D Griggs, V White                                           10-28

S Darby, J McDonnell, Y Hurley, B Jones                                          13-28

G Braddock, P Hatch, M Hobson, R Turner                                       25-18

K Scowen, C Crunden, M Hallett, D Webster                                    13-20



Local bragging rights were at stake when Desborough played Maidenhead Town and although Desborough won on the scorecards by 20 shots, the visitors could claim an honourable draw as they won on half of the rinks. Roger Wyatt skipped a winning rink and Paul Winstanley’s four drew which left Pat Arnott, George Fowler, Marsha Buckles and Jeff Simpson to get top rink honours with a mind blowing performace, winning by 29 shots, 37-8.



Rink scores


C Howard, P Crabbe, V Wyatt, S Stack                                              19-22

C Buckley, S Tegg, C Crunden, R Wyatt                                            24-16

K Scowen, L Eumor, P Patel, J Clark                                     13-20

Y Fowler, A McCabe, R Turner, D Webster                                       14-21

P Arnott, G Fowler, M Buckles, J Simpson                                        37-8

J McDonnell, J Emmons, G Braddock, P Winstanley                         19-19

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