Press Report – February 25, 2019

PRESS REPORT w/e 24.02.19


Desborough played in the County Interclub against West Berks IBC and enjoyed a stroll in the park as they won by 59 shots, 159-100. The rinks skipped by Len Essex and Clive Behmber were equally matched and Colin Jones’ four did well to win by 13 shots which left the heroes of the day to be the unbadged rink of Kevin Dwyer, Jeff Beal, Graeme Mason and Newark Smelt who won by 24 shots, 36-12. The final against Whiteknights or. Rivermead on March 23 awaits.


Rink scores

D Perriman, B Long, K Scrace, E Orme               19-18

S Williams, P Worthy, G Knapper, L Essex.           30-21

C Knowles, R Wyatt, S Cotterill, R Harper.            19-16.

K Dwyer, J Beal, G Mason, N Smelt                  36-12

M Forward,M White, R Richardson, C Jones.          29-16

J Stenson, D Seymour, H Pike, C Behmber.           26-17


A trip to North London to play Glebelands IBC proved fruitless for Desborough as they went down by 25 shots, 96-71. The rink skipped by Maurice Rhymer did well to return a winning scorecard which left top rink honours to go to Pat Arnott, Ching Crunden, Michael Hobson and Sam Stack who won 18-13.


Rink scores

P Arnott, C Crunden, M Hobson, S Stack.                  18-13

P Patel, C Bartlett, F Starr, D Perriman.                    17-21

C Howard, M Buckles, B Adams, M Rhymer.               19-17

K Scowen, S Newnham, C Woodward, B Parish.             9-23

L Eumor, D Griggs, M Hallett, M White.                     8-22

B Faulkner, J McDonnell, V White, D Webster.              16-21


Usually a trip to Brighton to play Preston IBC usually proves difficult but this time is was a case of so near but so far as Desborough went down by only two shots, 132-130. However the Maidenhead side won on 4 of the 7 rinks and after a threat of a referendum, the Captains agreed on a technical draw. Winning scorecards came from the rinks came from the rinks skipped by Brian Wright and Paul Winstanley which left those skipped by Barry Gill and Clive Northover to fight for top rink honours and that went to the latter who with Chris Howard, Yoriko Fowler and Paul Patel who won by 14 shots, 24-10.


Rink scores

S Newnham, P Crabbe, P Hatch, B Wright.               22-20

T Scherer, S Tegg, G Fowler, B Gill.                     22-10

C Howard, Y Fowler, P Patel, C Northover.               24-10

K Scowen, R Jones, D McDonald, M Hobson.            15-28

P Arnott, J Codd, J McDonnell, T Buckley.               13-27

J Kingston, J Vickers, D Cope, M Rhymer            14-22

M Pelling, C Jones, D Griggs, P Winstanley.          20-15


Games between Desborough and the Berks VP’s are usually bowling lessons from the visitors but on this occasion the roles were reversed as the Maidenhead side won by 44 shots, 146-102. There was only one losing rink and the one skipped by Michael White won by 16 shots but it wasn’t good enough as John Stenson, Tony Burrell, Mike Whittingham and Sam Stack won by 8 shots more, 33-9.


Rink scores

M O’Reilly, P Crabbe, J Simpson, J Turner.             17-20

K Scowen, R Wyatt, P Winstanley, D Webster.          21-21

M Buckles, S Tegg, R Hatch, M White.                31-15

J Stenson, T Burrell, M Whittingham, S Stack.         33-9

V Wyatt, B Cooke, J Bucknell, B Jones.               22-19

B Faulkner, P Hatch, D Perriman, B Parish.           22-18

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