Press Report – February 26, 2018

[Note – there was no press report for February 19th because the only friendly match scheduled in that period was cancelled]

Desborough Bowling Club Press Report : Feb 26, 2018

Desborough’s first game of the last week was away to Glebelands on Wednesday, played as six rinks.


This proved to be a close run affair with three rinks apiece at the end of the match although Desborough narrowly lost 112-121.


Desborough’s top rink was skipped by David Perriman with Ernie Pelling, Carol Bartlett and Margaret Hallett.


E Pelling, C Bartlett, M Hallett, D Perriman 25-14
K Spracklen, P Hatch, G Coussins, C Woodward 11-26
R Weaver, P Tuttle, Y Hurley, M White 19-26
J Kingston, D Griggs, C Crunden, R Wyatt 16-26
T Scherer, P Patel, J Roll, M Pelling 18-15
M O’Reilly, J Tuhill, M Whittingham, V White 23-14



Saturday saw the away return fixture with Preston IBC in Sussex. This was played as six rinks plus one triple.


The hosts got off to a brisk start leading by 30 points 49-79 at the midpoint with Desborough winning on two rinks and drawn on one. Although the rinks concerned changed during the second half the end result remained as two rinks won and one drawn. Desborough reduced the drain slightly during the second half but lost overall 108-160.


Desborough’s top rink was skipped by Clive Northover with Paul Patel, Carol Bartlett and Margaret Hallett.


R Weaver, V Wyatt, B Pocock 11-24
K Spracklen, L Burns, D Griggs, D McDonald 8-28
E Pelling, J Bosley, C Crunden, J Bucknell 20-18
P Patel, C Bartlett, M Hallett, C Northover 25-18
T Burrell, P Tuttle, P Hatch, P Winstanley 17-24
A Burrell, J Roll, I Burns, R Wyatt 16-16
T Scherer, P Arnott, M Pelling, D Perriman 11-32

On Sunday Desborough hosted a five rink match against the Berkshire Vice-President’s team.


Desborough got off to an excellent start winning on all five rinks at the halfway stage, albeit only leading by 18 shots 55-37. The break for tea had little effect this time with Desborough slightly increasing their score rate to win 118-78 although the rink statistics declined to three wins and one draw.


The top rink was skipped by Paul Winstanley with Ray Weaver, Jim Roll and Ralph Hatch.


R Weaver, J Roll, R Hatch, P Winstanley 28-11
P Hatch, G Coussins, D McDonald, D Perriman 28-14
J Mayne, K Brooks, C Northover, B Faulkner 23-12
J Simpson, V White, A Mayne, B Adams 20-20
J Stenson, A Glover, J Bucknell, B Jones 19-21



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