Press Report – February 4, 2019




A trip to icy Watford to play Herts IBC had a chilling outcome for Desborough as they slipped to a 139-79 defeat. Most rinks had an afternoon to forget although Bruce Adam’s rink only lost narrowly. The only bright spot was the winning rink of Kath Spracklen, Nigel Harlow, Tony Buckley and Roger Wyatt who won 18-15. Roger deserves a special mention as a timely intervention saved his rink from suffering the same fate as everyone else.


Rink scores

T Burrell, C Northover, S Stack.               12-24

K Spracklen, N Harlow, T Buckley, R Wyatt.     18-15

A Burrell, C Crunden, J Bucknell, D Perriman.   12-22

K Scowen, Y Fowler, J McDonnell, M Rhymer.   9-29

C Howard, G Fowler, C Woodward, P Winstanley 11-26

P Hatch, D Griggs, B Adams.                  17-23



Games against London Irish B A are always entertaining affairs and Sunday’s game was no different as both sides fought out a draw although Desborough could claim a moral win as they won on 3 of the 5 rinks. The rinks skipped by David Perriman and David Webster returned winning scorecards but top rink honours went to Marion Pelling, John Emmons, Jim McDonnell and Ron James who won by 15 shots, 28-13.


Rink scores

C Howard, G Motley, T Buckley, D Perriman.     23-22

L Eumor, M Everard, M Buckles, P Winstanley.   17-36

J Motley, P Crabbe, B Pocock, S Stack.         20-22

M Pelling, J Emmons, J McDonnell, R James    28-13

K Scowen, C Northover, M White, D Webster.    24-19

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