Press Report – February 5, 2018

Desborough Bowling Club Press Report : Feb 5, 2018

Desborough played three friendly fixtures over the last week. The first was on Wednesday at home against a team representing the Berkshire Women’s Indoor Bowling Association which was played as five rinks. At the halfway stage Desborough were winning on three of the five rinks yet trailing overall by 43-53. While it is often the case that fortunes change in the second half it was not the case this time with the BWIBA continuing to out-score Desborough to a 92-114 victory.


Desborough won on two of the five rinks with the top rink skipped by Dave Perriman with Ray Weaver, Iain Bond and Mike Hutley.


R Weaver, I Bond, M Hutley, D Perriman 23-13
J Stenson, B Harris, T Buckley, B Faulkner 20-34
D Grieve, M Hobson, C Woodward, R Wyatt 18-26
T Burrell, K Hazell, J Bucknell, D Devonald-Batt 10-23
K Scowen, D Griggs, M Mason, B Jones 21-18


Saturday’s fixture was an away fixture at Herts IBC in Watford played as six rinks. The situation was very close at the halfway stage with three rinks apiece and only two points difference in the scores even though Desborough were only winning on two of the six rinks. However, the hosts rallied in the second half and the final score was another loss, this time 117-134 although both teams won on three rinks.


Desborough’s top rink was skipped by Michael White with Ken Scowen, Joan Kingston and Mike Hutley.


P Arnott, C Bartlett, D Griggs, C Woodward 17-20
R Hughes, P Patel, M Hallett, P Winstanley 23-16
T Scherer, A Burrell, J Roll, M Pelling 10-35
K Spracklen, K Thompson, G Coussins, V White 19-35
K Scowen, J Kingston, M Hutley, M White 26-15
T Burrell, M Hobson, C Crunden, R Wyatt 22-13


After two defeats the tide turned in Sunday’s game against London Irish which was played at home as five rinks.


Desborough started off brightly reaching 61-33 at the halfway stage and leading on four of the five rinks. Those four rinks all went on to win their games and the overall score reflects a second half much like the first 126-67.


The top rink was skipped by Brian Jones with Ken Scowen, Marion Pelling and Danny McDonald


R Weaver, E Pelling, B Gill, P Winstanley 33-9
I Bond, R Turner, C Northover, M White 18-16
K Brooks, E Gill, R Hatch, B Faulkner 10-25
T Buckley, J Roll, D Perriman, D Seymour 34-11
K Scowen, M Pelling, D McDonald, B Jones 31-6




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