Press Report – January 14, 2019




The Desborough bandwagon continues to roll in the National Over 60`s Double Rink after a tense game against a strong Whiteknights A side which resulted in a 36-34 victory. Determination was needed as both the home and away rinks made dreadful starts and things started to look bleak for the Maidenhead outfit. However a couple of big scores turned the game on its head as  the away rink never lost the lead once they had gained it and at home they did enough to hang on to their coat tails. The tough game will put them in good stead for facing Cotswold on 5 February.


Rink scores




S Williams, J Beal, C Behmber, E Orme                    16-19




G Knapper, D Perriman, T Eales, L Essex                  20-15



Desborough played their annual fixture against the Banks B.A.  and suffered a rare reverse as they went down to a 111-95 defeat although in their defence they did loan the opposition some quality players. The rink skipped by Clive Northover did well to return a winning scorecard which left all the glory to go to Linda Eumor, Marion Pelling, Brian Faulkner and  Dave Perriman who won by 11 shots, 21-10.


Rink scores


L Eumor, M Pelling, B Faulkner, D Perriman                                    21-10

K Spracklen, V Wyatt, R Wyatt, P Winstanley                                   14-28

C Buckley, G Fowler, M Hallett, C Northover                                   25-21

Y Fowler, C Crunden, K Wells, B Pocock                                          15-27

K Scowen, V Wyatt, S Stack, J Stannard                                            20-25

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