Press Report – January 22, 2019



Desborough welcomed Preston IBC to York Road and after a pulsating game managed to scrape a one shot victory, 132-131. The rink skipped by David Griggs did well to return a winning scorecard but it was left to those marshalled by Sam Stack and Kathy Wells to fight it out for top rink honours and the latter prevailed as they scored more shots.


Rink scores


L Eumor, C Crunden, P Colton, S Stack                                 24-15

J Mayne, P Barber, J McDonnell, M Rhymer             21-22

S Darby, P Hatch, P Patel, D Griggs                                       21-15

K Spracklen,P Crabbe,C Johnson, C Northover                     14-23

C Howard, N Harlow,T Burrell,I Bond                                  17-22

K Scowen, P Hadwell, M Hallett, C Woodward                    10-18

B Faulkner, P Arnott, M Hobson, K Wells                              25-16



Victory IBC came up from Portsmouth and managed a slim 3 shot win over Desborough, 122-119. Although the home side managed to win on 4 rinks, those skipped by Paul Winstanley and Cy Woodward had an afternoon to forget. All the winning rinks were well matched but just claiming top rink honours were Kath Spracklen, Phil Hadwell, George Coussins and David Perriman who won by 15 shots, 26-11.


Rink scores


A Burrell, J Marshall, J Bucknell, C Northover                     22-8

Y Fowler, M Everard, D Griggs, S Stack                               24-14

L Eumor, N Harlow, P Patel, M Rhymer                                24-14

K Spracklen, P Hadwell, G Coussins, D Perriman                 26-11

B Faulkner, M Hobson, C Crunden, P Winstanley                 8-45

P Arnott, G Fowler, T Burrell, C Woodward                          15-34

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