Press Report – January 27, 2019




Sutton and District BA were the visitors to York Road and left empty handed as Desborough won by 30 shots, 138-108. The home side won on 4 of the 6 rinks with those skipped  by Michael White, John Stannard and Ralph Hatch evenly matched which left Tony Burrell, Val White, Cy Woodward and Maurice Rhymer to take all the glory as they won  by 20 shots,32-12.


Rink scores


C Tupling, L Eumor,  G Braddock, D Perriman                                 12-29

T Burrell, V White, C Woodward,  M Rhymer                                   32-12

K Spracklen, T Scherer, D Griggs, M White                                      26-18

K Scowen, P  Hatch, M Hallett, J Stannard                                        24-16

A  Burrell, P Crabbe, J Bucknell, R Wyatt                                          21-23

B Faulkner, S Laban, K Wells, R Hatch                                             23-10



Desborough travelled to county rivals Whiteknights  and although the hosts could claim a moral draw as the  6 rinks were shared, the scourecards show that the Maidenhead side won by  8 shots, 117-109. The rinks skipped by Sam Stack and David Perriman had their own private battle but there was no doubt who the top rink was as  late replacement George Coussins, Abbie McCabe, Roger Wyatt and Maurice Rhymer (again!!)cruised to an 18 shot win, 29-11.


Rink scores


A Burrell, P Hadwell, P Patel, M White                                             15-24

K Scowen, C Howard,  V White, P Winstanley                                  17-19

T Scherer, T Burrell, J McDonnell, S Stack                                       21-18

B Faulkner, C Bartlett, J Bucknell, D Perriman                                  19-14

P Arnott, P Crabbe, D Griggs, C Woodward                                      16-23

G Coussins, A McCabe, R Wyatt, M Rhymer                        29-11



Desborough welcomed their local rivals from the Thicket and after an entertaining game won by 10 shots, 117-107, although the Captain of the day, Bruce Adams, called it as a draw as the 6  rinks were  shared. The rinks skipped by David Perriman and David Webster done well to have winning scorecards but the top rink went to Brian Faulkner, Geoff Motley and Bruce Adams who really turned on the style with a 26 shot win, 34-8. However the game was nip and tuck all the way through and the real winner was the sport of  bowls.


Rink scores


M Pelling, P Crabbe, D Perriman                                                       21-16

J Motley, J Emmons, D Webster                                                         21-19

M Everard, J Clark, S Stack                                                               16-22

M Buckles, J Marshall, P Winstanley                                     16-20

C Buckley, S Tegg, C Northover                                                          9-22

B Faulkner, G Motley, B Adams                                                         34-8

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