Press Report – January 8, 2018

Desborough Bowling Club Press Report : Jan 8, 2018

Last Saturday Desborough hosted Wey Valley IBC for the first friendly fixture of 2018. Wey Valley got off to a strong start leading 41-72 at the halfway stage and winning on five of the six rinks. This trend continued through the second half with the final score 80-157 and losses for Desborough on all six rinks.


Desborough’s top rink was skipped by Brian Faulkner with Kath Spracklen, Paul Patel and Peter Colton.


P Arnott, K Thompson, M Hobson, C Woodward 7-33
V Wyatt, R Weaver, J Lawrie, J Bucknell 11-28
C Tupling, A Glover, R Wyatt, D Griggs 15-21
K Spracklen, P Colton, P Patel, B Faulkner 18-23
B West, J Roll, M Hutley, D Perriman 17-27
R Hughes, G Coussins, M Pelling, P Winstanley 12-25


Sunday saw another home fixture, this time a six rink triples fixture against High Wycombe. Once again Desborough started off poorly reaching the halfway stage at 36-46 and winning on two of the six rinks.


Desborough rallied during the second half and turned in a final result of three rinks apiece however the final score was a 79-94 defeat.


The top rink was skipped by Brian Jones with Ann Burrell and Pauline Tuttle.


E Sharp, J Roll, J Searle 8-20
B Bushell, P Hatch, E Sharp 7-16
A Burrell, P Tuttle, B Jones 21-12
T Scherer, E Pelling, R Wyatt 15-14
P Patel, M Pelling, T Buckley 18-14
P Arnott, R Weaver, T Burrell 10-18


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