Press Report – July 16, 2018

In the Kennet League, Desborough A had a morale boosting win against Bracknell A with a 78-73 scoreline in their favour with that converting to a 10-4 victory. The rinks skipped by Michael White and John Young went down but those marshalled by Tony Devonald-Batt and Brian Jones won through. This first victory might be the kick start they need as they fight to preserve their Division 1 status.

The same can’t be said for Desborough B as their relegation from Division 2 now seems certain after a 12-2 defeat at the hands of Windsor and Eton. Although the rink skipped by Dave Wagner made a valiant effort to win, the only ones who covered themselves in glory were Richard Earl, Jim McPherson, Ray Weaver and Paul Winstanley who won 27-10.

Rink Scores (Desborough A)

J Stenson, R James, D Devonald-Batt, M White 16-18

D Hasler, A Buckley, M Peachey, T Devonald-Batt 27-14

N Penn, P Braddock, B Adams, J Young 15-25

J Brampton, J Stannard, G Mason, B Jones 20-16


Rink Scores (Desborough B)

G Lofthouse, P Hinton, B Wright,D Bishop 14-30

R Earl, J McPherson, R Weaver, P Winstanley 27-10

J Roll, D McDonald, M Whittingham,T Buckley 5-32

P Patel, K Hazell, B Gill, D Wagner 20-25


In the KLV Division 1, Desborough B went down to Sunningdale A with a thumping 10-0 defeat which leaves them rooted to the bottom of the table.

Rink scores

R Hatch, D Griggs, B Wright 11-22

R Vandenberghen, G Coussins, A May 5-23

P Hinton, M Hobson, D Wagner 11-23


In the same division, the A team’s title hopes took a dent as they went down 6-4 to Windsor and Eton.


In the TVL, Desborough’s Bluebells and Buttercups had contrasting fortunes. The Bluebells prospered in the sun at Burghfield as they won at a canter 10-0 with an outstanding performance from Ching Crunden, Sylvia Laban and Val White who won 37-14. However the Buttercups wilted in the heat as they went down 10-0 to the Sutton Gems.

Rink scores (Bluebells)

C Crunden, S Laban, V White 37-14

J Lawrie, R Pike, G O’Neill 17-12

G Braddock, E Gill, D Lovering 15-8


Rink scores (Buttercups)

J Tuhill, M O’Reilly, P Hatch 10-16

E Sharp, P Tuttle, M Martin 15-25

V Wyatt, J Bosley, N Jones 7 -22


The only friendly for the Club this week involved a trip to South Oxford with an interesting result. Due to the hosts having personnel problems, some rinks became unbalanced but as both teams won on 3 rinks, the Captains decided on a honourable draw. The rink skipped by the Welsh Wizard, Brian Jones, tried hard to conjure up top rink honours but had to concede to Simran Thaman, Gina Braddock and Dave Wagner who won 25-9.

Rink scores

P Patel, P Hatch, R Hatch 15-17

S Thaman, G Braddock, D Wagner 25-9

K Spracklen, J Roll, M Hobson 11-32

E Sharp, R Hughes, B Jones 24-9

M Caulfield, C Crunden, T Buckley 5-20

K Coles, P Colton, R Weaver 19-12


To finish the week off Desborough took part in the great exhibition of Maidenhead bowls that is the John Guest Tournament. Although they came out third best, a good time was had by all in the searing heat and their best contribution came from the Braddocks, Gina and Peter, along with Tony Buckley who scored 29 points.

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