Press Report – July 2, 2018

Desborough Bowling Club Press Report : Jul 2, 2018

Last Tuesday Desborough played a Royal Shield fixture at home against Royal Household. Although Desborough were losing by seven shots at the midway point they rallied to win overall by 16 shots, 60-44, and on two of the three rinks. The top rink was skipped by Val White with Rose Turner and Doreen Lovering.


M Devonald-Batt, M Bellworthy, M Martin 10-20
R Turner, D Lovering, V White 29-10
M Pelling, C Crunden, G O’Neill 21-14


That evening the Kennet squads were in action with the A team playing Wokingham A away and the B team playing Sunningdale at home.


The A team’s game looked to be heading for a defeat at the halfway stage with a lead on only one of four rinks and a 25 point deficit, 29-54. The trend continued through the second half resulting in an overall loss of 60-109 and defeat on all four rinks. The best of Desborough’s rinks was skipped by Howard Pike with John Stenson, David Griggs and Bruce Adams.


P Braddock, J Stannard, J Young, B Jones 18-28
J Stenson, D Griggs, B Adams, H Pike 18-25
J Brampton, P Colton, D Devonald-Batt, M White 13-24
N Penn, R Wyatt, A Buckley, T Devonald-Batt 11-32


It looked like the B team were going to fare better with a 36-26 lead at the midpoint, winning on two rinks and drawing on another. However Sunningdale rallied and converted that to a 10 point deficit for Desborough, 61-71, and a win on one rink with a draw on another. Desborough’s best rink was skipped by Paul Winstanley with Paul Patel, Jim McPherson and Ray Weaver.


R Earl, D Wagner, B Gill, D Locke 13-21
K Hazell, J Roll, D McDonald, T Buckley 13-23
P Patel, J McPherson, R Weaver, P Winstanley 20-12
M Hobson, P Hinton, D Bishop, A May 15-15


The following day Desborough hosted a two rink Ladies friendly fixture against Woodley. The match was only played to the minimum of 12 ends due to the hot weather. Rink honours were shared with one win apiece however Desborough lost overall 15-24.


Desborough’s winning rink was skipped by Rose Turner with Katie Coles and Jo Lawrie.


S Thaman, C Tupling, E Devonald-Batt 1-17
K Coles, J Lawrie, R Turner 14-7


Staying with Ladies’ fixtures, the Buttercups played away against Pangbourne the following day whilst the Bluebells were at home against Maiden Erlegh.


The Buttercups started off well building up a 30-17 lead by the midpoint leading on two of the three rinks. By the end of the match the lead had doubled for a 60-34 result together with wins on all three rinks. Desborough’s top rink was skipped by Pat Hatch with Elaine Sharp and Pauline Tuttle.


A Harris, J Bosley, M Bellworthy 19-12
E Sharp, P Tuttle, P Hatch 23-10
C Tupling, M Devonald-Batt, E Cox 18-12


The Bluebells also started brightly with a 21-18 lead at the midpoint and winning two of the three rinks. However, they slipped back in the second half ultimately losing 38-49 with a win on one rink which skipped by Eileen Devonald-Batt with Ching Crunden and Marion Pelling.


P Harrison-Smith, S Laban, G O’Neill 11-17
G Braddock, E Gill, V White 10-18
C Crunden, M Pelling, E Devonald-Batt 17-14


Friday saw Kennet LV fixtures with the A team at home against Maidenhead Town B and the B team away against Maidenhead Town A.


The A team made the most of home advantage, leading by 39-14 at the midpoint and winning 62-32 overall with wins on all three rinks. The top rink was skipped by Howard Pike with John Stenson and Bruce Adams.


J Brampton, G Mason, D Devonald-Batt 16-15
J Stenson, B Adams, H Pike 27-6
B Gill, M Whittingham, B Jones 19-11


The B team suffered from the home advantage of their opponents losing overall 27-61 and on all three rinks. Desborough’s best rink was skipped by Brian Wright with Ray Weaver and David Griggs.


P Hinton, M Hobson, D Wagner 6-23
R Weaver, D Griggs, B Wright 13-16
T Buckley, P Colton, A May 8-22


The first of the weekend friendlies was played away against Chesham on the Saturday. At the midpoint Desborough had established a 71-43 lead with rink honours evenly shared over the six rinks. Although Desborough’s scoring rate slowed in the second half they secured a 134-94 win and wins on four of the six rinks with the top rink skipped by Dave Wagner with Mike Hutley, Pat Hatch and Rose Turner.


E Pelling, C Crunden, E Devonald-Batt, T Devonald-Batt 17-22
R Hughes, P Tuttle, R Pike, H Pike 19-17
M Pelling, M Hobson, R Wyatt, P Winstanley 28-9
M Devonald-Batt, R Crunden, D Lovering, T Buckley 23-17
K Spracklen, R Lewis, J Roll, B Gill 16-18
M Hutley, P Hatch, R Turner, D Wagner 31-11


Finally, Sunday’s game was played at home against Shiplake as five rinks of triples. Desborough were fifteen points adrift at the midpoint, winning on two of the five rinks with a scoreline of 39-54. Although Desborough went on to lose the match 85-91 they managed to close the gap somewhat and win on three of five rinks. Two rinks shared a shot difference of +4. Based upon the number of ends won the top rink honours went to Paul Winstanley with Nicola Jones and John Bucknell.


N Jones, J Bucknell, P Winstanley 21-17
E Cox, V Wyatt, R Weaver 18-24
R Eyre, C Crunden, R Wyatt 15-14
R Hughes, E Devonald-Batt, T Buckley 13-22
R Turner, M Hobson, G O’Neill 18-14


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