Press Report – July 23, 2018

Press Report W/E 22/07/18 – Desborough Bowls Club


In the Kennet League, things are starting to look bleak as both Desborough teams have the unwanted distinction of being bottom of their respective divisions.


The ‘A’ team travelled to Suttons on Tuesday evening but were unfortunately on the wrong end of a thrashing as they had no winning rinks and went down 14-0. Desborough B faired slightly better as Dick Bishop and Paul Winstanley managed to skip two winning rinks but lost by 8 shots in a 10-4 defeat.


Rink Scores (A team)

R Van Den Berghen, R Wyatt, G Mason, H Pike (skip); 8-39

G Lofthouse, R James, D Devonald-Batt, M White (skip); 12-35

N Penn, P Braddock, J Young, B Jones (skip); 13-31

B Adams, C Edmonson, M Peachey, T Devonald-Batt (skip);11-25


Rink Scores (B team)

K Hazell, G Coussins, B Wright, D Bishop (skip);22-19

R Earl, J McPherson, R Weaver, P Winstanley (skip);27-19

J Roll, D McDonald, M Whittingham, T Buckley (skip);17-33

B Gill, P Patel, D Wagner, D Locke (skip);18-21


Desborough’s Ladies had contrasting days in TVL on Thursday, as Desborough Bluebells won emphatically against Great Hollands winning on all rinks, while the Buttercups lost 8-2 away to Trenthams, with skip Nicola Jones along with Carol Tupling and Mandy Devonald-Batt grabbing a consolation winning rink.


Rink Scores (Bluebells)

J Lawrie, G Braddock, D Lovering (skip);14-11

P Harrison-Smith, R Pike, G O’Neill (skip);18-11

C Crunden, R Turner, V White (skip);23-17



C Tupling, M Devonald-Batt, N Jones (skip);19-14

A Harris, V Wyatt, E Cox (skip);11-16

K Spracklen, J Bosley, P Tuttle (skip);10-15


In a re-arrranged Royal Shield match against Maidenhead Town, the ladies had an afternoon to forget as they lost on all rinks. The final overall score was Desborough 30-59 Maidenhead Town.


Rink Scores

C Crunden, R Pike, G O’Neill (skip) 13-19

P Hatch, K Spracklen, M Martin (skip);9-15

A Vaughan, P Tuttle, D Lovering (skip);8-25


In the KLV, Desborough’s A Team suffered a setback in their title aspirations as they slipped to a 7-3 defeat against Royal Household. Michael White and his rink managed to take home two points and Desborough took home an extra point as well thanks to Brian Jones who managed a draw on his rink. The ‘B’ team travelled to Windsor & Eton on Friday afternoon and it was left to Roy Hughes, Roger Wyatt and Alan May to provide Desborough with a bit of comfort as they were the only winning rink in an 8-2 defeat.


Desborough Ladies travelled to Marlow on Wednesday afternoon in a 3 rink friendly, but found the short journey not to their liking as they went down 74-29.


Rink Scores

K Spracklen, P Hatch, R Turner (skip);10-23

A Vaughan, J Bosely, G Braddock (skip);14-18

A Harris, J Tuhill, C Crunden (skip);5-33


Desborough travelled to Hurst on Saturday afternoon and although only winning in two of the five rinks, the day proved worthwhile as the visitors eked out a slender 6 shot win.


The rinks skipped by Barry Gill and John Bucknell narrowly lost but Paul Winstanley and his rink narrowly prevailed by 3 shots and a superlative performance from the Devonald’s Batt’s, led by Mandy along with Eileen and Tony who won 24-6 to guide Desborough to victory.


Rink Scores

K Spracklen, P Hatch, B Gill (skip);12-13

M Bellworthy, C Crunden, R Wyatt (skip);10-22

M Hutley, E Gill, J Bucknell (skip);14-15

M Devonald-Batt, E Devonald- Batt, T Devonald-Batt (skip); 24-6

V Wyatt, P Patel, P Winstanley (skip);19-16


The final match of the weekend saw Desborough entertain Stoke Poges in a friendly at York Road on Sunday afternoon.


It was a similar story to the day before as Desborough only managed to win on two of the five rinks but won by six shots overall . Gill O’Neill (skip) along with Ching Crunden and Dave Wagner won by 7 shots, as did Pam Harrison-Smith, Eileen Devonald-Batt and Brian Jones (skip), both rinks guiding the hosts to victory. It was the latter trio however, who took top rink honours as they had scored more shots on the day.


Rink Scores

C Crunden, D Wagner, G O’Neill (skip);18-11

K Spracklen, J McPherson, D Devonald-Batt (skip);15-17

P Harrison-Smith, E Devonald-Batt, B Jones (skip) 23-16

R Turner, P Tuttle, P Winstanley (skip);17-18

M Hobson, C Tupling, V White (skip);13-18


In the Men’s County Double Fours, Desborough progressed through to the next round thanks to a 36-31 against Sunningdale on Monday evening but unfortunately were knocked out if the Club Championship after falling to an 86-57 defeat to Bracknell.


Congratulations to Nicola Jones who won her County 2 wood semi-final against Jane Murphy from Didcot, winning 17-10. Nicola has now qualified for the final stages at Leamington which take place in August.









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