Press Report – June 11, 2018

Desborough Bowling Club Press Report : Jun 4, 2018

Last Tuesday Desborough played a Royal Shield fixture away against Windsor & Eton. This proved to be an extremely closely fought game with Desborough losing by eight points at the mid-point but converting that to a two point lead for a final score 49-47 despite only winning on one of the three rinks. That winning rink was skipped by Val White with Kath Spracklen and Mary Martin.


K Spracklen, M Martin, V White 22-10
A Vaughan, S Laban, G O’Neill 17-19
M Pelling, C Crunden, D Lovering 10-18


In one of the evening’s Kennet League fixtures Desborough played an away fixture against Maidenhead Thicket. Although this was close at the midpoint with Desborough trailing by three points Thicket pulled ahead to win overall 75-86 with two rinks apiece. Desborough’s top rink was skipped by Tony Devonald-Batt with Roger Wyatt, Graham Mason and Mark Peachey.


J Stenson, R James, D Devonald-Batt, M White 13-26
N Penn, J Brampton, B Adams, B Jones 25-22
R Wyatt, G Mason, M Peachey, T Devonald-Batt 28-7
S Jasiewicz, D Griggs, D Hasler, J Young 9-31


On Thursday the Bluebells played a Thames Valley League fixture away against Caversham. The Bluebells won the match, winning on two rinks out of the three and overall by 60-41. The top rink was skipped by Val White with Pam Harrison-Smith and Sylvia Laban.


G Braddock, E Gill, D Lovering 17-12
P Harrison-Smith, S Laban, V White 27-7
R Turner, M Pelling, E Devonald-Batt 16-22


In the second TVL fixture the Buttercups played another away fixture, this time at Palmer Park. The Buttercups proved to be outclassed losing on all three rinks and by 25-108 overall. Desborough’s best rink was skipped by Val Wyatt with Kath Spracklen and Mandy Devonald-Batt.


J Tuhill, S Newnham, P Hatch 10-43
K Spracklen, M Devonald-Batt, V Wyatt 10-23
P Arnott, M O’Reilly, J Bosley 5-42



On Friday Desborough A played Windsor & Eton A in a Kennet LV fixture. Desborough won on all three rinks and overall by 60-33 with the best performance coming from Michael White’s rink with John Brampton and Derek Devonald-Batt.


J Brampton, D Devonald-Batt, M White 26-9
B Gill, R James, B Jones 19-11
N Penn, M Whittingham, S Cotterill 15-13


Meanwhile Desborough B played an away fixture against Royal Household which did not go so well. Desborough won on only one rink of the three and lost overall 46-60. The on winning rink was skipped by Dave Wagner with Ray Weaver and Roger Wyatt.


R Hughes, P Colton, D Griggs 12-25
R Weaver, R Wyatt, D Wagner 19-11
R Hatch, J Bucknell, B Wright 15-24



On Sunday Desborough played an away friendly fixture against Great Hollands. Great Hollands edged into a narrow six point lead at the midpoint and increased the lead to win overall 100-117. Desborough won on two rinks and drew on a third. The top rink was skipped by Brian Jones with Katie Coles, Ernie Pelling and Ching Crunden

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