Press Report – June 18, 2018

Desborough Bowling Club Press Report : Jun 18, 2018

Last Tuesday Desborough’s Kennet A team played an away fixture against Town A. The match started well with Desborough winning on three of the four rinks at the halfway stage however the hosts took control during the second half and the match finished with a loss for Desborough of 69-81 and a win on only one rink which was skipped by Mark Peachey with John Brampton, Bruce Adams and Anthony Buckley.


D Hasler, J Stannard, J Young, B Jones 11-17
J Stenson, R James, D Devonald-Batt, T Devonald-Batt 13-28
N Penn, R Wyatt, G Mason, S Cotterill 17-30
J Brampton, B Adams, A Buckley, M Peachey 28-6


Meanwhile, the Kennet B team played at home against Maiden Erlegh. Unlike the A team’s game Desborough were under pressure from the beginning, losing on all four rinks at the halfway stage and ending the match in the same fashion with an overall loss of 52-104. Desborough’s best rink was skipped by Derry Locke with Richard Earl, Dave Wagner and Barry Gill.


G Lofthouse, J Roll, D McDonald, T Buckley 17-20
P Hinton, M Hobson, D Bishop, A May 10-27
P Patel, R Weaver, M Whittingham, P Winstanley 11-32
R Earl, D Wagner, B Gill, D Locke 14-25


On Thursday both Thames Valley League teams had home fixtures. The Buttercups played against Island Bohemian and led consistently from start to finish, winning on all three rinks and overall 63-31 for a full ten points. The top rink was skipped by Elfrieda Cox with Mandy Devonald-Batt and Jenny Bosley.


S Newnham, V Wyatt, N Jones 18-8
K Spracklen, P Tuttle, P Hatch 18-8
M Devonald-Batt, J Bosley, E Cox 27-15


The Bluebells also won their match against Sunningdale who were only able to field two rinks out of the three expected. Desborough won on rink by four shots, lost on the other by three shots thus won overall 37-36. With the two points for the uncontested rink the Bluebells gain 8 points to Sunningdale’s 2. Desborough’s winning rink was skipped by Rhona Pike with Jo Lawrie and Rose Turner.


J Lawrie, R Turner, R Pike 20-16
G Braddock, S Laban, D Lovering 17-20
C Crunden, M Pelling, Eileen Devonald-Batt –


On Friday the Kennet LV B team played an away fixture against Maidenhead Thicket. At the midway stage Desborough were 7 shots adrift, 19-26 and the trend continued to be 17 adrift at the end 40-57 with losses on two rinks and a draw on the third. The drawn rink was skipped by Tony Buckley with Robert Van Den Berghen and Roger Wyatt.


P Hinton, P Colton, D Wagner 10-20
R Van Den Berghen, R Wyatt, T Buckley 13-13
R Weaver, D Griggs, A May 17-24


Saturday saw a home friendly fixture against Sunningdale, played over six rinks of triples. This proved to be a very tight affair. At the halfway stage Desborough were winning on four of the six rinks but losing overall 50-51. However, Desborough gathered themselves for the second half and went on to win 105-93 and on four of the six rinks. The top rink was skipped by Val White with Paul Winstanley and Jim Roll.


P Harrison-Smith, R Lewis, B Adams 20-16
E Cox, P Patel, M Hobson 9-27
P Winstanley, J Roll, V White 28-8
P Hatch, M O’Reilly, R Turner, M Whittingham 14-15
P Arnott, Eileen Devonald-Batt, M White 18-16
C Tupling, J Lawrie, B Jones 16-11


On Sunday Desborough travelled to High Wycombe for a five rink triples friendly fixture. This proved to be another tight game with only one shot separating the teams at the midpoint 46-47 despite Desborough only winning on one rink and drawn on another. High Wycombe pressed home their advantage in the second half resulting in a 88-97 loss for Desborough despite winning on two rinks with the last drawn. Desborough’s top rink was skipped by Dave Wagner with Simran Thaman, Michael Hobson and Ernie Pelling.


K Spracklen, V White, J Bucknell, R Wyatt 15-26
V Wyatt, C Crunden, E Gill, D McDonald 12-18
S Thaman, M Hobson, E Pelling, D Wagner 26-20
K Coles, E Devonald-Batt, R Turner, B Gill 16-14
P Arnott, M Pelling, P Patel, P Winstanley 19-19


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