Press Report – June 4, 2018

Desborough Bowling Club Press Report : Jun 4, 2018

Desborough’s winning form continued from last week’s games into this week until a turn for the worse on Friday.


On Tuesday the Kennet team played away against Great Hollands narrowly scraping a 80-79 win despite only winning on one of the four rinks on drawing on another. Desborough gain 9 points and Great Hollands gain 5. Desborough’s winning rink was skipped by Derry Locke with Mike Whittingham, Dave Wagner and Richard Earl


P Hinton, J McPherson, R Weaver, P Winstanley 19-19
R Hughes, K Hazell, J Roll, B Wright 18-23
P Patel, G Coussins, M Hobson, D Bishop 17-22
R Earl, D Wagner, M Whittingham, D Locke 26-15


On Wednesday Desborough played a six rink triples fixture at home against Berkshire Masonic BA. This proved to be another close affair with Desborough ultimately winning 107-100 and on four of the six rinks. Desborough’s top rink was skipped by Derek Devonald-Batt with Carole Tupling and David Griggs.


K Coles, C Crunden, R Weaver 13-22
C Tupling, D Griggs, D Devonald-Batt 19-12
R Hughes, M Pelling, T Buckley 17-21
M Bellworthy, J Roll, B Adams 20-16
S Thaman, R Lewis, R Wyatt 20-14
M Devonald-Batt, R James, P Winstanley 18-15


On Friday the Kennet LV A team recorded the last win of the week at their away fixture against Royal Household. Desborough won on all three rinks with an overall score 68-47. Desborough’s top rink was skipped by Brian Jones with Bruce Adams and Ron James.


B Gill, G Mason, H Pike 22-20
B Adams, R James, B Jones 24-11
J Stenson, D Hasler, J Young 22-16


The Kennet LV B team did not fare as well in their home fixture against Windsor & Eton A winning on only one of the three rinks and losing 39-56 overall. Desborough’s sole winning rink was skipped by Brian Wright with Ray Weaver and David Griggs.


P Hinton, M Hobson, D Wagner 12-23
R Weaver, D Griggs, B Wright 20-12
R VanDenBerghen, G Coussins, T Buckley 7-21


Saturday saw the first leg of the regular home and away fixtures against Southampton Old Green with Desborough travelling to Southampton for a six rink match. While the situation did not look too bad at the midpoint with wins on two rinks and a draw on third along with an overall score of 52-65 the match spiraled downwards afterwards finishing with a win on only one rink and an overall loss of 88-152. Desborough’s sole winning rink was skipped by Tony Buckley with Simran Thaman, Paul Patel and Dave Wagner.


C Palmer, M Bellworthy, C Crunden, R Wyatt 14-36
S Thaman, P Patel, D Wagner, T Buckley 20-11
M Devonald-Batt, E Gill, G Coussins, P Winstanley 10-29
K Coles, J Lawrie, M Hobson, B Gill 16-25
P Arnott, P Tuttle, J Bucknell, R Weaver 13-24
R Crunden, R Hughes, M O’Reilly, M Whittingham 15-27


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