Press Report – March 10, 2019

PRESS REPORT w/e 10.03.18


Playing Exonia IBC is difficult at the best of times and when Desborough were facing defeat in the National Over 60’s Double Rink Len Essex with his last wood saved the day to get them over the line 35-34. They now play a semi-final against Cumbria on April 11 for the right to play Victory or Coventry on April 12.


The Kent County Ladies took on Desborough as part of their tour and after a thrilling match they triumphed by 1 shot, 109-108. Desborough won on 3 of the 7 rinks with those skipped by John Stannard and Cy Woodward doing well to have winning scorecards but the top rink by a country mile were Joyce Motley, Clive Dawson, Kathy Wells and David Perriman who won by 18 shots, 26-8.


Rink scores

J Stenson, J Beal, G Braddock, R Hatch.         14-16

B Faulkner, Y Stuart, M Pelling, J Stannard.      21-15

L Eumor, P Hatch, D Griggs, S Stack.            8-18

S Page, P Stanley, R James, K Eales.            13-14

T Scherer, G Motley, R Turner, M Rhymer.        10-22

J Motley, C Dawson, K Wells, D Perriman.        26-8

K Scowen, C Crunden, M Hallett, C Woodward.   16-15

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