Press Report – March 18, 2019


PRESS  REPORT W/E 17.03.19


Desborough welcomed  their old friends from Southampton Old Green to York Road for the last  time and after an entertaining afternoon they emerged triumphant by 51 shots, 120-61. All five home rinks won with those skipped by Sam Stack, Brian Faulkner, Paul Winstanley and Maurice Rhymer doing well to produce winning scorecards but the out of the world performance from Joan Kingston, David Griggs, John Bucknell and David Perriman was the highlight of the day as they won by 42 shots, 47-5.


Rink scores


K Scowen  F Ashmore  C Northover  S Stack                                    21-16

T Scherer, C Crunden    C Woodward   B Faulkner                            17-14

J  Kingston  D Griggs   J Bucknell  D Perriman                                 47-5

Y Fowler  M Hobson  T Buckley  P Winstanley                                 15-13

M Pelling  G Fowler  D Cope M Rhymer                                          20-13




County rivals West Berks  IBC came to Maidenhead and although they put up a fantastic performance they went down by 9 shots, 105-96. The home side won on only two rinks with one drawn with a winning scorecard from Jeff Simpson’s triple and so it was again left to a dominating performance from Ching Crunden, Peter Crabbe and Ralph Hatch who won 31-4 to win the day.


Rink scores



J Motley  P Hatch  J Simpson                         18-14

Y Hurley  J McDonnell  J Stannard                            15-15

G Motley  V Wyatt  D Webster                                   17-18

C Crunden  P Crabbe  R Hatch                                   31-4

M Buckles  S Tegg      R Turner                                  16-19

C Howard K Crump  R Wyatt                         8-26

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