Press Report – March 19, 2018

Desborough Bowling Club Press Report : Mar 19, 2018

On Wednesday last week Desborough played a home friendly fixture against Berkshire Masonic BA over six rinks.


Desborough started strongly gaining a 59-36 lead at the halfway point and winning on five of the six rinks.


During the second half Desborough increased their lead significantly to win 156-75 and on five of the six rinks the sixth one drawn.


Desborough’s top rink was skipped by Bruce Adams with Carol Tupling, Iain Bond and Ralph Hatch


K Spracklen, D Griggs, Y Hurley, B Faulkner 20-14
P Patel, J Roll, M Pelling, D Perriman 21-11
C Tupling, I Bond, R Hatch, B Adams 38-5
R Hughes, V Wyatt, J Marshall, R James 24-17
K Scowen, P Arnott, M Hallett, R Wyatt 19-19
J Stenson, P Hatch, C Crunden, B Jones 34-9


Last Saturday saw a seven rink friendly fixture against Southampton Old Green played at home over six rinks of fours and one rink of pairs.


The game followed a very similar pattern to the previous one with Desborough ahead by 76-54 at the midpoint and rink honours even with three wins each and the seventh rink drawn.


Once again Desborough got into their stride in the second half going on to win 197-98 and on four of seven rinks plus a draw on a fifth.


Desborough’s top rink was skipped by Clive Northover with Tina Scherer, David Griggs and Mike Whittingham


E Sharp, J Roll, P Hatch, C Woodward 20-22
K Scowen, P Tuttle, M Pelling, D Perriman 40-10
V Wyatt, J Lawrie, D McDonald, B Faulkner 18-23
R Hughes, M O’Reilly, A Glover, P Winstanley 19-17
C Tupling, M Hobson, J Bucknell, R Wyatt 16-16
T Scherer, D Griggs, M Whittingham, C Northover 50-4
 C Crunden, E Sharp 34-6



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