Press Report – March 25, 2019



Desborough faced Whiteknights in the County Inter-Club final and although they made a steady start they were forced into submission suffering a 25 shot defeat, 125-100. A positive that can be taken from the match was the performance of the unbadged rinks skipped by Bob Doddington and Newark Smelt with the latter along with Kevin Dwyer, Mark Essex and Graham Mason winning comfortably, 30-11.


Rink scores


J Stenson, D Seymour, C Behmber, J McGuinness                            15-18

K Dwyer, M Essex, G Mason, N Smelt                                              30-11

M Forward, J Beal, T Johnson, C Jones                                             15-21

T Davies, B Long, K Scrace, E Orme                                     15-26

C Knowles, R Wyatt, A Trillow, B Doddington                                 13-19

S Williams, H Pike, T Eales, L Essex                                     12-30



Desborough travelled to Herga IBC and managed to eke out a 4 shot victory, 83-79. Bruce Adams’ four managed a draw but the cornerstone of the victory came from the performance of Joan Kingston, Paul Patel, Clive Northover and David Perriman who won 32-12.


Rink scores


K Scowen, P Hatch, B Pocock, P Winstanley                         22-23

K Spracklen, D Griggs, D Cope, B Adams                                        19-19

P Arnott, C Howard, C Woodward, M Rhymer                                  10-26

J Kingston, P Patel, C Northover, D Perriman                                    32-12



Wey Valley were the visitors to Desborough and although the home side won on the scorecards, the Captains agreed to an honourable draw as the six rinks were shared. The rinks skipped by Eric Sharp and David Webster returned winning scorecards but once again David Perriman was the hero as he skipped Barbara Patton, Geoff Motley and Marsha  Buckles to a 33-12 victory.


Rink scores


M Pelling, J Motley, R Weaver, E Sharp                                            24-13

E Sharp, F Patton, C Northover, B Faulkner                                      15-30

B Patton, G Motley, M Buckles, D Perriman                         33-12

J McDonnell, S Tegg, D Cope, D Webster                                         22-17

K Scowen, C Howard, T Buckley, S Stack                                         16-24

C Buckley, G Fowler, R Turner,  B Jones                                           17-20

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