Press Report – March 26, 2018

Desborough Bowling Club Press Report : Mar 26, 2018

Last Saturday Desborough hosted a six rink friendly fixture against Herga IBC. This started off as a very close match with the scores almost level at 52-53 at the halfway stage with Desborough winning on two of the six rinks.


However, Desborough lost their way in the second half with Herga scoring two shots to Desborough’s one. The final score was a 142-99 victory for Herga who won on five of the six rinks.


Desborough’s one winning, and therefore top, rink was skipped by Dave Perriman with Tina Scherer, Ken Brooks and Margaret Hallett.


T Scherer, K Brooks, M Hallett, D Perriman 26-12
P Tuttle, D Girggs, R Turner, B Faulkner 14-29
K Scowen, P Arnott, A Glover, C Northover 18-23
P Patel, C Bartlett, J Bucknell, B Adams 13-24
C Tupling, J Emmons, J Roll, P Winstanley 12-27
M Pelling, J Sculthorpe, M Hobson, C Woodward 16-27


The following day Desborough travelled to Wey Valley for another six rink friendly fixture. Unlike Saturday Desborough struggled from the outset and were losing 33-87 at the halfway stage as well as losing on five of six rinks with the sixth drawn.


Although the rate of loss slowed in the second half Desborough continued to fall behind and the final score was a 170-85 win for Wey Valley and on four of the six rinks.


Desborough’s top rink, who managed to secure that position by scoring 5 points on the last end, was skipped by Paul Winstanley with Ernie Pelling, Carol Bartlett and Iain Burns.


L Burns, J Roll, M Hallett, B Faulkner 13-29
E Pelling, C Bartlett, I Burns, P Winstanley 22-18
M Buckles, J Emmons, Y Hurley, R Hatch 12-17
G Braddock, P Hatch, J McDonnell, D Webster 2-50
K Spracklen, C Howard, I Bond, L Pond 11-33
K Scowen, L Eumorfopoulos, M Pelling, D Perriman 25-23


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