Press Report – March 31, 2019





For the penultimate friendly at York Road Southall& District were the visitors and after a tense battle where the six rinks were shared, Desborough managed to eke out a 4 shot victory, 117-113. The rinks skipped  by David Perriman and Cy Woodward had winning scorecards but there was no doubting the top rink as Tina Scherer, Carol Tupling, John Bucknell and Maurice Rhymer won by 13 shots, 30-17.


Rink scores


C Howard, G Motley, T Buckley, S Stack                              15-19

B Faulkner, T Burrell, P Hatch, D Perriman                           23-18

J Motley, J McDonnell, P Colton, P Winstanley                     13-26

K Scowen, C Crunden, R Weaver, C Woodward                   21-16

T Scherer, C Tupling,  J Bucknell, M Rhymer                       30-17

A Burrell, P Hadwell, D Griggs, J Stannard                           15-17

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