Press Report – March 5, 2019

PRESS REPORT w/e 03.03.19


Players from Berkshire, including 5 from Desborough, travelled to Bournemouth to play Devon in the semifinal of the Liberty Trophy and after a tense battle triumphed by 1 shot, 115-114. The team has overcome significant hurdles along the way and if they show the same guts and determination there is no reason they can’t beat Durham on April 13.


Although the six rinks were shared Desborough suffered a reverse against Foxhills IBC as they went down by 14 shots, 108-94. John Stannard’s rink returned a winning scorecard and those skipped by Sam Stack and David Perriman to have a private battle for top rink honours with the latter prevailing along with Ken Scowen and Gina Braddock as they won by 7 shots, 23-16.


Rink scores

C Crunden, J Bucknell, J Stannard.        17-14

K Scowen, G Braddock, D Perriman.       23-16

C Dawson, M Hallett, R Hatch            12-17

M Pelling, B Wright, C Woodward.         12-18

L Eumor, T Buckley, C Northover.          10-29

A Willis, V White, S Stack.                20-14


Desborough entertained Ladygate B C and it was a useful practice session as the hosts won at a canter, 171-86. Sam Stack’s rink thought they would have been top rink but they were trumped by Yoriko Fowler, Ching Crunden, George Fowler and John Stannard who won by 36 shots, 45-9.


Rink scores

E Sharp, L Eumor, E Sharp, M Rhymer.           13-29

C Buckley, V Wyatt, J Marshall, T Stuart          23-11

Y Fowler, C Crunden, G Fowler, J Stannard.      45-9

S Newnham, C Tupling, T Buckley, C Northover.  26-16

P Arnott, C Bartlett, M Hallett, P Winstanley.     24-9

Y Stuart, R Smith, R Turner, S Stack.            40-12

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