Press Report – May 15, 2017

Desborough’s Royal Shield side travelled to Maidenhead Thicket on May 9th however of the 10 points on offer they returned with only four. Although they won on two of the three rinks the loss on third was just enough to tip the scales for a one shot loss overall, meaning Thicket gained the four point bonus for the overall win as well as two further points for their winning rink.

Desborough’s best rink was skipped by Eileen Devonald-Batt with Shirley Newnham and Marion Pelling.

1 2 Skip Result
S Newnham M Pelling E Devonald-Batt 19-13
G Braddock C Crunden V White 10-18
J Tuhill S Frost A Shoat 20-19


On the same day the Kennet B team played against Wokingham B at home. Desborough won on three rinks of the four and overall gaining 12 of the available 14 points for the match with an overall score of 82-52.

The top rink was skipped by John Searle with Barry Gill, Dave Wagner and Derry Locke.

1 2 3 Skip Result
M Hobson G Coussins A May J Brampton 23-8
J Roll B Wright D McDonald T Buckley 16-15
B Gill D Wagner D Locke J Searle 27-10
R VanDenBergen B Adams M Whittingham P Winstanley 16-19


The following day saw a mens friendly fixture versus Bracknell which Desborough won convincingly with four of the five triples rinks winning for an overall score of 99-59.

Desborough’s best rink was skipped by Derry Locke with Alan Ranscombe and Dave Wagner.

1 2 Skip Result
A Ranscombe D Wagner D Locke 27-10
P Braddock P Colton J Young 21-10
N Penn D Griggs T Davis 21-9
M Harris A Buckley E Orme 21-9
R Hughes T Buckley B Jones 9-21


Thursday is Thames Valley League day. The Buttercups played at home against Suttons Gems and won 41-28 with wins on two rinks and 8 of the available 10 points.

The top rink was skipped by Carol Tupling with Ryda Eyre and Jenny Bosley.

1 2 Skip Result
B West A Burley E Cox 14-7
J Tuhill V Wyatt J Kingston 5-17
R Eyre J Bosley C Tupling 22-4


Meanwhile, the Bluebells were away at Three Mile Cross and not faring so well. In a close game Desborough lost by four shots, winning on one rink of the three. Three Mile Cross gain 8 points while Desborough gain 2.

The Bluebells’ sole winning rink was skipped by Val White with Jean Lang and Alison Shoat.

1 2 Skip Result
J Lang A Shoat V White 17-9
P Harrison-Smith S Laban D Lovering 13-21
J Lawrie S Frost E Devonald-Batt 13-17


Friday is Kennet LV League day. Desborough A played at home against local rivals Maidenhead Town A, losing 41-52 and on two of the three rinks. The third rink drew so the match points are 1 to Desborough and 9 to Town A.

The drawn rink was skipped by Howard Pike with Bruce Adams and Mike Whittingham.

1 2 Skip Result
J Stenson B Wright T Davies 10-18
B Gill R James B Jones 17-20
B Adams M Whittingham H Pike 14-14


Meanwhile Desborough B were away at Sunningdale and only faring slightly better. The match was lost 45-60 with a win on one of the three rinks, thus Sunningdale gain 8 points and Desborough gain 2.

The winning rink was skipped by John Searle with Robert Van Den Bergen and Michael Hobson.

1 2 Skip Result
R VanDenBergen M Hobson J Searle 21-12
T Buckley R Wyatt D Griggs 9-28
D Lee J Leahy A May 15-20


A home fixture against Oxford was scheduled for the Saturday but cancelled because Oxford were unable to raise a team.

On Sunday Desborough travelled to an away friendly fixture against Burnham played as five rinks.

While some matches change after the break for tea at halfway this one was consistent – at the halfway stage Desborough lead by 9 shots and were winning on three rinks with an overall score of 47-38. By the end of the game both scores had approximately doubled with a final score of 98-77.

Desborough’s top rink throughout was skipped by Dave Wagner with Joan Kingston, Pat Hatch and Michael Hobson.

1 2 3 Skip Result
R Lewis K Spracklen R Hatch T Buckley 19-22
J Kingston P Hatch M Hobson D Wagner 24-9
M O’Reilly J Roll C Crunden M Whittingham 22-13
R Earl R Crunden E Devonald-Batt P Winstanley 16-19
E Cox N Jones R Pike H Pike 17-14


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