Press Report – May 8, 2018

Desborough Bowling Club Press Report : May 8, 2018

Desborough’s outdoor season began with a busy but unsuccessful set of games on Tuesday of last week. The first game of the day saw Desborough’s Ladies play a curtailed triples match at home against Hurst.


The match was only played to 10 ends with Hurst winning on two rinks and drawn on the last with an overall result of 21-35. Desborough take 1 point and Hurst gain 9. Desborough’s drawn rink was skipped by Rose Turner with Kath Spracklen and Pauline Tuttle.


K Spracklen, P Tuttle, R Turner 8-8
E Cox, J Lawrie, G O’Neill 6-14
P Arnott, J Bosley, M Martin 7-13


In the evening the Kennet League A team played an away fixture against Wokingham B. Despite a bright start Desborough ultimately won on two rinks and lost on the other two with a narrow 72-74 defeat overall. Desborough’s top rink was skipped by Michael White with John Stenson, Ron James and Derek Devonald-Batt. Wokingham gain 10 points and Desborough 4.


D Hasler, R Wyatt, B Jones, H Pike 17-16
J Stenson, R James, D Devonald-Batt, M White 24-17
R Vandenberghen, J Brampton, M Peachy, J Young 15-23
P Braddock, G Mason, J Stannard, T Devonald-Batt 16-18


Meanwhile the Kennet League B team were playing a home fixture against Three Mile Cross. This proved to be another tight game and again ended as a narrow loss, 71-74. Desborough only won on one rink which was skipped by Paul Winstanley with Jim McPherson, Ray Weaver and Mike Whittingham.


J Roll, M Hobson, D Bishop, A May 14-23
J McPherson, R Weaver, M Whittingham, P Winstanley 27-11
J Searle, D Wagner, B Gill, D Locke 15-19
R Hughes, B Wright, D McDonald, T Buckley 15-21


On Thursday Desborough’s Ladies played a home match against Wargrave on three rinks which resulted in a 49-43 win for Desborough with victories on two rinks and a draw on the third. Both winning rinks had a +3 shot difference so after a countback the top rink honours went to the rink skipped by Gill O’Neill with Carol Tupling and Sylvia Laban


C Tupling, S Laban, G O’Neill 19-16
M Devonald-Batt, G Braddock, V White 16-13
K Spracklen, C Crunden, E Devonald-Batt 14-14


The following day, Friday, saw the Kennet LV B team in action at home against Maidenhead Town B. This proved to be a very closely fought game with a two shot victory for Desborough 51-49 and wins on two of the three rinks with the top rink being skipped by Dave Wagner with Ralph Hatch and David Griggs.


P Hinton, R Wyatt, M Hobson 11-21
R Vandenberghen, G Coussins, T Buckley 18-16
R Hatch, D Griggs, D Wagner 22-12


The weekend saw two friendly fixtures, both played away. Saturday’s game was against Cippenham played as six rinks. This proved to be another close game. Despite winning three rinks each Desborough narrowly lost 124-129. The top rink was skipped by Paul Winstanley with Nicola Jones, Michael Hobson and Ray Weaver.


E Devonald-Batt, P Arnott, J Roll, J Bucknell 9-39
E Cox, P Hatch, J Leahy, B Gill 32-17
N Jones, M Hobson, R Weaver, P Winstanley 28-12
C Tupling, G Coussins, C Crunden, D Wagner 21-17
K Spracklen, P Patel, E Gill, R Wyatt 20-25
J Kingston, P Tuttle, P Colton, B Jones 14-19


Finally, Sunday’s fixture was played as five triples against Stoke Poges. This proved to be a convincing win for Desborough with victory on four of the five rinks and overall by 115-68. Desborough’s top rink was skipped by Tony Buckley with Dave Hasler and Roger Lewis.


J Kingston, M O’Reilly, M Whittingham 28-9
P Braddock, M Hobson, R Turner 22-28
G Braddock, J Roll, B Jones 19-16
E Devonald-Batt, R Weaver, P Winstanley 16-9
D Hasler, R Lewis, T Buckley 30-6


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