Press Report – Nov 13, 2017

Desborough Bowling Club Press Report : Nov 13, 2017

Last Sunday Desborough welcomed a team from Whiteknights for a six rink friendly fixture.


Whiteknights got off to a bright start winning on four rinks with a draw on the fifth, leading 73-43 at the midpoint. Although Desborough rallied in the second half the final result was a loss for Desborough 108-130 with a win on only two of the six rinks.


The top rink was skipped by Brian Faulkner with Betty West, Tina Scherer and Iain Burns.



R Turner, R Weaver, C Crunden, J Searle 17-31
B Gill, M Gerlach, E Nutley, M White 16-22
M Buckle, M Pelling, J Bucknell, D Webster 16-13
P Colton, A McCabe, E Gill, D Perriman 17-27
B West, T Scherer, I Burns, B Faulkner 25-15
P Tuttle, B Pocock, M Hobson, V White 17-22
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