Press Report – November 20, 2017

Desborough Bowling Club Press Report : Nov 20, 2017

Desborough had a difficult time at both their friendly fixtures last weekend.


On Saturday Desborough played host to London Scottish for a six triples fixture. The match was very close at the halfway stage with London Scottish leading by just four shots and winning on four of the six rinks. However by the end of the match Desborough had slipped to a 75-106 defeat with one winning rink and one drawn.


The sole winning rink was skipped by Paul Winstanley with Kath Spracklen and Alan Glover.


R Weaver, C Crunden, B Faulkner 16-16
K Spracklen, A Glover, P Winstanley 16-14
R Hughes, M Hutley, S Stack 12-15
P Patel, B Gill, D Perriman 17-18
J Emmons, C Woodward, B Pocock 4-24
K Thompson, D McDonald, M Hobson 10-19


On Sunday Desborough hosted a Bannerette game against Berkshire IBC. The first half proved something of a shock to Desborough with losing positions on every rink and a score of 31-71.


While Desborough rallied in the second half and only dropped a further five shots it proved impossible to turn the game around. The final score was 79-124 with one winning rink which was skipped by David Perriman with Ray Weaver, Pat Hatch and Derek Devonald-Batt.


B Faulkner, J Cano-Lopez, D McDonald, P Winstanley 10-27
J Emmons, J Roll, S Stack 17-33
R Weaver, P Hatch, D Devonald-Batt, D Perriman 22-20
J Stenson, R Wyatt, J Bucknell, C Behmber 10-23
E Pelling, C Northover, R Hatch, D Webster 20-21


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