Press Report – November 27, 2017

Desborough Bowling Club Press Report : Nov 27, 2017

On Wednesday 22nd Desborough travelled to Foxhill IBC in Aylesbury for a friendly triples fixture. However, Desborough returned empty-handed. At the halfway stage Desborough were losing on five of the six rinks and by 33-65. Shots continued to be lost at much the same rate through the second half with a final score of 67-134 and the same one winning rink skipped by Clive Northover with Tina Scherer and Pauline Tuttle.


A McCabe, M Hobson, D Perriman 8-28
M Buckles, C Crunden, J Searle 11-27
T Scherer, P Tuttle, C Northover 16-14
A Burrell, P Hatch, B Faulkner 8-19
R Hughes, M Hallett, R Wyatt 7-26
K Spracklen, T Burrell, D Webster 17-20



Last Saturday Desborough hosted a six rink friendly fixture against Herts IBC from Watford. Desborough got off to a strong start winning on all six rinks and by 82-33 and the half way stage. Herts IBC rallied in the second half and managed to reduce the deficit slightly but not by enough to gain victory. The match score was 136-98 with Desborough winning on four rinks and drawn on another.


Desborough’s top rink was skipped by Val White with Carol Tupling, Fred Ashmore and Roger Wyatt.


P Tuhill, D Griggs, J Marshall, C Woodward 15-16
P Patel, C Bartlett, A Glover, C Crunden 20-20
B West, L Eumorfopoulos, M Hutley, M White 22-20
R Hughes, R Turner, M Pelling, B Faulkner 22-17
Y Stuart, P Arnott, J Lawrie, D Perriman 27-15
C Tupling, F Ashmore, R Wyatt, V White 30-10


Saturday’s winning ways were not continued in Sunday’s away game played over six rinks at Egham. Desborough got off to a slow start losing on all six rinks and by 37-66 at the halfway stage. Desborough slipped further behind during the second half ultimately losing 78-146 and on all six rinks.


The top rink was skipped by Marion Pelling with Pat Arnott, Abbie McCabe and Tony Burrell.


K Spracklen, J Cano-Lopez, P Hatch, D Webster 10-25
P Arnott, A McCabe, T Burrell, M Pelling 16-19
M Buckles, P Tuttle, J Bucknell, B Faulkner 13-20
T Scherer, C Bartlett, G Coussins, B Gill 9-32
E Pelling, K Thompson, E Gill, J Searle 16-25
A Burrell, P Patel, J Roll, R Hatch 14-25


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